Fernwall is a small halfling village located in an evergreen forest north of the ruined dragonborn city of Caerbannog. Despite being located further north, Fernwall is at a lower elevation than Caerbannog, and thus it enjoys more temperate weather. The halflings of Fernwall have only one good worth trading: goats. Any goods that cannot be procured from the goats or the surrounding forest are imported by trading goat products. Fernwall’s goats also provide sustenance to the green dragon, Zalthannus.

Zalthannus has taken it upon herself to protect Fernwall in exchange for goat dinners. Currently, Fernwall is threatened by trolls and the Black Scales, a ruthless tribe of lizardmen. Such creatures would easily overwhelm Fernwall were it not for Fernwall’s draconic guardian.

Fernwall is an isoloated village that relies on a single trader to bring needed goods from the outside world. Until recently, that trader was Hubren Swade. He forfeited this position when, under the orders of a cruel sea hag, turned Zalthannus to stone. Fortunately, for Fernwall, the heroes were able to restore Zalthannus to her natural state. They reccommended Logan Duten of Silver Hill as a trustworthy merchant to replace Swade.

Currently, the village is governed by Muddy Gladwell. Other notable inhabitants include his daugther Finny Gladwell, who orignally found the heroes and brought them to Fernwall, Drogo Cornhill an aged bookkeeper and advisor to Muddy, and Bolger Tallweed, a halfling warrior who played a key role in restoring Zalthannus.


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