“My luck’s got no where to go but up.”
-Logan Duten

A frontier mining town like Silver Hill is full of risk-takers. As such, it’s no surprise that Torchlights, an establishment specializing in games of chance, is the most successful tavern in Haven.

Like other taverns, Torchlights has food, drink and lodging for the weary traveller but what sets it apart are its many tables for gaming. Many down-on-their-luck prospectors use what little they have left in an attempt to recuperate their losses by throwing dice or playing cards. For most, this is the last they’ll ever see of their money.

Torchlights is owned by Vern MacGuffin and Tug MacGuffin. The wealthy brothers, don’t handle the day-to-day operations and hired Paysan Pintaude to be the establishment’s manager.


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