Zalthannus is an ancient green dragon who serves as protector of the halfling village of Fernwall. When the last dragonborn king, Harkano, fled the siege of Sunwyn, he took one dragon egg with him from the city’s magical vault. It was his plan to raise this dragon to protect his daughter from the cruel Fyrus who would surely seek her destruction. The wyrmling that hatched from this egg was Zalthannus.

Under Harkano’s instruction she became a deadly fighter and fiercely loyal to both Harkano and his daughter Annatithi. When Harkano was lost in the fall of Caerbannog, Zalthannus and Annatithi fled to the Valley of Whispers to the north. Soon, other dragonborn refugees joined with them in the forest. The armies of Fyrus were relentless in their pursuit of Annatithi, and in the hope of throwing the hunter off the trail, it was decided that she and the other dragonborn would scatter, likely never to see each other again.

The dragonborn agreed that Zalthannus was too large to keep hidden and she would only draw unwanted attention to Annatithi. So she was left behind. She and Annatithi had a sorrowful farewell.

Alone and depressed, Zalthannus came upon a halfling village under attack by trolls. She remembered her failures in protecting Harkano and his daughter and her shame ignited into a fiery rage. She flew to the aid of the halflings, decimating the trolls. She saw how helpless in need the little ones were and so she vowed to stay with them and protect them from danger.

She has guarded the village of Fernwall for nearly 900 years.

Session 35: The heroes travel to Fernwall to visit their wyrmlings and find Zalthannus with her hands full looking after the brood. She is anxious for a break and tells them to take the wyrmlings out and play (which the heroes do, slaughtering trolls). Voren gives the great green dragon the kraken-in-a-jar to watch for a time until he finds a more suitable safe place. Zalthannus also expresses concern about how Menzo might be raising the dragons he took from Sunwyn and tells the heroes that he took the eggs to the Howling Wood.


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