Session 10A: Into the Fey

Here there be foxes

  • The man in the mask took the adventurers to his camp at the base of a nearby mountain. On the way, the heroes told him about how Eldarion became very sick after receiving a wound from an unusual yeti. The man in the mask told them that his yetis’ claws are treated with a poison called Feybane that slowly kills anyone of Fey origin, including half-elves like Eldarion.
  • He tells the heroes that he could create an antidote, but he’s missing one ingredient: Fomorian Fury. This rare and potent elixir is all that remains of a long dead Fomorian king. According to the masked man, it is so strong that it will neutralize whatever poison is circulating in Eldarion’s blood. Unfortunately, he only knows of one vial and it is in the Fey Wild in a chest belonging to a knight in the Winter Court named Kimath It-Arist.
  • The adventurers rest for the evening and at sunrise follow the masked man through a series of caves to an underground pool. The team swims to the bottom and resurfaces to find themselves in what seems to be another world, which is in fact, the Fey Wild.
  • The masked man leads them through a snowy forest where impossibly tall evergreens plunge the land in shadow. After thirty minutes of hiking Kitten notices a red fox silently padding along side him. To his astonishment it speaks, asking, “Where are you off to Mr. Shinyman?”
  • None of the other adventurers in the party can either see or hear the fox, and the masked man begins to wonder at Kitten’s sanity. His discomfort is heightened when he hears the shifter paladin explain the details of their mission to what appears to be an ordinary tree stump.
  • The fox tells Kitten, that their mission is indeed a dangerous one and therefore offers his assistance, with one condition. The shifter must share a poem about foxes. He warns Kitten, that should he find the poem offensive, he will be compelled to inform Kimath of their intentions. After a few moments, Kitten improvises a poem entitled, “Oh Foxy Fox.” The fox listens to the entire poem silently and at the end, with a tear rolling down one cheek, says, “You honor me Mr. Shinyman. I shall go before you and be there when you need me.”
  • The party comes across Winterspeak, the estate of Kimath It-Arist. The masked man points to a window on the second floor and says the chest with the Fomorian Fury should be in that room. There are several guard patrols, but Galendan notices there’s a certain timing to their rounds that provides a window for the group to dash across the yard and then scale the wall to the upper floor.
  • The group makes a run for it. They reach the wall and Galendan throws up a rope. Unfortunately only a few of them are able to reach the upper floor as Arygno and Kitten have difficulty with the rope. Soon the guard patrols are upon them, with elven adversaries attacking from the upper wall and the ground below. The adventurers manage to dispatch of the guards, but they may have lost the element of surprise.
  • The upper wall does not have access to the room with the chest so the adventurers enter through the window of a nearby room, which turns out to be a library. Petrin senses magic emanating from a thick black-bound book entitled the Book of Years. He flips it open and notices the pages bear the images of people of various races. He comes to a blank page and is surprised to find his own likeness soon cover the page. He feels weaker and closes the book, placing it in his pack for later.
  • The adventurers enter a room across the hall from the library and discover a gallery with nothing more than a blank canvas. Upon looking at the canvas, each of the viewers see a glimpse of their future, and the future for each seems grim. Kitten chose not to see his future.
  • Visions: Petrin saw himself standing before a giant green dragon. Someone was behind him and about to stab him in the back. Arygno saw himself wearing warpaint and standing amongst a field of dead bodies. He was being charged by a troll wearing a crooked crown. Galendan saw himself in a dark room. He was grinning and shaking hands with Menzo.
  • The final room on the floor was well-guarded, but there didn’t seem to be another way in, so the group prepared for a charge. However, before they made their move, the fox appeared and darted down an opposite corridor. The guards sounded the alarm and chased after it leaving the room unguarded.
  • The group enters the room and finds the chest, flanked by two large statues of hideous hounds. Upon opening the chest, the statues come alive and attack the adventurers. During the combat, Petrin flashes a shadow hound with the Book of Years. It’s image joins the book and it’s momentarily dazed. The hounds are defeated.
  • Inside the chest the adventurers find a suit of bloodthread armor, the vial of Fomorian Fury, and a Faerie trapped inside a cage. Kitten chooses to rescue the faerie and as a reward is granted with a gift that allows him to speak with statues. The group exits Winterspeak and make their way back to the portal.
  • Upon return, Galendan hands the Fomorian Fury to the masked man and asks how long it will take to make the antidote. The man smiles, reaches inside a pocket and hands the eladrin another vial and tells him he better hurry for feybane works quickly. The man then drinks the Fomorian Fury and thanks the adventurers for their help, for he could not have gotten the fury alone. He tells them he now possesses the strength of a Fomorian and in a frightening display causes a small tremor by hitting the cave wall. The adventurers take their leave and set off to find and heal Eldarion.



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