“These stone walls provide nothing more than the illusion of safety. I’ve seen the beasts that now lurk these lands and you must believe me. We are not safe!”
Vor Thurgeon, Akari Outrider

Okknos is a savage world dominated by ancient forests, icy jagged mountains, lush jungles and dark forboding marshlands. Empires have risen, only to crumble and vanish beneath the rocks and vegetation that once supported them. The wheel has turned again, as man, dwarf and elf once more establish settlements and towns. But whatever struck down the empires of ancient history stirs once more. Twisted creatures and monsters known only in folk lore now walk the land and they are unified in their desire to crush those who would dare settle in their home.

Beneath the jungle canopies and hidden in the dark valleys of snow-capped mountains lie the ruins of ancient cities and the memories of those who once called these lands home. Their peoples are no more, but their lost treasures and lore remain to be discovered…as do the horrors that silenced them.

The Current Campaign: Getting the band back together

The war for the throne of death is raging and is now spilling into Okknos. To defeat the powerful death knight Fyrus and his army of dead the dragon riders will have to re-unite one last time to determine the fate of the world and beyond.