Kane Bodorr

Kane Bodorr is chieftain of the Lepo-Shava, one of the five tribes of Shava that reside in the Shavaran Waste.

The Lepo-Shava watch the eastern border of the Waste, and it was there that they met the companions as they traversed the Waste in search of a remnant of Bolvagon.

Kane intercepted the group and asked them many questions about their quest, even going so far as to give them a drink that has a similar effect to truth serum.

He was particularly interested in the journeys of Arygno and insisted on accompanying the group as they traveled further into the waste.

When the companions vanquished the dragon of ruin, Ruenyengar, as well as a demon thri-kreen, the Serei-Shava, leaders of the Shava, asked Arygno to stay with them and lead. Kane was among the first to throw his support behind Arygno and is one of his most trusted allies.

Kane Bodorr

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