Shon is Commander of the Mocklyn Watch. The adventurers met him in Arcannus when they travelled to the magical city to sell the journal of Harkano to the wizard Simus. At that time Shon was a captain in the Arcannus Night Watch.

At the moment of their arrival in the Arcannus, Shon and another guard were barricaded inside their own guardhouse by members of the Sinking Sun. The bandits had locked them in and assumed their position to waylay the adventurers when they arrived.

When the battle with the impostor guards broke out, Damakos Shieldheart spotted the cart of logs barricading the door. He dashed through the melee and made a bull rush at the cart knocking it back just far enough to free Shon and his comrade. Their help tipped the fight in the adventurers’ favor.

Afterwards Shon became good friends with the group. Some time later the adventurers took up the task of facing down a primal evil that was empowering the Chatterbones. Petrin Iceblade stopped by the guardhouse to ask Shon for assistance. He furnished them with a map of the kingdom of Akari and pointed them to the suspected encampment of this primal evil.

He helped the adventurers again when they attempted to sneak into Four Stones to rescue Eldarion and Petrin who were being held captive by the Sinking Sun. The adventurers last heard that Shon and Damakos had gone to Mocklyn to discover the identity of Uly Breen.

While in Mocklyn, Shon was recognized by the Mocklyn Watch for his heroism and skill in sniffing out and apprehending bandits. He was hired on by the Watch and quickly ascended the ranks.


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