Akli Langriff

King Akli Langriff is the fourth Langriff to sit on the throne of Akari. His great grandfather inhertied the throne after the attack of the Minotaur Legion. The king of that time, Grayson Etheroden, as well as his children and many other nobles were killed in the conflict. Others in line to the throne were taken captive by the minotaurs. When the minotaurs were finally repelled and the dust settled, Pellurdan Langriff was next to inherit the crown.

Pellurdan’s first order of business was rebuilding the kingdom. He had large walls constructed around Mocklyn and established a war council to raise a national army. His son, Ulfwen Langriff was next to become king. He carried on the work of his father and had watchtowers built along the coastline as well as the northern frontier. He also set up defense pacts with the Elven and Dwarven nations as well as the Western Kingdom of Vitalio.

Akli continued these defensive efforts by establishing Akari’s first naval force. Several large war ships were constructed to defend the shores of the kingdom.

Some say the king is a fair and good man, but that his paranoia of threats to the kingdom and coming wars affect his judgment too strongly. He is married to Queen Sephia Daije and has twin sons named Redgar Langriff and Warrick Langriff.

Akli Langriff

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