Winford Leake

Leake is the shady proprietor of Mocklyn’s alchemy shop, Jars & Dust. Always looking out for his own best interests, Leake isn’t afraid to break a few laws or make a few enemies, if it puts more gold in his pockets.

Session 15: Leake is exposed as the supplier of the explosive dragonflame to Ahjahn. He swears it was an innocent mistake and won’t happen again.

Session 32: It is discovered that Leake angered the Sinking Sun by selling anti-venom to Damakos Shieldheart. The Sun wanted that anti-venom, but the heroes eventually find it buried with Damakos and rescue King Akli.

Session 34: Leake shows a great interest in Kitten’s new magical paint set. While making an offer he inadvertently shows off that he’s once more dealing in dragonflame. He also swindles Galendan out of some coin hocking fake healing potions, but he does give the Eladrin a jar with a baby kraken in it.

Winford Leake

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