Din Pilly

Din Pilly is a historian in the free city of Amollo. Though he has learned much in his many years of research, he has come to the sad realization that no one else really cares about the past.

This is a shame, for Pilly has uncovered some ancient secrets about the city of Amollo that would send treasure hunters and adventurers into a frenzy. One night while pouring over old texts and maps with Petrin Iceblade and Voren Bell, the trio discovered that Amollo was built on top of the ruins of Sunwyn, the capital city of the fabled dragonborn empire of ages past.

Pilly lives with his son, Norren Pilly who is a servant to the summoners of Amollo.

Session 35: Voren takes the kraken-in-a-jar to the historian to get his opinion. Pilly relays what he knows about the mythical beast, including its vast power and near invulnerability. Voren hires him to research what the legends say about how to kill the beast.

Din Pilly

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