(Deceased and loving it)

Ahjahn was a tiefling with a specific set of skills that made him a perfect head of security for the shipping baron Diamanti Kandarakis. He was an exceptional fighter and delighted in brutality.

The adventurers first encountered Ahjahn while investigating a possible connection between Kandarakis and the sabotage of Akari military warships. Eldarion pretended to be a potential customer who needed to ship exotic lizard meat to Amollo. When he started asking a lot of questions about security, Ahjahn was called in. The tiefling was immediately suspicious and even mocked Eldarion’s request to ship lizard meat. The two quickly came to despise each other.

An inspection of an exploded ship pointed the heroes to Mocklyn’s alchemist, Winford Leake. Upon interrogation and threats, the man said he had sold a large supply of dragonflame, a powerful explosive, to a tiefling with a scar across his eye (a perfect description of Ahjahn).

Shortly thereafter, Galendan broke into Kandarakis Shipping and found a signet ring bearing the mark of the Sinking Sun among Ahjahn’s belongings.

The next evening the heroes spotted Ahjahn and two lackeys loading a barrel onto the navy’s flagship. They moved in quickly to intercept and a spectacular fight took place. Ahjahn was enjoying the battle and even toyed with Eldarion by threatening to finish off his wounded friend Galendan. Wounded himself, Eldarion battled on and nearly had the tiefling finished.

Close to death, Ahjahn teleported himself next to the barrel of dragonflame and was just about to detonate the substance when Arygno caught up with him and dealt the final blow.

Months later, the adventurers were deep in the halls of the ancient city of Sunwyn when they were shocked to be confronted by an undead and angry, Ahjahn. The tiefling claimed to be a revenant in the service of Fyrus and he relished his new powerful role. His hatred for Eldarion remains, but he is particularly anxious to pit his powers against Valez, who is a revenant in the service of the Raven Queen.

Ahjahn proved to be much more powerful, but when his vulture drakes were cut down he retreated into a swirling mist which Voren believed led to a particularly nasty area of the Shadowfell.

Session 36: It is revealed that Ahjahn tricked the arrogant knight Amberly Guilford into awakening the first necromancer, Lykandyr the Fetid.


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