When the heroes first met Menzo, he posed as Stephen Crow, a simple historian in the city of Arcannus. He was most interested, some would say obsessed, with Dragonborn history. The adventurers were introduced to Stephen by the wizard Simus. Only Stephen was trained to read ancient Dragonborn text, and the adventurers had a mysterious book that needed translating.

After some dealings with Crow it became apparent there was more to his story than he was sharing. The heroes discovered his true name was Menzo and he had hired the Sinking Sun to capture the dragonborn Petrin Iceblade, for reasons unknown.

As Stephen Crow, he lived in a humble cottage in Arcannus. His real residence however is a kobold-infested underground tower deep in the wildlands. Below the kobold’s territory was another hidden level with enchanted coffins holding the centuries old remains of the legendary Trollslayers. Menzo inherited the coffins in a mage’s duel with a bonecaster named Denyna. He used them to keep the Trollslayers alive so that he could feed off their lifeforce. One of the hostage Trollslayers told Galendan that he believed Menzo to be at least 350 years old.

Galendan, Eldarion and Arygno fought through scores of undead to break the enchantment, give the Trollslayers rest and bring an end to Menzo’s immortality.

Session 30: Before dying the undead dragon, Ruenyengar claimed that Menzo was consort to the Raven Queen and blamed him for desecrating his remains.

Session 36: Valez Du’Urth appeared to the heroes with a message from the Raven Queen. He told them that Menzo had unhatched dragon eggs that needed to be bonded. This confirmed what Zalthannus told them earlier and convinced them to search for Menzo in the Ghandril Forest (the Howling Wood)

Session 37: The heroes found Menzo in the Ghandril Forest and he had assembled his own party of companions including his two ogres, Belaruse Garu, Artana Iceblade, and Maglor. He admitted to mishandling the purple dragon egg which hatched on its own and brought Inimigo into the world. He told the heroes that three other unhatched eggs were stolen by Inimigo.


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