Amollo is a free city located in the jungle known as Tagor’s Shroud. It is one of the few places in Haven not controlled by a larger kingdom. Amollo’s governance is heavily influenced by an aristocracy which is dominated by five families, including the Rothair, Tyvoranth, Lumino, Tekkati and Garamos families.

Currently the city experiences a dangerous tension as a secret group of affluent citizens known as the Crimson Knights have intensified their oppression and maltreatment of the poor. The poor in turn have assembled a resistance force, seemingly headed by the wererat Rakat, who was mentored by the mysterious philosopher named Borys Mindhorn.

With Mindhorn’s death, the poor were ready to revolt. Valez and Galendan were able to bring the killers to justice, temporarily relieving the growing angst among the citizenry.

Amollo is best known for its annual gladiatorial event known as the Freedom Gauntlet. The event draws its roots from the legend of the city’s founding. Warriors must battle a wave of summoned creatures while their most dexterous member runs through a dangerous gauntlet. The winners of the Gauntlet become famous throughout Haven and receive a sizable reward.

The heroes have also discovered that the ancient Dragonborn city of Sunwyn lies underneath Amollo.


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