Paysan Pintaude

“Conversation is rife with lies and secrets. If you truly want to know a man, watch him play cards.”
-Paysan Pintaude

Paysan is a human who grew up in the Western Kingdom of Vitalio. He was often bored as a youth and he found some thrills by taking on odd jobs with various criminal groups. A common scheme was to demand protection payment from shopkeepers. If payment wasn’t made, their shop would be burned. Paysan found he was an adept arsonist and his reputation soon led to more lucrative job offers.

It didn’t take long before the “Bonifant Arsonist” became the most wanted criminal in Vitalio. Another criminal eventually gave him up in exchange for his own hide. Paysan’s family was devastated to learn that their son was responsible for so much destruction. Paysan was sentenced to death, but his father was an influential man and had his sentence changed to exile.

Paysan was banished from the Western Kingdom and so he moved to Akari. He settled in Silver Hill and proved to be an excellent miner with a keen sense for identifying prime claim sites, but his troubled past would soon land him in trouble once more.

A string of fires broke out in Silver Hill and Paysan’s reputation made him the prime suspect. Before long a group of angry miners banded together, and set to hang Pintaude. He fled to an abandoned mine, but the mob would not relent. They hired a bounty hunter, none other then Eldarion Telchontar to find Paysan and bring him back. Eldarion tracked Pintaude to the old mine and took the man captive, despite his declarations of innocence. Instead of delivering the man to the angry mob, Eldarion turned him over to the magistrate, who found him guilty and had Paysan imprisoned.

Six years later, another man under the influence of Dwarven brew confessed to the burnings. Paysan was freed, but he never forgot the individuals responsible for his false imprisonment. While guiding the adventurers through the Covarus Mountains to find the ruins of Caerbannog, Paysan had the opportunity to secretly kill Eldarion. He passed up the opportunity, declaring himself to be “the better man”.

Paysan is proprietor of Silver Hill’s leading tavern and game room Torchlights. He loves playing cards, particularly Dwarven Hold’em. Paysan has trouble trusting others, as the man who gave him up in Vitalio was a supposed friend. If he really wants to get to know someone, he’ll challenge them to a game of cards. He believes he can learn the character of a man based upon his cardplay.

Session 35: Team Zalthannus travels to Torchlights to talk to the Mayor of Appleton about his zombie problem. At Torchlights the heroes help Paysan avoid a physical encounter with a few gamblers who grew tired of losing. Paysan repaid their kindness with a few healing potions.

Paysan Pintaude

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