When the adventurers first discovered Sunwyn’s buried vault of dragon eggs, the shifter paladin, Kitten, was drawn to a grey egg with dark purple streaks. He felt something inside the egg reach out to him, and he recoiled in shock at the raw hatred and malice that resided within. He warned his companions to leave the egg where it was, for nothing good could come from it.

What the heroes did not know was that the wizard Menzo had followed them to the lair and where Kitten was repulsed by the creature, the wizard was drawn to its immense power. He took the egg, but even Menzo proved to be too weak to master the beast within.

Inimigo refused to be bonded. He burst from his shell, the first truly wild dragon in Okknos in more than a thousand years. He named himself and made his home in the Ghandril Forest.

Inimigo had built his power over the centuries in his egg and he expended that energy quickly upon birth rapidly accelerating his maturation. Days after his birth, he returned to Menzo, fully grown and demanded the wizard hand over the three remaining unhatched eggs that he had taken from the vault. Sensing the power within the mighty dragon, Menzo had little choice but to obey.

Inimigo’s emergence into the forest has changed everything for its denizens. The kobolds have a new deity to worship. Werewolves, hobgoblins and bugbears negotiate and grovel to make an ally of the beast. As he grows in power and amasses followers, how long until the purple monster turns his eyes to the rest of Haven?

Session 37

Session 37.5

Session 38

Inimigo is lured out of his lair by a trespassing dragon from the Shadowfell. The shadow dragon itself was lured into the natural plane by Valez and Galendan for the purpose of getting Inimigo’s attention.


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