Session 2C - Galendan to the Rescue

While his comrades continued the trek to Arcannus to sell the mysterious blue book. Galendan travelled in the opposite direction with the elves Tâlthradion Ealonae and Laihiliel Lithelon to rescue the four Elven youth from their Sinking Sun kidnappers. As they tracked the bandits’ wagon to the farming village of Cayden, Galendan couldn’t help but think back on his own past. He too was raised among the elves, and just like these four youth, he was taken by the Sinking Sun, separated forever from his home and family. For once his focus wasn’t on money, but on saving these children and exacting retribution on those who took them.

Session 2B - Goblins Meet Fire

Before departing for the dangerous forest of Evansdale, the adventurers stopped by the guardhouse in Arcannus to pay a visit to their new friend Shon. They were understandably nervous about entering the overgrown wood where the goblins would have a distinct advantage. Shon produced a map that revealed the location of trails that should take them directly to the Goblin encampment. With a hearty thanks, the adventurers departed the city and entered Evansdale.

Damakos Shieldheart scouted ahead of the rest of the party, and after a time returned with reports of a significant goblin encampment ahead. He said there were several tents, perhaps a dozen goblins, and a towering totem. There were trails beyond this encampment, but he could press no further.

Petrin suggested a little distraction to throw the goblins into chaos, and thus making them easy targets. When Kitten asked what sort of distraction he had in mind, Petrin let loose a fireball at the Goblin’s massive totem pole. In a flash the encampment went from quiet and peaceful, to screams and flames. Eldarion and Damakos loosed arrows at the ropes that kept up the goblins’ tents. Though difficult shots, they succeeded in collapsing the tents on top of struggling goblins making them easy prey for Kitten to skewer them.

As the adventurers mopped up the remaining goblins, another group of the Chatterbones came running down one of the paths, and this time they were accompanied by a pair of grey wolves. Another fierce battle ensued, but after some scratches the adventurers came out victorious. They were winded, and though the field was free of enemies, a trap was about to be sprung and everything would change.

Session 2 - Dragonborn History and a Date with Primal Evil

After the battle with the Chatterbones, the adventurers were ready for a rest. As the sun dipped beneath the horizon, the party spotted a campfire just off the King’s Road. Given the many recent dangers they faced, they approached cautiously, preparing for another encounter. As they neared the fire, they could make out two elves who turned and greeted them most warmly.

They introduced themselves as Tâlthradion Ealonae and Laihiliel Lithelon and invited the adventurers to share the fire. After introductions the elves explained to the party that they were tracking a group of kidnappers who had two nights ago left the Forest of Amber with four Elven youths in their possession. It is not uncommon for the Sinking Sun to recruit members to their band through kidnappings.

Galendan, an Eladrin who was kidnapped as a youth and raised as a criminal, took an immediate interest in their cause. Though there was money to be made in the sale of Alvin’s mysterious book, Galendan decided to abandon the party for a time to join with the elves in their quest to bring back the captured children.

The rest of the party seemed somewhat relieved to be free of the rogue for a time, though they assured him they would hold onto his portion of the book sale until they met again. They would all share the campfire for the night and then go their separate ways in the morning. The Chatterbones however were not done with them yet.

During the second watch of the night Petrin Iceblade heard activity coming from the woods of Evansdael. He roused the rest of the group just in time to face off against a large group of goblins, including several warriors, two sharpshooters and a mean-looking wolf.

The battle was hard fought with the two elves and Kitten taking substantial wounds. Though weakened, Kitten was still able to use his lay on hands ability to heal the elves. He would need another night’s rest to recuperate however.

When morning came, Galendan, Tâlthradion and Liahiliel departed for the farming village of Cayden where the kidnappers’ carriage was reportedly heard to be travelling. The rest of the band continued to Arcannus to sell the mysterious blue book.

It was late evening when the adventurers arrived at the front gates of Arcannus. Except for the two guards and their hyena at the entry, everything seemed very quiet. The party decided to enter the town and go straight to the wizard Simus to finalize the sale of the book. The guards however stood in their way. They asked the adventurers what their business was, and the group told the truth about the book. The guards exchanged glances and then demanded the adventurers hand over the book. Petrin tried to be diplomatic, but the guards weren’t having it. They revealed their Sinking Sun tattoos and issued the ultimatum: the book or your lives. Kitten wasted no time unsheathing his sword and made a strike at the first guard.

An archer appeared on the city wall and two humans wielding maces came around a street corner and made for the group. The archer fired a shot, graizing Petrin’s shoulder. The sight of his own blood convinced him the time for talking was done, and the time for burning had begun.

Damakos Shieldheart noticed a building just inside the city walls had its door barricaded by a cart loaded with logs. It appeared to be a guardhouse and there were shouts coming from inside accompanied by banging on the door. He darted through the melee and made a bull rush at the wagon, pushing it several feet off the door. The door then sprang open and two guards emerged. They thanked Damakos, and joined the fray against the Sinking Sun quickly dispatching of the two mace-wielders. Damakos didn’t have much time to relish in his good deed as the hyena came charging at him.

Damakos braced himself for the impact, taking a good scratch, and repaid the hyena with a vicious attack of his own. The hyena was finished. Eldarion Telchontar danced into the melee scoring a hit on one of the false guards and following it up by shoving the guard’s head into the stone wall. The friendly guards, Petrin, Kitten and Eldarion finished off the two imposter guards and Damakos climbed onto the wall and finished off the archer with an arrow of his own.

One of the guards introduced himself as Shon and said that he and his comrade were on duty in the guardhouse when they were locked in. They expressed thanks to the party and gave them directions to Simus’ tower.

The Emerald Tower and the arcane academy known as the Pryzatticum are walled off from the rest of the city, so the adventurers had to speak with another guard to gain entry. They were told to wait for an escort, and after some time Simus’ apprentice Shomon showed up. He was about to dismiss them when he heard of the book. His demeanour quickly changed and within minutes they were all climbing the spiraling staircase within the Emerald Tower to the personal library of Simus.

Simus was pleased to meet the adventurers and asked what it was they had. Alvin Merry retrieved the book from Damakos and happily handed it to the great wizard. Simus seemed a bit confused at first. He confessed to thinking the legends associated with the book weren’t true and that the book likely didn’t exist. His confusion then turned to curiosity. He quickly disenchanted the clasp on the book, glanced at the pages, and then, scowling, told the group he couldn’t read the writing. It was an ancient Dragonborn language that he did not know. He did however know of a dragonborn historian in town, though he wasn’t too sure about the man’s sanity. He asked Shomon to go get Stephen Crow at once.

While the group was waiting for Shomon to return with Stephen, Simus asked Eldarion Telchontar about where he got the magic bracers he was wearing. Eldarion explained that they found the item on the body of one of the goblins that ambushed them on the King’s Road. Simus sighed, and said the bracers were made in Arcannus and were intended to be sent to Mocklyn to be utilized by the Akari Army. Like so many other shipments of magic items, the Chatterbones ambushed the caravan and took everything.

Simus then told the group that he believed there was more to the goblin problem then just their greed and well-timed strikes. He said someone was helping them, and he sensed that whoever it may be possessed some magical ability, and not of the Arcane, but of some foul nature magic. He referred to the presence as a primal evil that needed to be stopped. He asked the adventurers to consider confronting this evil as it would count as a mighty blow against the goblins and their ability to ambush travellers. Eldarion offered to consider the offer if the wizard would craft him a magic item as a reward. Simus agreed to this, but before the party as a whole agreed to accept the quest, Shomon returned with Stephen Crow.

Stephen’s introduction was somewhat awkward. He stumbled over his words and couldn’t stop gaping at the dragonborn, Petrin. After a few attempts, he managed to say, “I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve never met one of your kind before. It’s one thing to read all about you, but to actually see you and talk with you is a bit overwhelming.” Petrin enjoyed basking in the adoration…a bit too much if you asked his fellow adventurers.

Simus handed the book over to Stephen and asked him if he could make anything of it. Stephen glanced through the pages and noted only the first page actually had writing. He then exclaimed gleefully that he could translate the ancient text. It was a single journal entry, perhaps the last, of the final Dragonborn King, Harkano. It tells a story about the fall of the Dragonborn city of Sunwyn. The story was full of betrayal, loss, dark magic and hidden treasure.

Harkano writes that one of his own royal guard, a fellow named Fyrus turned traitor with the Bloodskull Orcs. The treasure appears to be tied to the royal bloodline through some magic, and could only be taken if the bloodline was destroyed. Fyrus must have thought the orcs could help him do this. During the first siege, Harkano writes that he fatally wounded Fyrus bringing the attack to an end. The orcs scooped up Fyrus’ body and carried it away. Two weeks later Fyrus returned, but was somehow changed. He appeared as one who was dead but moved as one in life, and he radiated with power.

Harkano and his daughter were the only two to escape the fall of Sunwyn. The ancient king warns the reader that Fyrus will never cease hunting his descendants as well as the treasure. He also says that the time will come when one of his descendants must return to the ruins of Sunwyn and reclaim the treasure which seems to have much power. There’s then some riddle about how to access the treasure and an interesting bit about how the blood of Harkano burns like fire.

At this point, Petrin told Stephen about his family history and about how it was forseen that he would be a master of fire. He asked the historian if he saw any relevance. Stephen said perhaps Petrin had some of the blood of Harkano in him. Alvin spoke up at this time and mentioned that the man who found the book also had maps for sale. He didn’t think it important at the time, but perhaps these maps could point the way to Sunwyn.

While the group pondered this option, a bird flew through Simus’ window and sat on the wizard’s shoulder. It whistled a string of notes into the old man’s ears and then flew to a perch in the corner of the room. Simus turned to the adventurers and said, “It seems you boys have been causing a bit of trouble in ”/wikis/four-stones" class=“wiki-page-link”>Four Stones."

The group told Simus about their encounter with the Sinking Sun and the Ogres. Simus told them that Four Stones was no longer a safe place for them. A lieutenant in the Sinking Sun named Javan went throughout the town warning all that if anyone provided any aid to the party, they would be punished. Simus believed to go back to Four Stones was to invite a conflict with the bandits.

The adventurers found themselves at a bit of a crossroads. They could either confront the primal evil in the forest of Evansdael, battle the bandit Javan, or travel to Mocklyn to find the adventurer with the maps. After much discussion, the group decided to first tackle the goblin problem in Evansdael.

Session 1 - The Merchant and His Book

First, let’s introduce the PCs:

The five adventurers did not yet know each other, but they were each inside The Salty Duck in Four Stones when a dishevelled merchant entered the tavern. He took a seat at the first table he saw, placed his head in his hands and began sobbing.

Each of the adventurers took an interest in the scene and sauntered over. They learned that the man’s name was Alvin Merry and he was just robbed by the bandits of the Sinking Sun. All of his gold and silver were taken, but he seemed most depressed about a certain book they took.

He told the adventurers they could keep the gold and silver, as long as they brought him back the book. The adventurers agreed and headed down the King’s Road to where the crime was said to have taken place. They found Alvin’s abandoned wagon and tracks leading into the Burganwood. The band followed the tracks which continued into a clearing. On the others side of the clearing, six bandits had made camp and appeared to be waiting for something.

A battle broke out and in the end the adventurers came out victorious. They kept one bandit alive for interrogation and learned that this was indeed the group who ambushed Alvin. While the other adventurers participated in the interrogation Galendan slipped away to pilfer the bodies of the fallen bandits. What he found, he kept to himself. After some heated discussion with his comrades he coughed up the goods, but earned his reputation as a thief looking out for his own.

There was some discussion of what to do next: bring the items back to the merchant or wait to see to whom the bandits were planning on selling the book. They elected to wait. Galendan climbed a nearby tree and after some time, witnessed four menacing Ogres approaching the camp. Petrin, Eldarion, and Damakos, took off, dragging the bandit prisoner with them. Galendan and Kitten were cut off however and decided to remain hidden in the woods.

The Ogres arrived, with surprising focus.They searched each dead bandit’s body and became furious when they discovered the book was missing. At this point Damakos proposed leaving a decoy book in the clearing. Petrin had a similar sized book in his posession (How to Play the Flute) and he decided to leave it in the clearing upon the person of the unconcious bandit prisoner. They then retreated out of the woods with the real book.

The Ogres pushed into the clearing, found the body and took the book. Galendan, thinking it was the real book chose to confront the Ogres. The Ogres responded by chasing him. They had him trapped up a tree when he phased to another tree top nearby. The Ogres gave up their pursuit and left with the false book.

Galendan and Kitten went to see to the prisoner who was left in the field, but he had escaped. Apparently the Ogres undid the ropes as they searched his body for the book.

Back in the town of Four Stones, the adventurers met up again with Alvin. He asked for the book, and they refused to return it (though they did keep his money). They offered to escort Alvin to Arcannus where he was planning to sell the book. Alvin was told that the six of them would each get an equal cut of the profit. He had no choice but to agree.

Along the way to Arcannus the party was set upon by the Chatterbones Goblins. The party suffered mild injuries, but the goblins were vanquished. At one point in the battle, Petrin forced Alvin to take an active role in the attack. Petrin discovered the Bracers of Mighty Striking upon one of the goblins and chose to keep it for himself. This created some discord amongst the comrades, but they chose to stay together and continued toward Arcannus.


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