Freedom Gauntlet

The Freedom Gauntlet is a annual competition held in Amollo. It commemorates a battle fought to defend the city. During that battle a small group of warriors held their position until a messenger could bring help. In the Freedom Gauntlet, two warriors and a healer must fend off waves of increasingly powerful summoned creatures until a fourth person successfully navigates an obstacle course. The obstacle course is in a different part of the city than the arena where the combat takes place.

The Freedom Gauntlet is perhaps the most popular event in Amollo all year. Adventurers come from all over to gain glory and renown. In order to enter, parties of four must present a dire ape or owlbear head to the gamemaster. These heads serve as proof of a team’s combat prowess, since the Freedom Gauntlet is potentially fatal. These risks are balanced by the rewards for winning the Gauntlet. Besides the obvious treasure and money given to the winners, the victors become well-known throughout Amollo.

Participants in the Freedom Gauntlet face off against various summoned monsters. The wizards who conjure these creatures are known as the summoners, and are a secretive and powerful group. Three of them preside over each Freedom Gauntlet. In order to ensure no participants gain an unfair advantage, preparations for the Freedom Gauntlet are veiled in secrecy. The layout of the obstacle course and the type and numbers of the summoned creatures are kept as secret as possible.

The ending to the most recent Freedom Gauntlet was highly irregular. The event proceeded normally until the last team, Team Zalthannus, entered the arena. Team Zalthannus was comprised of the warriors Kitten the Paladin and Eldarion Telchontar, the healer Arygno the Trollslayer, and the runner Galendan. In the arena, two of the summoners, Osmos Portakis and Viktoro Grey were knocked out. The third summoner, Bilzack Tyvoranth, summoned dark dwarves from the abyss instead of normal, less sinister creatures. Team Zalthannus dispatched the dwarves, and Tyvoranth was killed by Valez Du’Urth.

Meanwhile, Galendan was able to complete the obstacle course, until he was confronted with a half-orc standing in the doorway to the last room. The half-orc was indirectly hired by Valez to keep Galendan from reaching his goal. After the fight in the arena was finished, Arygno revived both Galendan and the half-orc.

As a reward for foiling Tyvoranth’s plot, Team Zalthannus was declared the winner of the Freedom Gauntlet, and was given treasure, as well as an abandoned guild hall in Amollo.

Freedom Gauntlet

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