leprechaun sighting

To the esteemed members of Zalthannus,

Your proficiency in handling all matters of dangers and mysteries is known well throughout Haven. I know your guild is quite busy but I believe my village has a problem that requires a team of your talents.

It all started several weeks ago, when our blacksmith, Soren Vickers, claimed to have seen a leprechaun. Now Soren likes to drink and has a reputation for being a bit of a prankster, so we all dismissed his claims.

But soon others started making the same claims. In most of the reports the leprechaun was seen stealing from homes during the night.

I thought perhaps we had a clever burglar on our hands, but then the swineherd’s daughter claimed to have been robbed of 20 gold pieces and we found her hound turned to gold.

Now a fear has come upon the people. Everyone is worried they’re either going to be robbed, turned to gold, or both.

We need your help and are willing to offer a reward of 75 gold. And if we do have a leprechaun on our hands, you’re welcome to his pot of gold as well.


Seamus O’Leary
Mayor of Ballyshannon

leprechaun sighting

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