Kimath It-Arist

Kimath is an Eladrin Winter Knight and a noble in the Winter Court. He is the Lord of Winterspeak, a manor in the snowy lands of the Feywild.

Petrin, Kitten, Galendan and Arygno joined forces with a mysterious Eladrin with an iron mask to sneak into Winterspeak and steal several magical artifacts including the potent Fomorian Fury and a suit of Bloodthread Armor.

Petrin also pocketed a magical book called the Book of Years. After inspecting the book in Kimath’s library, a blank page filled in with the Dragonborn’s likeness. Afterwards, Petrin felt weaker. He still carries the book, hoping to unlock its secrets and undo whatever curse befell him.

Kimath revealed to the heroes that the Book of Years was once a man, who in a bid for great power made an ill-conceived deal with an infernal beholder known as Bolvagon. As a result of the deal the man was transformed into the book gaining immortality and great quantities of knowledge, but unable to do much with it. Once the heroes destroy the creatures that give Bolvagon power in Okknos the curse will be broken and the Book of Years will once more become a man, and a powerful one at that.

Kimath It-Arist

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