Akari, also known as the Eastern Kingdom, is the largest known kingdom of any of the civilized races and is ruled by King Akli Langriff. Akari’s capital city of Mocklyn is Haven’s most populous settlement.

Akari was almost destroyed three centuries ago when the Minotaur Legion arrived off their shores in large warships. With the aid of Vitalio and the Dwarven and Elven nations, the legion was repelled, but many believe they will one day return. Because of this belief, the city is heavily fortified and houses a large standing army.

Akari remains at peace with Vitalio as well as the Elven and Dwarven nations. Like their allies, they are constantly harrassed by the creatures of the wild: Goblins, Orcs, and Kobolds.

Other towns in Akari are: Appleton, Arcannus, Cayden, Four Stones, Garby, Ruth’s Rest and Silver Hill.


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