Omvari Tivesten

Omvari claims to represent a group of Akari citizens demanding an end to the Sinking Sun‘s influence on the kingdom. He introduced himself to the heroes in a tavern in Silver Hill. He didn’t waste time with small talk and proposed a partnership. The heroes had built a reputation as a group that could go toe-to-toe with the bandits and Omvari had intelligence on the Sun’s movements.

He proposed to give the heroes info and in turn, the heroes would thwart and eradicate the bandit menace. The people of Akari had teamed together to fund the enterprise and the adventurers would be rewarded for each success. Omvari confessed that he too received a small percentage of the funds, as he was taking the risk to be the more public face of the movement.

To prove his info was trustworthy he gave the group a mission to kill the bandits who murdered the town’s baker. The heroes agreed to the deal and found the bandits holed up exactly where Omvari said they’d be. The companions defeated the bandits, burning down a tea shop in the process, and received their reward.

Though Omvari seemed uncomfortably slick, the heroes agreed to work with him in the future.

Session 35: Omvari provided some intelligence on the Sinking Sun in the aftermath of King Akli’s crackdown on the bandit group. He told the heroes the bandits were moving their operations west and provided them with an opportunity to take out one of their roving bands. As it turns out, a zombie attack wiped out that band and those specific bandits arose as zombies themselves.

Omvari Tivesten

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