half-orc ruffians

Dear heroes of Team Zalthannus,

A most horrible thing has happened in Delamar! We are simple folk who sift the creek for the odd spot of gold and silver but our peaceful lives were shattered when a group of no-good stinking half-orcs came into camp, shooting their little crossbows up in the air.

They were led by those notorious outlaws Bill Striker and Swordy LaForge! Those greedy dirt-eating half-orcs said the town belonged to them now and so did all the gold and silver.

They make us work the creek all day. I was able to sneak this letter out thanks to a friendly halfling who sympathizes with our plight. Bless his tiny feet.

Please come and save us from these wretched dung-bathed half-orcs for it is only a matter of time before we become too tired to work, and then they will kill us with their crusty scum-caked hands!

Striker and LaForge have sacked two other gold sites and are swimming in coin. Their riches are yours if you save us though you’ll likely want to wash it first!

Please hurry,

Penelope Sawgrass

half-orc ruffians

Okknos Supronar