Amberly Guilford

Lord Amberly Guilford is a knight of Akari and Lord of Appleton. He was knighted by King Akli Langriff for his role in rescuing one of the King’s twin sons from an assassination attempt.

Despite his moment of heroism, Guilford is a selfish man who is always striving for more wealth and influence. Though Lord of Appleton, he resents its citizens, who he views as living reminders that he wasn’t granted more wealthy lands.

Session 35: Team Zalthannus met Guilford at his manor house in Appleton in the midst of a zombie uprising. The knight denied having anything to do with the arrival of the zombies though the heroes were sure he was lying. After fending off a zombie horde where several of the heroes were bitten Voren rationed out a potion that would delay their turning into undead themselves while Guilford revealed that he had his own bottle which he selfishly fully imbibed. Galendan was furious, threatening to kill the arrogant knight, though stopping short and simply cutting him. Guilford sneered at the Eladrin and told him he’d remember that.

Session 36: Guilford guided the heroes to the barrow that was home to the zombie swarm. He fought side by side with them until victory and even showed some shame in what he had wrought in awakening Lykandyr the Fetid.

Amberly Guilford

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