“Ogre crush him good. Now he Flat Timmy.”

Krum is a half-orc in the employ of Numa Woddi, an influential figure in the Amollo underground. Despite not being very bright, he is a superb fighter. The assassin Valez hired Krum to ensure the Eladrin Galendan could not complete his leg of the Freedom Gauntlet in Amollo. The incident left them both on death’s door, though the cleric Arygno would heal them.

Krum also helped the heroes track down and identify two mysterious figures that may have been Menzo and Petrin’s mother. When he gave his report to the companions, he made several references to the beauty and strength of the female dragonborn.

Krum is loyal first to his work, clearly willing to kill strangers and even friends, though he will remark that it’s “nothing personal”.


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