mysterious temple

To the members of Team Zalthannus,

A farmer from outside of Four Stones came into town yesterday claiming to have unearthed some ancient structure while expanding his fields into the surrounding woodlands. He was frightened because he heard voices from the ruins and wanted me to come investigate.

I did so, with a few of my fellow watchmen. We indeed found an old stone brick structure hidden in the vegetation, not much bigger than the manor houses we see these days being built on the shores near Mocklyn.

When we approached for a closer inspection, we all heard voices but each saying something different. I heard a raspy voice say “Death makes us stronger.” But my fellows heard other things that amounted to pure gibberish.

As you know from your time here, Four Stones does not boast much of a fighting force and we’re not sure what we’re dealing with here. We thought it might be time to call in some professionals.

Akari does set a pool of money aside to each of the towns in the kingdom to deal with issues which may represent a threat to the kingdom. If you can explore these ruins and take care of anything…unnatural…you’ll have 150 gp coming your way (not to mention free drinks at the Salty Duck).

Awaiting your reply,

Denburn Grimes
Four Stones Watch

mysterious temple

Okknos Supronar