Session 35: Zombie House Call

Zombie House Call

Session 35: Zombie House Call

  • The heroes met a group of escaped slaves from the Minotaur City of Sargon. They carried urgent news of the Minotaurs’ campaign against Akari. The companions, along with the former slaves and Shon took to the castle to speak directly with King Akli Langriff.
  • King Akli was entertaining some visiting diplomats from Inaulia. Voren, a native Inaulian in a bit of self-exile, was not excited to see them. After introductions were made, in which Voren did not reveal his true name, the former slaves shared their story. They told the king that the Sinking Sun bandits were led by a man in the employ of the Minotaurs and that their goal was to simply erode the kingdom’s infrastructure in preparation of an invasion. The infamous bandit leader Uly Breen is in fact Felix Olvery, a man recently thought to be an escaped slave who carries a claim to the Akari throne.
  • Akli issues an immediate warrant for the arrest of Olvery and promises a massive crack down on the Sinking Sun. He then tells the heroes that the Inaulians are here to build an alliance of sorts with Akari against the Minotaurs. The King would like to send his own emissaries to Inaulia to further build the bond. He says he wants the heroes to be that team, which causes Voren to wince. But it is the King’s request and so they agree. But they won’t have to leave for a few weeks so they decide to spend some time at their guild house in Amollo.
  • With no where else to go, some of the escaped slaves ask to join with Team Zalthannus. The heroes agree to take on Leira, Carter, Riza and Malcer and leave a spot open for the bard Harvek. The Elven former slaves elect to go to the Forest of Amber and meet the elves that reside there.
  • At the guild house the heroes find a pile of letters requesting their help in all manners of dangers from escaped deadly fantastical creatures and half-orc raiders to old haunted ruins and a leprechaun sighting. The group has some time to kill so they decide to take a job and agree to investigate a reported zombie uprising in the sleepy orchard village of Appleton.
  • Before setting off on the adventure, Voren checks in with Amollo’s foremost historian, Din Pilly about the baby kraken they had discovered earlier. Pilly said he studied the legend of the kraken since their last meeting and that he has discovered a potential means to slay the beast. Legend speaks of a powerful weapon called the Trident of Avalon. Avalon may have been an underwater Titan of some kind. He was worshiped by a race of mermen. Legend says he created the krakens to protect the waters, but kept for himself this trident should any of the beast ever turn on the mermen.
  • The adventurers stopped in Four Stones on the way to Silver Hill and reacquainted themselves with Omvari Tivesten. The man was still plotting against the Sinking Sun, and told the heroes that since the King cracked down on the bandits, they have moved their operations westward. He gave the heroes some intelligence that they could run into bandits on the road to Silver Hill and he encouraged them to draw the bandits out and slay them.
  • The heroes did indeed find the bandits, but someone or something else had found them first, leaving quite a bloody mess. Further inspection of the bodies showed something attempted to eat these bandits. Before they could discover more, the corpses rose and attacked. The zombies were clumsy fighters, but the heroes had to be careful to avoid being bitten.
  • The heroes met up with Appleton’s mayor, Jathur Kinsman at Torchlights in Silver Hill. The Mayor was a thin man, wracked with worry. He told a terrible tale of how the zombies appeared one night and ravaged the town, devouring poor villagers as they attempted to flee.
  • Jathur also told the adventurers about Amberly Guilford, a knight of Akari and Lord of Appleton. Jathur does not have kind words to share about this man saying the Lord resents his own people. Guilford was knighted for saving the King’s life and as a reward was given Appleton, though the ambitious man pined for the seaside port of Garby.
  • While in Torchlights, the adventurers met up once more with Paysan Pintaude, the ex-arsonist Vitalian exile and now proprietor of Torchlights. They stepped in and prevented some sore losers at the card table from taking their anger out on Paysan and the man was very gratified. He told them of a mage in town named Tymon Hunubutu who knew a bit about zombies. When meeting up with Tymon, the tattooed mage gave them an elixir that would stave off the foul results of a zombie bite.
  • The companions spent the night at Torchlights and departed for Appleton the next morning. The town appeared deserted, though Leira heard noises coming from a building with a sign marking it as the Cider House. Inside, under the floor, the heroes found two survivors, Edward Belljar and Gwen Cuthbert. They had barricaded themselves in the cellar during a zombie onslaught, and were unable to get out. The heroes rescued them, and noticed that Gwen had been bitten by a zombie. Galendan did not want to share the elixir they carried, but Vex offered it straightaway and Gwen took a few gulps. The heroes and the two newcomers then headed to the manor of Amberly Guilford.
  • Amberly refused to let the heroes in, but as the night came upon them and the heroes offered their aid in defending the manor, the curt knight opened his doors. The companions peppered Amberly with questions about the zombies, suggesting they believed he knew more than he let on. Guilford, denied having any information, clearly resenting their questions. Despite his protests, Voren noticed some papers scattered about the knight’s study table that suggested Amberly was hiding something.
  • As night fell, a terrible shrieking sound rang out from hills to the north. Amberly told the heroes to brace for battle as the horde was on the move. Sure enough, within minutes a staggering mass of zombies threw themselves against the manor house shattering windows and doors. The champions fought them back as best they could but eventually the walls were breached and skirmishes were set off throughout the house. After several waves of the zombie onslaught, the heroes survived the night, though Amberly, Galendan, Voren and Vex were all bitten. Voren rationed out what was left of the elixir but withheld it from Amberly, compelling the arrogant knight to spill his secrets or succumb to the zombies’ foul poison. Amberly laughed and revealed an empty bottle. He too had the elixir, and he drank his in full. The heroes were furious and in his anger Galendan cut the man with his blade. Guilford tended to his wound and with a calm, cold voice told the rogue that he would remember that act.



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