Session 5A - Eladrin Down!
Galendan has a rough day
  • Adventurers rendezvoused at the Salty Duck
  • Damakos and Shon left a message that they had left the town trailing suspected Sinking Sun bandits. They believe these bandits will lead them to Uly Breen
  • The remaining bandit survivor from the encounter at the estate of Farmer John provided the adventurers with proof that Stephen Crow had hired the Sinking Sun to steal the journal of Harkano and kidnap the adventurers
  • The adventurers decided to return to Arcannus and confront Crow. He was not at home, but a search of his home turned up a hidden map which led out into the wilderness.
  • The adventurers followed the map and were ambushed by kobolds in a rocky valley. Galendan was killed. The adventurers returned his body to Simus in Arcannus. Simus was able to revive the Eladrin, but he is forever changed. His skin is grey and he can hear whispers from those who have tasted death.
Session 4-B Hot Pursuit

“So, how do you intend to take down Javan,” Lucard asked.

The adventurers looked at each other blankly and Kitten shrugged and said,“We don’t quite have that figured out yet.”

“Wait a minute,” said Eldarion. “If you were going to deliver us to Javan, why were you holding us captive here? Why not take us to Javan directly?”

“Because we don’t know where he is,” replied Lucard. “Sinking Sun leaders are very suspicious and try to keep their whereabouts secret, even from there own men. No honor among thieves I suppose. But though we don’t know where he is, he knows where we would be. So we were waiting for his folks to show up…and I suppose they’ll be here any minute.”

“Excellent,” Petrin chimed. “That last battle was a bit short and I could use the exercise.”

Eldarion was not as excited about another fight, but perhaps there was a way they could turn the upcoming encounter to their advantage.

“I have a plan,” he said. “The bandits who are coming know where Javan is. We just need one of them alive to share that information. Let’s set a trap. Help get me and Petrin loosely tied up again and make them think we’re still in custody. They don’t know Kitten is here, so he can hide behind the door. When they see us tied up they’ll let their guard down, and then we jump them.”

“I like it,” said Petrin. “But how do we know one of them will open up to us about Javan’s location?”

“We’ll convince him it’s in his best interest,” Kitten said with a smile.

“You are quite skilled in the art of persuasion,” returned Petrin.

Lucard was just about finished tying up Petrin and Eldarion when Kitten, peering through a crack in the front door, noticed a group of well-armed thugs heading their direction.

“That’s got to be them,” he rumbled. “Why do you bandits always strut like show horses?”

Lucard smiled, “Banditry is mostly showmanship. Carry a sword and act like you own the town, and people believe it.”

“Not everyone bows before such intimidation,” said Eldarion from his chair. “Now get to your places and be ready. Once they realize something’s wrong things will happen quickly. We can’t let any of them escape or we’ll lose Javan.”

Kitten tried to keep his bulky frame in the shadow behind the door and held his breath. With a creak the door opened and two bandits took a step into the tavern.

“What happened here?” asked the taller one of Lucard. “I thought these two were delivered to you bound, yet only you remain alive of your group?”

“We’re not used to dragonborn captives,” replied Lucard. “No one told us he could breathe fire. Fortunately, I was able to subdue them. I suggest you transport them quickly before they wake, that is if you still want them alive.”

The shorter bandit approached the captives and then stopped. “Sir, these ropes have been loosed. I think —”

He was cut off as Eldarion’s hand quickly surged up striking the man in the side of his head with the hilt of his sword. The bandit staggered backwards, hit his head against the wall and crumpled. The remaining bandit turned to flee but ran right into Kitten’s fist.

“That was easy,” Kitten said. “And we’ve got two of them to interrogate.”

“Not as easy as you think my shifter friend,” replied Petrin pointing out toward the street. “It appears there was a third man with this crew and he’s getting away.”

“After him!” shouted Eldarion as he sprinted past the door onto the street.

STORY MODE WILL RETURN LATER…so for the sake of time…

Eldarion, Kitten and Petrin chased the bandit to Javan’s hideout at Farmer John’s home. Lucard fell during the chase and was left behind. The heroes slayed Javan and his party leaving only one survior. They sent him to Uly Breen with Javan’s head as a message.

Session 4A-Bar Room Brawl

Petrin awoke to find he could not move. A dull throbbing headache reminded him of the attack at the goblin encampment. He remembered exploring a ring of stones, a blinding flash of light, and a cave. Someone had struck him from behind.

Petrin heard low voices conversing nearby. He slowly opened his eyes to gage his surroundings and discovered he and Eldarion were tied to chairs in the very tavern where they first met: The Salty Duck.

Eldarion was already awake and clearly upset. Like Petrin, he was gagged and disarmed. A bandit with the familiar Sinking Sun tatoo was sitting in a chair near the two of them. A couple tables away a group of four men, also of the bandit clan, were having a conversation that was clearly about Petrin and his friend. Eldarion caught Petrin’s eye and then nodded his head indicating the bar’s back wall. Petrin glanced at the rear wall and saw their weapons and bags in a pile.

The dragonborn flexed against the ropes but they would not break. He looked at Eldarion and shrugged. Eldarion just looked back and smirked. What was that half-elf smiling about? Eldarion, mimicked breathing fire through his gag and looked at Petrin expectantly. Petrin then smirked himself. Why not?

Petrin looked down at his ropes, took a breath and rained fire down upon himself. The gag incinerated instantly as well as his ropes, most of the table and a good portion of Eldarion’s chair. Wide-eyed with panic, Eldarion strained against his enflamed ropes and broke free.

The bandit closest to the pair was momentarily caught off guard by the flames and shielded his face from the intense heat. This gave Petrin enough time to get to the back wall and collect his and Eldarion’s weapons. By the time the bandit had recovered, both adventurers stood armed and ready with their backs to the wall. The Sinking Sun advanced upon them all at once.

As the melee raged on in the Salty Duck, the other adventurers decided to split up and search Four Stones for Petrin and Eldarion. Damakos and Shon set off for the riverside wharf. Galendan sneaked about the bustling streets listening carefully for any mention of his missing friends. Kitten decided to continue down the King’s Road into the heart of the town.

There was a lot of traffic on the road and Kitten couldn’t help but be reminded of the fact he was a wanted shifter. Any one of these townfolk could identify him and attempt to bring him to the Sinking Sun. Luckily for Kitten, he was a well-armed, fully armored, imposing figure and it seemed most folks were happy just to get out of his way. Even so, Kitten found himself anxious for a fight. The Sinking Sun had been hunting him and captured two of his friends and somebody needed to get their head smashed in for that.

As he approached the Salty Duck he heard loud shouts and the sounds of a major scuffle. Kitten grinned as he heard the proud taunting of Petrin from within. Kitten decided to enter with a quick strike to confuse the bandit clan, so before opening the door he took out one of his javelins.

“Watch it with those flames!” yelled Eldarion as he locked swords with one of the bandits. It seemed a bit of everything in the tavern was on fire.

“No worries half-elf,” replied Petrin. “I know exactly what I’m doing.”

Eldarion didn’t seem to find any comfort in those words. The pair were outnumbered, and the bandits were between them and the only exit from the tavern. To make matters worse, one bandit had backed from the fight and sheathed his sword in favor of a crossbow. They would be easy targets. Eldarion was about to shout a warning to Petrin when the door to the tavern exploded and Kitten rushed in hurling a javelin towards the bandit with the crossbow. The javelin missed the startled bandit’s head by inches, implanting itself firmly within the tavern’s wall.

“Kitten!” Petrin shouted with glee. “Wouldn’t be a proper fight without you.”

Kitten nodded at Petrin and then charged the bandit whom he had targeted earlier with his javelin. Unfortunately, during the melee, several mugs of ale had been spilled and the floor was slick. Halfway through his charge Kitten began sliding uncontrollably across the floor and crashed into a thick wooden chair. He was momentarily dazed and the bandit seized the opportunity to strike. Kitten saw the incoming short sword just in time to roll under one of the tavern’s tables.

This bandit clearly didn’t know who he was up against. Kitten thought a show of force might put the appropriate fear into his heart. He took a deep breath, tensed his muscles and then attempted to break through the table. Unfortunately for Kitten, the table was made of Akarian ironwood which is popular among carpenters because of its strong durability. The table merely shuddered and Kitten felt a dull throbbing in his shoulder. This fight was not going well so far.

“Everything quite alright over there my shifter friend,” taunted Petrin as another bandit fell engulfed in flames.

Kitten grimaced, but didn’t have time for a reply as the bandit moved to strike again. The short sword came down hard on the table cracking the wood just where Kitten had struck it earlier. Splinters showered on Kitten’s face. He spotted his attackers legs from under the table and took a swipe at them with his sword. The bandit was able to dodge the attack but backed into the wall momentarily stunning him. This gave Kitten the time he needed to get out from under the table and renew the fight properly.

Meanwhile Eldarion finished off the bandit he was grappling with and quickly surveyed the battle. Petrin clealry had the upper hand with his remaining foe, but Kitten was locked in a duel with the bandit group’s leader. They seemed equally skilled and were parrying each other’s every strike. He wanted to jump in and help his friend, but something told him this battle was now a matter of honor for the paladin. He suddenly jerked as a hand rested on his shoulder. It was Petrin. The dragonborn folded his arms and looked over at Kitten and said, “Some show over there huh?”

This was no common bandit, thought Kitten. Though they were enemies, he could not help but feel admiration for the man’s skill. If only he hadn’t chosen the side of lawlessness. But…perhaps there was a chance for redemption.

“Join us,” he said between flashes of steel.

The bandit seemed taken aback but continued his attacks. “Have you gone crazy, shifter? In case you haven’t noticed, we’re trying to kill each other.”

“You’re better than this,” continued Kitten. “You have the potential to be a legendary warrior. Let us end this struggle and join forces.”

“You clearly don’t understand the ways of the Sinking Sun,” he replied. “Only death awaits me shall I fail in delivering you all to them.”

At this point, Petrin spoke up. “I should say that failure is complete at this point, unless you believe you can best the three of us. And I should tell you…I’m quite good.”

The bandit looked around the tavern and saw that his fellow bandits had all been struck down. Some bodies were still burning. He paused in his attack, and Kitten followed suit.

“If I join you, what will I be doing?” he asked warily.

“Fighting for the good guys,” Eldarion said.

“There’s not much money in that these days,” the bandit replied.

Kitten chuckled. “You’re wrong there bandit. You should know better than most that villains have more wealth than they need. We do them an honor by lifting such a burden.”

The bandit thought for a moment and then sheathed his sword. “The Sinking Sun will always be hunting us. You may be sparing me now just so that I may die later upon one of their blades.”

“Then perhaps we need to send them a message to get off our backs for a while,” said Kitten.

“How do you intend to do that?” the bandit asked.

“We’ll show them that it’s a mistake to cross swords with us,” replied Kitten. “We know that the bandit Javan leads the Sinking Sun in Four Stones. I say we dispatch of the ruffian.”

The bandit’s eyes widened in surprise at the mention of Javan‘s name. "Kill Javan? That would certainly send a message to the others. It’s crazy, but I believe you could do it. I’m in."

“What’s your name bandit?” asked Eldarion.

I am Lucard, he replied.

Session 3D
Simus, Shon, and Infiltrating Four Stones

Simus was not pleased to hear that the adventurers failed to both find and destroy the primal evil that lurked in the Forest of Evansdael. He was further discouraged to hear that Petrin and Eldarion were captured.

“Not exactly a successful journey,” he said sourly. “It is imperative that we end this threat, but right now it is more imperative to rescuse your friends. They cannot fall into the wrong hands.”

“I thought they already had fallen into the wrong hands,” said Galendan, scratching his head.

“True enough,” replied Simus. “But there are worse hands. You cannot delay. But first you must tell me if you noticed anything strange about the room in the cave.”

“You mean stranger than teleportation stones and a chest of magic wolf bones?” asked Kitten sarcastically.

“Yes,” replied Simus stone-faced.

Kitten swallowed before he spoke. “Well there was this crow that seemed to be spying on us. And there was a birdcage in the room, so it likely lived there.”

Simus sighed. “She has eyes on you then. As long as this bird lives, she’ll know where you are. If you get a chance, you must kill the beast.”

“Got it, we’ll take care of the bird,” said Damakos. “Now how do we go about sneaking into Four Stones when every member of the Sinking Sun will be patrolling the place with our descriptions.”

“A disguise of course,” said Galendan. “I’m quite good at them.”

“I’m not,” growled Kitten. “No disguises. I’ve got a better idea.”

“Do share,” replied Galendan folding his arms.

“All we need is a cart and one other person who wouldn’t be recognized as someone who knows us. We fill the cart with trade goods, and then hide among the barrels. The new guy will drive the horses. Hopefully the bandits won’t get too suspicious and we’ll be allowed in.”

“Sounds risky,” said Damakos. “Suppose they search the cart?”

“Then plan B,” replied Kitten with a grin.

“And what’s plan B,” asked Galendan grinning himself.

Kitten brought his fist down on the table, “We kill the whole lot!”

Shon was honored to be invited by the adventurers to be a part of their little plan. He had no love for the Sinking Sun and as commander of the night watch at Arcannus had little opportunity to take the battle to them. The cart was loaded with barrels of barley and olives, common trading goods to ship from Arcannus. Kitten, Damakos and Galendan hid in the front of the cart, just behind the horses. Shon drove the cart down the King’s Road to Four Stones.

The Silvermarsh River snaked across the King’s Road just before the town of Four Stones. A long stone bridge was the only way into town. This made the bridge an ideal location for a checkpoint. Shon spotted three bandits at the checkpoint and another two with crossbows across the river.

“Looks like three right here and two crossbowmen across the river,” he whispered over his shoulder.

“Alright, keep cool Shon,” said Kitten, “and with any luck we’ll be crossing that bridge in short order.”

“Not to be a gloomy goat,” said Galendan, “but I’m not sure luck is really on our side these days.”

Kitten shot the eladrin a fierce glare. Galendan shrugged his shoulders and leaned back against the cart.

One of the checkpoint guards approached the cart. As Shon slowed the cart, he spotted the Sinking Sun tatoo on the guard’s arm. There was no intent to cover it at all. Shon wondered how a bandit gang could come to run one of Akari’s richest towns.

“What are you hauling merchant?” the bandit asked somewhat disinterested.

“Olives and barley,” Shon replied. “Twenty-four barrels.”

“We’ll have to take a look,” the bandit responded.

“Is that really necessary?” asked Shon. “I still have another delivery to make in ”/campaign/okknos/wikis/mocklyn" class=“wiki-page-link”>Mocklyn."

The bandit raised an eyebrow and looked Shon in the eyes. “It won’t take long,” he said.

Damakos could hear the entire conversation. “Looks like we’re about to have company. Get low and get invisible and maybe they won’t search all the way up here,” he said.

The others nodded and did their best to hide. Two of the guards came came around to the back of the cart and peered inside. Where Damakos and Galendan hid, all they saw was barrels. Where Kitten hid however, they saw barrels, bits of shiny armor, and a scowling face.

“Alright, who’s back there?!” called one of the bandits.

“No use hiding eh? We can see you!” yelled the other. “Come out now, or we start firing arrows in there.”

Kitten looked over at Galendan and Damakos. “Forget it,” he said, “Time for Plan B.”

With that, he kicked over the barrel closest to him and charged the first guard. The guard did not anticipate Kitten’s ferocious response and had not yet unsheathed his weapon. The second guard unsheathed his weapon but was quickly met by Galendan. The guard managed to parry the rogues initial thrusts, but Galendan was too fast and managed to sneak under the guards defenses to cut him down. Damakos sprung up from his hiding spot, but instead of helping Kitten and Galendan at the back of the cart, he climbed out the front and engaged the bandit archers across the river.

The third guard at the checkpoint rushed the cart. Shon managed to dismount and arm himself in time to meet him. Shon’s experience with the sword was too much for the raw violence of the bandit. His patience won out as the bandit exhausted himself to the point where he could not deflect, nor stop the commander’s sword as it approached his neck.

Damakos grinned as he let fly another arrow across the river. He questioned the intelligence of an archer who neglects the use of cover. The tiefling used the cart to protect himself, but the archers across the river had nothing between them and him. Within a few minutes both had fallend to the ranger’s precision shots.

By this time, Kitten had already finished the first guard to approach the cart and was already inspecting the body. As he expected, the man possessed a paper with the group’s description and with orders to bring them in alive. The paper was signed by Uly Breen.

Session 3C-Into the Lair

The path into the cave was not as dark as they expected. Natural holes in the rockface allowed shafts of light to illuminate the narrow corridor. The path was short and ended in a single room. Kitten entered first, sword at the ready.

After a brief inspection, he turned back to his friends and could not hide his disappointment. “There’s nobody here. No half-elf, no dragonborn, and no primal evil.”

Damakos and Galendan exchanged perplexed looks. “Well what is there?” asked Damakos.

“Let’s go find out,” said Galendan with a gleam in his eye as he stepped toward the room.

Damakos grabbed his shoulder, “Just don’t touch anything until we’ve had a look around.”

The rogue flashed a look of pure innocence at the tiefling. “Of course Damakos. I just want to find our friends.”

With that, the three surveyed the room. It was a mess, as though someone left in a hurry. Papers were scattered across the room’s lone table and an old chest against a wall was turned on its side. In the corner on top of a stand was an empty bird cage. In the other corner was a very familiar looking circle of old weathered stones.

“Not another one of these stone circles,” said Kitten with a scowl.

“Very interesting,” remarked Damakos. “This primal evil must be using these stone circles to travel to different points instantly. It may have transported our friends into this very room.”

“It does appear there was a scuffle,” said Galendan gesturing to a few bloodstains on the floor.

“But where are they now,” asked Kitten.

“I think I may know,” said Galendan as he inspected one of the papers on the table.

“What is that?,” asked Damakos.

“Something I’m afraid I’m all to familiar with,” replied Galendan. “It’s a letter offering reward for the capture of a group of thieves. In this case the group of thieves is us.”

“That’s ridiculous,” said Kitten. “We didn’t steal anything, unless you’re hiding something else you sticky-fingered—”

“Now hold on just a moment, my shifter friend,” replied Galendan calmly. “The item that is said to have been stolen was a blue book.”

“The journal of Harkano?” asked Damakos incredulously. “We didn’t steal that. We recovered it from the Sinking Sun.”

“Yeah, well, this letter is from the Sinking Sun,” answered Galendan. “So, looks like we’re wanted men.”

“And it looks like this primal evil teleporter snagged Petrin and Eldarion and now it’s going to turn them over to that bandit scum,” grumbled Kitten.

“When they realize Petrin and Eldarion sold the book to Simus, they will be killed,” stated Damakos, matter-of-factly.

Kitten slammed his fist down on the table in frustration. “Well I guess we just have to get to them before that happens.”

“Then I suppose it’s time we return to Four Stones,” said Galendan. “That’s where we’re supposed to be turned over.”

“Can we use this stone circle?” asked Kitten, tapping one of the stones with his boot.

Damakos looked around the room. “Unless there’s some sort of instructions for that, I think it best we not experiment with such sorcery.”

As they discussed next steps, Galendan heard light tapping coming from the corridor. He held a finger to his mouth to alert the others to stay silent, and then pointed at the entrance to the room. The tapping grew louder as something was clearly approaching the room. They waited, muscles tensed. The tapping sounded very close now, and Galendan knew it had to something small. After a few more moments a coal black crow peaked its head around the corner and peered into the room.

“What’s it doing?” asked Kitten.

“It appears to be watching us,” replied Damakos.

“I don’t like being watched,” muttered Kitten unsheathing his sword.

At the sight of the giant shifter paladin unsheathing his weapon, the crow hopped back down the corridor and took flight. Kitten frowned as the bird vanished from view.

The silence was broken by Galendan. “If you’re quite finished birdwatching, I think I know how to operate the stone circle.”

“How could you possibly know that thief?” asked Kitten.

Galendan turned to Damakos, “It looks like someone left some sort of instructions behind.”

The instructions for the stone circle were fairly simple. The circle first needed to be activated and then the right words needed to be spoken. Galendan explained, to activate the circle, one had to place an item imbued with magic upon any one of the stones.

“So who has something magical?” asked Kitten.

“I think primal evil had a stash in this room,” said Damakos. “This chest is full of bones and judging by the shape and size, I would say these are the remains of one of those giant wolves we found.”

“What giant wolves?” asked Galendan.

“A story for another time,” replied Damakos. “I think you would agree, Kitten, that the giant wolf was no natural creature.”

“Indeed,” replied Kitten. “So if the creature is magic-touched, then its bones may activate the teleportation stones.”

“Precisely,” responded Damakos. “Now we just need the right words to say.”

Galendan looked up from a torn piece of paper. “Might be a problem there,” he said. “The paper’s torn and we’ve only got one line to work with.”

“Well, let’s see where it takes us,” said Kitten, taking a position within the circle.

They each entered the circle and Damakos placed a wolf tooth on one of the stones. After a few moments, the stones began to glow a familiar dull green.

“I guess now’s the time Gal,” said Damakos.

Galendan nodded and began to read from the paper, “Kurzat Harrint Telnorrah.”

Everything flashed a bright green and then the light slowly subsided. It took them a few moment to get their bearing and regain their vision. When they could see again the noticed that they had been transported back to the goblin encampment where Petrin and Eldarion initially vanished.

“Great,” muttered Kitten. “I guess we walk to Four Stones.”

“Perhaps we should pay a visit to Simus first,” said Damakos. “Arcannus is on the way. Perhaps he can help us, and we need to report what we’ve seen here.”

Session 3B
A Reunion of Sorts and Battle at the Chasm

Kitten and Damakos left the hut behind them and took the one path through the forest that they had not yet explored. Damakos led the way, ever watchful for a goblin ambush. At the sound of rustling leaves he halted immediately, causing Kitten to walk straight into him.

“Hey!” he grunted. “How about a warning next time?”

“I heard something,” replied Damakos. He looked over his shoulder. “We’re being followed Kitten”

“That’s impossible. We wiped everything out back there.”

The pair unsheathed their weapons and faced the dark wood behind them. What came out of the woods was completely unexpected. It was Galendan.

“You guys were not easy to find,” he said. “And where are Eldarion and Petrin?”

Kitten stared at Galendan for a few moments, and then sheathing his sword grumbled, “How did you find us thief?”

“Are you still upset about that whole ogre thing?” asked Galendan with a sly smile. “We got out of there okay.”

Kitten spat on the ground and turned away. Damakos explained how their comrades were magically abducted, and that their rescue plan centered on confronting the primal evil that lurked in the forest.

“That’s a good plan,” said Galendan. “I mean if you’re sure you really want to resuce those guys. I mean, I’m sure they can take care of themselves and without them it’s more loot for us, right?”

Kitten and Damakos both glared at him and continued up the path.

“It was just a thought,” muttered Galendan. “Let’s go be heroes.”

The three adventurers continued down the dark forest trail, when they noticed the trail starting to widen. Around the next turn, Damakos could see the opening to a clearing.

“Arm yourselves,” he whispered to his comrades. “Things may get pretty hairy real quick.”

As soon as they entered the clearing, Kitten heard a sharp buzzing sound and stepped aside just in time to see an arrow pierce the ground by his left foot.

“Hairy indeed,” he growled. He let out a bellowing shout and charged past Damakos and Galendan into the clearing.

“He certainly does have his own style,” Galendan commented to Damakos.

Damakos smirked, knocked an arrow into his bow and followed after Kitten.

Galendan sighed and then unsheathed his short sword. “Can’t let them get all the glory.”

Galendan entered the clearing and was suprised to see it bordered a sheer cliff face. A single rope bridge reached across the chasm and at the other side were goblin sharpshooters firing upon Kitten and Damakos. Kitten was grappling with two goblin backblades trying to keep them between him and the archers. Damakos was still just inside the treeline of the clearing, firing his own arrows back at the sharpshooters. It seemed to Galendan that to survive this scrape somebody was going to have to run across that bridge and engage the archers. The others seemed busy at the moment, so he took a deep breath and sprinted across the clearing.

When the first arrow grazed his shoulder, Galendan began to question his strategy, but turning back was no longer an option. He continued across the bridge and confronted the first sharpshooter. Thankfully, Damakos was keeping an eye on him and was concentrating his fire on the other goblin archer to keep him busy. The sharpshooter was a skilled melee fighter as well and Galendan wondered if he bit off more than he could chew. Fortunately for him, the sharpshooter made one mistake, swinging his shortsword too violently and missing. Galendan saw the opening and ran his blade through the archer’s chest. When he turned to face the next goblin, he saw it laying on the ground with an arrow through its skull.

After Damakos killed the second sharpshooter he turned his arrows on one of the backblades attacking Kitten. This allowed Kitten to focus his energies on one goblin instead of two. He savagely assaulted the goblin, hardly giving it any time to defend itself. The goblin started to back up to give itself more space to defend, but this played right into Kitten’s hands. Too late, the goblin realized how close it was to the cliff edge. A brutal right hook from Kitten send the goblin plunging over the side. Damakos finished off the remaining goblin with a well-placed arrow, and everything was once again calm.

Once on the other side of the chasm, the three adventurers followed a short trail that led towards a large rock outcropping. The trail came to an end at the mouth of a cave.

“If I was primal evil,” started Galendan, “I would call this home.”

“I think you’re right Gal,” said Damakos. “Those sharpshooters must have been guards. That would explain why they weren’t with the rest of the Chatterbones back at the encampment.”

“Well there’s no door to knock on,” said Kitten, “So I suggest we invite ourselves in.”

Session 3
The Party Divided

Dead goblins lay everywhere among the charred ruins of the goblin encampment. Kitten was investigating the bodies of the goblins when he heard Petrin call out that he found something most peculiar. An empty circle of large weathered stones lay in the ground. Eldarion joined Petrin in the center of the circle to investigate the circle’s significance. Kitten had a bad feeling and was about to warn them to leave the circle when the stones began to glow a dull green. Before he could speak the dull green flashed brightly and then went dark. It took a few moments for his eyes to adjust after the magical flare, but when Kitten looked back to the circle Petrin and Eladarion were gone.

Kitten and Damakos searched the encampment, careful not to step in the circle, but there was no trace of their comrades. It seemed the primal evil had sprung a trap and the adventure was now a rescue mission.

Damakos knew there was no turning back now. The evil that lurked within the ancient forest would have to be confronted. There were two trails leading away from the goblin encampment. He told the paladin to sit tight, while he scouted ahead. The trail led to a smaller clearing with a single hut. While the hut seemed normal enough, a tall fence, taller than a man extended behind the hut. There were no goblins about, so Damakos went back to get Kitten.

“Let’s throw a rock in there and see what happens,” said Kitten picking up a hefty stone.

Before Damakos could protest, the rock was leaving Kitten’s hand and flying over the fence. They heard it hit the ground…and they heard a bestial snort as well.

“What’s in there?” asked Damakos. “Let’s find out,” said Kitten heading towards the front door of the hut. Kitten threw open the old wooden door quickly, startling two goblins who were bending over a table holding what appeared to be rancid meat. Kitten and Damakos wasted no time dispatching the goblins. At the rear of the hut was a solid wooden door that led out to the fenced-in area.

“Should we open it?” asked Damakos.

“Get some arrow nocked will ya,” said Kitten placing his hand on the handle.

He pushed the door open and beheld a wolf nearly the size of a small horse. The wolf stood its ground silently.

“Whoa!” said Kitten instictively taking a step back. Still the wolf did not move. It appeared to look from one goblin corpse to the other and then back to the adventurers.

“I’m getting the sense that this isn’t an ordinary wolf Kitten,” uttered Damakos.

“No kidding,” replied Kitten. “So why isn’t it trying to eat us yet?”

“I suppose it has good taste,” answered Damakos. “Why don’t you stop blocking the door and let it out?”

“You think we should unleash this thing into the woods?” asked Kitten. “What if this is the primal evil?”

“Seriously Kitten, the goblins were worse than this creature and I’m sure they’re not the primal evil. Now get out of the way.”

Kitten stepped aside. The wolf slowly walked towards them and entered the hut. It looked around, sniffing the air, and then climbed on the table and grabbed the rancid piece of meat with its powerful jaws. It looked back at Kitten and Damakos, as if to say thank you, and then departed into the woods.

“I think we’ve made a friend,” said Damakos.

“We could use one,” returned Kitten.

Session 2C - Galendan to the Rescue

While his comrades continued the trek to Arcannus to sell the mysterious blue book. Galendan travelled in the opposite direction with the elves Tâlthradion Ealonae and Laihiliel Lithelon to rescue the four Elven youth from their Sinking Sun kidnappers. As they tracked the bandits’ wagon to the farming village of Cayden, Galendan couldn’t help but think back on his own past. He too was raised among the elves, and just like these four youth, he was taken by the Sinking Sun, separated forever from his home and family. For once his focus wasn’t on money, but on saving these children and exacting retribution on those who took them.

Session 2B - Goblins Meet Fire

Before departing for the dangerous forest of Evansdale, the adventurers stopped by the guardhouse in Arcannus to pay a visit to their new friend Shon. They were understandably nervous about entering the overgrown wood where the goblins would have a distinct advantage. Shon produced a map that revealed the location of trails that should take them directly to the Goblin encampment. With a hearty thanks, the adventurers departed the city and entered Evansdale.

Damakos Shieldheart scouted ahead of the rest of the party, and after a time returned with reports of a significant goblin encampment ahead. He said there were several tents, perhaps a dozen goblins, and a towering totem. There were trails beyond this encampment, but he could press no further.

Petrin suggested a little distraction to throw the goblins into chaos, and thus making them easy targets. When Kitten asked what sort of distraction he had in mind, Petrin let loose a fireball at the Goblin’s massive totem pole. In a flash the encampment went from quiet and peaceful, to screams and flames. Eldarion and Damakos loosed arrows at the ropes that kept up the goblins’ tents. Though difficult shots, they succeeded in collapsing the tents on top of struggling goblins making them easy prey for Kitten to skewer them.

As the adventurers mopped up the remaining goblins, another group of the Chatterbones came running down one of the paths, and this time they were accompanied by a pair of grey wolves. Another fierce battle ensued, but after some scratches the adventurers came out victorious. They were winded, and though the field was free of enemies, a trap was about to be sprung and everything would change.

Session 2 - Dragonborn History and a Date with Primal Evil

After the battle with the Chatterbones, the adventurers were ready for a rest. As the sun dipped beneath the horizon, the party spotted a campfire just off the King’s Road. Given the many recent dangers they faced, they approached cautiously, preparing for another encounter. As they neared the fire, they could make out two elves who turned and greeted them most warmly.

They introduced themselves as Tâlthradion Ealonae and Laihiliel Lithelon and invited the adventurers to share the fire. After introductions the elves explained to the party that they were tracking a group of kidnappers who had two nights ago left the Forest of Amber with four Elven youths in their possession. It is not uncommon for the Sinking Sun to recruit members to their band through kidnappings.

Galendan, an Eladrin who was kidnapped as a youth and raised as a criminal, took an immediate interest in their cause. Though there was money to be made in the sale of Alvin’s mysterious book, Galendan decided to abandon the party for a time to join with the elves in their quest to bring back the captured children.

The rest of the party seemed somewhat relieved to be free of the rogue for a time, though they assured him they would hold onto his portion of the book sale until they met again. They would all share the campfire for the night and then go their separate ways in the morning. The Chatterbones however were not done with them yet.

During the second watch of the night Petrin Iceblade heard activity coming from the woods of Evansdael. He roused the rest of the group just in time to face off against a large group of goblins, including several warriors, two sharpshooters and a mean-looking wolf.

The battle was hard fought with the two elves and Kitten taking substantial wounds. Though weakened, Kitten was still able to use his lay on hands ability to heal the elves. He would need another night’s rest to recuperate however.

When morning came, Galendan, Tâlthradion and Liahiliel departed for the farming village of Cayden where the kidnappers’ carriage was reportedly heard to be travelling. The rest of the band continued to Arcannus to sell the mysterious blue book.

It was late evening when the adventurers arrived at the front gates of Arcannus. Except for the two guards and their hyena at the entry, everything seemed very quiet. The party decided to enter the town and go straight to the wizard Simus to finalize the sale of the book. The guards however stood in their way. They asked the adventurers what their business was, and the group told the truth about the book. The guards exchanged glances and then demanded the adventurers hand over the book. Petrin tried to be diplomatic, but the guards weren’t having it. They revealed their Sinking Sun tattoos and issued the ultimatum: the book or your lives. Kitten wasted no time unsheathing his sword and made a strike at the first guard.

An archer appeared on the city wall and two humans wielding maces came around a street corner and made for the group. The archer fired a shot, graizing Petrin’s shoulder. The sight of his own blood convinced him the time for talking was done, and the time for burning had begun.

Damakos Shieldheart noticed a building just inside the city walls had its door barricaded by a cart loaded with logs. It appeared to be a guardhouse and there were shouts coming from inside accompanied by banging on the door. He darted through the melee and made a bull rush at the wagon, pushing it several feet off the door. The door then sprang open and two guards emerged. They thanked Damakos, and joined the fray against the Sinking Sun quickly dispatching of the two mace-wielders. Damakos didn’t have much time to relish in his good deed as the hyena came charging at him.

Damakos braced himself for the impact, taking a good scratch, and repaid the hyena with a vicious attack of his own. The hyena was finished. Eldarion Telchontar danced into the melee scoring a hit on one of the false guards and following it up by shoving the guard’s head into the stone wall. The friendly guards, Petrin, Kitten and Eldarion finished off the two imposter guards and Damakos climbed onto the wall and finished off the archer with an arrow of his own.

One of the guards introduced himself as Shon and said that he and his comrade were on duty in the guardhouse when they were locked in. They expressed thanks to the party and gave them directions to Simus’ tower.

The Emerald Tower and the arcane academy known as the Pryzatticum are walled off from the rest of the city, so the adventurers had to speak with another guard to gain entry. They were told to wait for an escort, and after some time Simus’ apprentice Shomon showed up. He was about to dismiss them when he heard of the book. His demeanour quickly changed and within minutes they were all climbing the spiraling staircase within the Emerald Tower to the personal library of Simus.

Simus was pleased to meet the adventurers and asked what it was they had. Alvin Merry retrieved the book from Damakos and happily handed it to the great wizard. Simus seemed a bit confused at first. He confessed to thinking the legends associated with the book weren’t true and that the book likely didn’t exist. His confusion then turned to curiosity. He quickly disenchanted the clasp on the book, glanced at the pages, and then, scowling, told the group he couldn’t read the writing. It was an ancient Dragonborn language that he did not know. He did however know of a dragonborn historian in town, though he wasn’t too sure about the man’s sanity. He asked Shomon to go get Stephen Crow at once.

While the group was waiting for Shomon to return with Stephen, Simus asked Eldarion Telchontar about where he got the magic bracers he was wearing. Eldarion explained that they found the item on the body of one of the goblins that ambushed them on the King’s Road. Simus sighed, and said the bracers were made in Arcannus and were intended to be sent to Mocklyn to be utilized by the Akari Army. Like so many other shipments of magic items, the Chatterbones ambushed the caravan and took everything.

Simus then told the group that he believed there was more to the goblin problem then just their greed and well-timed strikes. He said someone was helping them, and he sensed that whoever it may be possessed some magical ability, and not of the Arcane, but of some foul nature magic. He referred to the presence as a primal evil that needed to be stopped. He asked the adventurers to consider confronting this evil as it would count as a mighty blow against the goblins and their ability to ambush travellers. Eldarion offered to consider the offer if the wizard would craft him a magic item as a reward. Simus agreed to this, but before the party as a whole agreed to accept the quest, Shomon returned with Stephen Crow.

Stephen’s introduction was somewhat awkward. He stumbled over his words and couldn’t stop gaping at the dragonborn, Petrin. After a few attempts, he managed to say, “I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve never met one of your kind before. It’s one thing to read all about you, but to actually see you and talk with you is a bit overwhelming.” Petrin enjoyed basking in the adoration…a bit too much if you asked his fellow adventurers.

Simus handed the book over to Stephen and asked him if he could make anything of it. Stephen glanced through the pages and noted only the first page actually had writing. He then exclaimed gleefully that he could translate the ancient text. It was a single journal entry, perhaps the last, of the final Dragonborn King, Harkano. It tells a story about the fall of the Dragonborn city of Sunwyn. The story was full of betrayal, loss, dark magic and hidden treasure.

Harkano writes that one of his own royal guard, a fellow named Fyrus turned traitor with the Bloodskull Orcs. The treasure appears to be tied to the royal bloodline through some magic, and could only be taken if the bloodline was destroyed. Fyrus must have thought the orcs could help him do this. During the first siege, Harkano writes that he fatally wounded Fyrus bringing the attack to an end. The orcs scooped up Fyrus’ body and carried it away. Two weeks later Fyrus returned, but was somehow changed. He appeared as one who was dead but moved as one in life, and he radiated with power.

Harkano and his daughter were the only two to escape the fall of Sunwyn. The ancient king warns the reader that Fyrus will never cease hunting his descendants as well as the treasure. He also says that the time will come when one of his descendants must return to the ruins of Sunwyn and reclaim the treasure which seems to have much power. There’s then some riddle about how to access the treasure and an interesting bit about how the blood of Harkano burns like fire.

At this point, Petrin told Stephen about his family history and about how it was forseen that he would be a master of fire. He asked the historian if he saw any relevance. Stephen said perhaps Petrin had some of the blood of Harkano in him. Alvin spoke up at this time and mentioned that the man who found the book also had maps for sale. He didn’t think it important at the time, but perhaps these maps could point the way to Sunwyn.

While the group pondered this option, a bird flew through Simus’ window and sat on the wizard’s shoulder. It whistled a string of notes into the old man’s ears and then flew to a perch in the corner of the room. Simus turned to the adventurers and said, “It seems you boys have been causing a bit of trouble in ”/wikis/four-stones" class=“wiki-page-link”>Four Stones."

The group told Simus about their encounter with the Sinking Sun and the Ogres. Simus told them that Four Stones was no longer a safe place for them. A lieutenant in the Sinking Sun named Javan went throughout the town warning all that if anyone provided any aid to the party, they would be punished. Simus believed to go back to Four Stones was to invite a conflict with the bandits.

The adventurers found themselves at a bit of a crossroads. They could either confront the primal evil in the forest of Evansdael, battle the bandit Javan, or travel to Mocklyn to find the adventurer with the maps. After much discussion, the group decided to first tackle the goblin problem in Evansdael.


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