Session 9: Killer Orcs of Doom

  • The yetis were defeated. As the adventurers inspected the corpses, Eldarion collapsed into the snow. He was clawed by a yeti on the right arm, but it didn’t seem to be a life-threatening wound. Arygno examined the half-elf and determined he was poisoned and may only have three days to live. An analysis of the yetis’ claws confirmed the diagnosis. Each claw was coated with a pinkish liquid. Petrin detects magic in the poison. Why would yetis in the middle of nowhere have poison-coated claws? And why was only Eldarion infected when Petrin, Kitten and Paysan had also all been scratched?
  • Paysan Pintaude told the adventurers a story he overheard from a dwarf at Torchlights. The dwarf claimed he met a Dragonborn in the mountains who had just miraculously survived a yeti ambush. Just before he was cut down, the Dragonborn says a man with a hood and metal mask whistled a command to the yetis to stop the hunt. The yetis quickly ceased their attack and lumbered back into the darkness. Paysan says he believes this story because the dwarf telling it was not yet intoxicated. Perhaps these odd yetis and this story are linked. If someone created a poison, they may also have an antidote.
  • The adventurers decide to hunt down the mysterious man in the dwarf’s story. Petrin, the sorceror dragonborn, can detect a powerful arcane disturbance from the east. It bears a similar signature to the magic poison. Eldarion is in no shape to travel and Paysan volunteers to stay with him until the adventurers return. He tells them he has a hideaway in a cave nearby. It has water and supplies. The adventurers entrust Eldarion to Paysan and head off.
  • After thirty minutes of tracking the magical disturbance, the adventurers come upon a wide, barren snowy expanse. They can see an orc encampment and a campfire about 200 yards away. The orcs, who are well armed and bear a banner depicting three spears, do not yet notice them. The adventures need to pass through the area but they are outnumbered.
  • Petrin decides to intimidate the Orc party by mimicing the sound of an angry yeti. His companions are skeptical, but Petrin’s roar is amazingly similar and upon hearing it, seven of the twelve orcs take off running to the east. The other five remain and brandish their weapons. The adventurers decide the odds are more in their favor now and charge the encampment.
  • Little did they know, the orcs were well-trained members of an Orcish military campaign that had seen many battles. They were too much for them and it didn’t appear the adventurers would survive. The battle became more complicated when, in response to Petrin’s earlier roar, a group of yetis charged upon the scene. The yetis did not take sides and decided to kill everything. During the battle, the Orc regiment managed to mortally wound both Galendan and Kitten.
  • Before the Orcs and yetis had a chance to finish off Petrin and Arygno a man in a hood and metal mask appeared on the scene, accompanied by two more yetis. He commanded the yetis already in the battle to direct their attention upon the orcs. Together, with Petrin and Arygno, the orcs were vanquished. Arygno managed to stabilize both Galendan and Kitten and with rest, it appeared they would survive.


Yikes! Sounds like there were some close calls on Friday!

Session 9: Killer Orcs of Doom

Yeah we had a few new guys come to spectate and they took on the roles of the orcs. They took to it quick and were ruthless. They worked very well together and would isolate targets and then focus on them. It was impressive.

Session 9: Killer Orcs of Doom

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