hunting invitation

Good day!

My name is Bartholomew Chestnut III. You’ve likely heard of my father who was the most famous hunter in Haven until his untimely demise in that tragic owl bear incident. I swear I will not rest until those wretched beasts are purged from our lands!

What many people don’t know is that my father didn’t kill all his prey. Some of the more rare specimens, he captured and kept them alive in elaborate enclosures. How he enjoyed showing off these fantastic beasts to his friends, and the ladies as well!

I went to check on the collection the other day, and much to my surprise, the enclosures were all empty. I thought that perhaps they were just hiding as some of the specimens are quite tricky. But no! They were all gone.

Surveying the lands on my estate, I discovered a few tracks confirming my fears. The beasts had escaped. Now I could easily hunt these creatures down myself, but I’ve recently suffered a terrible leg injury and while I’m still a capable hunter, when tracking these particular specimens mobility is paramount.

My manservant, Jumbles, insists I add this next bit and I suppose he has a point. These creatures are very dangerous and intelligent and most of them harbor a strong desire to kill humans either for sustenance or out of sheer hatred.

Being near the town of Donovan’s Crossing causes me some concern for their safety. And so I ask for your help to kill or re-capture these beasts. I’ll pay you handsomely in gold, and I have a few enchanted weapons that may serve you well on your adventures.

Sincerely yours,

Bartholomew Chestnut, III

hunting invitation

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