Belaruse Garu

There are tales in the Western Kingdom that speak of a cruel six-fingered werewolf lord named Belaruse Garu. So disturbing are the stories of his viciousness, that few even utter his name for fear of drawing his attention.

The rumours say that he and his pack live in the Ghandril Forest, which the citizens of Vitalio call the Howling Wood. Those who claim to know something of the werewolf say his evil stems from his belief that werewolves are the supreme race and therefore can kill and take as they please and the stronger the foe, the more appealing the target. Belaruse is said to have a seething hatred toward shifters whom he deems a flaw of nature, a disease that stains the lycanthrope’s rich heritage.

The shifter paladin Kitten has long known that his brother was killed by a six-fingered man and has spent much of his life trying to identify the murderer. It was in Silver Hill, when he asked a Vitalion exile named Paysan Pintaude about such a man when he first heard the story of Belaruse Garu. Pintaude told Kitten that Garu is no story, and he best be wary in his pursuit.

Some time later, after the Freedom Gauntlet, Kitten was told by a group of werewolves that while Garu does wish the shifter to be killed, he is not the one responsible for his brother’s murder.

Session 37: The heroes encounter Belaruse in the Ghandril Forest and learn that Menzo had recruited the werewolf to his team and allowed him to bond with a black dragon named Smoke. Belaruse and Eldarion engaged in a short talk about Kitten and shifters in which Belaruse was clear in his disdain for both Eldarion’s friend and shifters in general.

Belaruse Garu

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