Session 1 - The Merchant and His Book


First, let’s introduce the PCs:

The five adventurers did not yet know each other, but they were each inside The Salty Duck in Four Stones when a dishevelled merchant entered the tavern. He took a seat at the first table he saw, placed his head in his hands and began sobbing.

Each of the adventurers took an interest in the scene and sauntered over. They learned that the man’s name was Alvin Merry and he was just robbed by the bandits of the Sinking Sun. All of his gold and silver were taken, but he seemed most depressed about a certain book they took.

He told the adventurers they could keep the gold and silver, as long as they brought him back the book. The adventurers agreed and headed down the King’s Road to where the crime was said to have taken place. They found Alvin’s abandoned wagon and tracks leading into the Burganwood. The band followed the tracks which continued into a clearing. On the others side of the clearing, six bandits had made camp and appeared to be waiting for something.

A battle broke out and in the end the adventurers came out victorious. They kept one bandit alive for interrogation and learned that this was indeed the group who ambushed Alvin. While the other adventurers participated in the interrogation Galendan slipped away to pilfer the bodies of the fallen bandits. What he found, he kept to himself. After some heated discussion with his comrades he coughed up the goods, but earned his reputation as a thief looking out for his own.

There was some discussion of what to do next: bring the items back to the merchant or wait to see to whom the bandits were planning on selling the book. They elected to wait. Galendan climbed a nearby tree and after some time, witnessed four menacing Ogres approaching the camp. Petrin, Eldarion, and Damakos, took off, dragging the bandit prisoner with them. Galendan and Kitten were cut off however and decided to remain hidden in the woods.

The Ogres arrived, with surprising focus.They searched each dead bandit’s body and became furious when they discovered the book was missing. At this point Damakos proposed leaving a decoy book in the clearing. Petrin had a similar sized book in his posession (How to Play the Flute) and he decided to leave it in the clearing upon the person of the unconcious bandit prisoner. They then retreated out of the woods with the real book.

The Ogres pushed into the clearing, found the body and took the book. Galendan, thinking it was the real book chose to confront the Ogres. The Ogres responded by chasing him. They had him trapped up a tree when he phased to another tree top nearby. The Ogres gave up their pursuit and left with the false book.

Galendan and Kitten went to see to the prisoner who was left in the field, but he had escaped. Apparently the Ogres undid the ropes as they searched his body for the book.

Back in the town of Four Stones, the adventurers met up again with Alvin. He asked for the book, and they refused to return it (though they did keep his money). They offered to escort Alvin to Arcannus where he was planning to sell the book. Alvin was told that the six of them would each get an equal cut of the profit. He had no choice but to agree.

Along the way to Arcannus the party was set upon by the Chatterbones Goblins. The party suffered mild injuries, but the goblins were vanquished. At one point in the battle, Petrin forced Alvin to take an active role in the attack. Petrin discovered the Bracers of Mighty Striking upon one of the goblins and chose to keep it for himself. This created some discord amongst the comrades, but they chose to stay together and continued toward Arcannus.


Hey Aaron, there is no info about XP here!


we all got 229 exp from this session


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