Book of Years


While sneaking about the home of the Eladrin noble, Kimath It-Arist, Petrin Iceblade found himself in a library. He sensed strong magic emanating from one of the books and his curiosity got the better of him. He grabbed the book and leafed through its pages, finally stopping on a blank page.

A sudden weariness overtook him and to his horror, he watched as an image of his own face appeared on the page. He placed the book in his sack in the hopes he may undo whatever sorcery was done.

Since then, he has discovered that Kimath can use the book’s magic to see into his mind. Petrin was powerless to inhibit the Fey’s questing into his secrets, but an encounter with the ancient green dragon Zalthannus would prove helpful. Dragons are immune to such magic, and by implanting one of her scales into Petrin’s body, he was shielded from Kimath’s intrusions. Unfortunately, the scale greatly increased Petrin’s susceptibility to poison.

Some time later, during a scuffle, Petrin open the Book of Years, presenting its pages to the shifter Kitten. Now his image is included within the book as well.

Kimath would later tell the heroes that the book was originally a man who craved knowledge and power. In his greed he forged a pact with a beholder named Bolvagon. Bolvagon promised him power, but neglected to mention the man would be turned into a cursed book for all time. As part of this ritual, the beholder gained the power to read minds.

Kimath told the heroes that he also was under the influence of the book. He said the book could only be destroyed in its human form. To break the ritual and make that happen the four remnants of Bolvagon (the beholder’s source of power in the world) needed to be destroyed. He told the group that Petrin’s familiar Narullian was one of the four remnants.

Curiously, a mirror with unholy properties found in the ruins of Sunwyn refuses to look in the book. When adventurers pointed the mirror at one of the blank pages of the Book of Years, the mirror turned opaque as though it was unwilling to show its true self to the mirror.

After the remnants of Bolvagon were destroyed, the Book of Years became flesh and the heroes engaged it in combat, ultimately destroying it and freeing those who were under its influence.

Book of Years

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