Guild House Rules

When adventurers gain fame and money they may choose to open their own guild house. Once established, NPCs from the region and perhaps beyond will regularly seek their business. For example, the nearby farming village may be wrestling with an explosion of undead, and unable to handle the problem on their own will seek out the adventurers.

A guild will also enable the adventurers to get more done than they could on their own. They could hire additional adventurers and send them on their own quests. All rewards are brought to the guild and dispensed as deemed appropriate by the leaders of the guild.

The guild house also provides a base for the group with sleeping rooms, kitchen, storage, etc. Heroes can even hire staff to take care of the house.

As the heroes gain in renown, other well-known capable fighters may request membership. Higher level quests with bigger rewards will also be given as heroes gain reputation.

Other guilds may feel threatened by the competition creating rivalries. Others of influence may want the guild to weigh in on political matters which can forge alliances or breed enemies. When the adventurers are away, some daring criminals may attempt to burgle the house hoping to find some famed treasure.

Guild members build close relationships with each other and often harbor a strong loyalty to their guild. It is common for guilds to have their own colors and a symbol or crest. Adventurers from the guild will wear these colors and feature the symbol on items like a shield, chest plate or on the pommel of a sword.

Guild House Rules

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