Session 11: Beware the Harpy Queen
Discretion is the better part of valor
  • As the party loots the corpses of the orcs, Kitten lies down next to the toppled Dragonborn statue so that the two are face to face. He asks the statue if it can hear him. To the surprise of his companions, that statue’s face awakens and speaks. Only Kitten can hear its words. The others simply hear a deep rumbling emanating from the sculpture’s face.
  • Kitten discovers that the statue bears the likeness of Nera, the Healer. The orcs have been encamped in Caerbannog for nearly a month. When asked about Menzo, the statue reveals that the wizard has made a deal with Yssinia the Harpy Queen who leads the orcs. In return for bringing back the head of a rival orc chieftain named Ungryn, Yssinia will give Menzo the Staff of Rejuvenation.
  • The group agrees that they need to leave the building but the ruined city is crawling with orcs. Petrin decides to utilize the yeti as a distraction. Using hand signals he tries to tell the yeti that there are more orcs outside. The yeti mistakenly thinks the dragonborn wants him to take the dead orc that he was eating outside, so he nods in agreement and hoists the orc corpse over his shoulder and proceeds to exit through the front door. “Good enough,” thought Petrin.
  • The orcs react quickly to the emerging yeti, unleashing a volley of arrows. Several arrows sink into the yeti’s fur, but they only seem to anger the beast. It charges into the orcs, providing the distraction the adventurers were hoping for. They exit the building and note they may be able to leave the city through the back gate with little risk of being seen. However, another structure nearby draws their attention. While many orcs are scurrying about in response to the rampaging yeti, a squad of orcs remain at attention guarding this one building. There may be something important in there and the group decides to sieze the opportunity provided by the current chaos in the city and attacks the guards.
  • These orcs proved just as tough as the others the heroes faced. Petrin was cut down by an archer and Galendan, Kitten and Bel all took a beating, but the adventurers bested the orcs. Arygno revived Petrin and mended the wounds of the others. It was time to discover what the orcs were protecting.
  • The heroes were greeted by darkness. Galendan lit a torch, illuminating a 20 by 40 foot room. The walls were of the same ancient stone as many of the buildings they saw in Caerbannog. These walls however were covered in writing…the same sentence over and over again…“Death makes us stronger.” Against the left wall of the room was an old stone staircase leading down.
  • The stairs led down to Caerbannog’s catacombs. Centuries old Dragonborn remains, too many to count, lined the long corridor. A close inspection of the stone floor revealed tracks that none of the adventurers had ever seen before. What was down here…and why? The corridor ended in a three-way intersection. The party ventured left and came upon a door.
  • The room on the other side of the door held more remains, but where the hallway had bodies in proper recepticals, these were haphazardly strewn about the floor. Among the corpses was one that didn’t resemble any known creature, like something only an alien mind could create. Voren approached this corpse and poked it with his staff, causing it and several nearby Dragonborn skeletons to awaken and attack. The cleric Arygno quickly casted “moment of glory” knocking prone nearly every enemy in the room. The heroes quickly advanced and finished off the undead. But where was Petrin? He never entered the room, for he wanted to explore the passage that led to the right.
  • Petrin, seeing that his companions had the battle well in-hand, backtracked to the intersection and took the unexplored path. It also led to a door. This room was dusty and empty, except for a glowing apparition of a Dragonborn. The ghost approached Petrin and made a remark about how similar in appearance he was to Harkano. The ghost introduced himself as Dansem Ulfor.
  • Nearly nine hundred years ago, Dansem led a project to construct a portal gate that would lead to the Fey Wild. He successfully built the gate in the city of Caerbannog, but the portal did not operate as planned. Dansem assumed the Fey Wild was the only other realm besides his own. To his shock and horror, he discovered that his gate opened a pathway to the Shadowfell. Dansem tried to close the gate immediately, but failed. Soon a group of dark dragons emerged from the gate and destroyed the city. Harkano travelled through the portal and destroyed the gateway on the other side, preventing other dragons from entering and imprisoning himself in the Shadowfell forever. Heartbroken by the disaster he caused, Dansem vowed to stay with the city until it flourished once more.
  • Petrin told Dansem that they were looking for the Staff of Rejuvenation and the lost dragon eggs. Dansem told Petrin that Yssinia, the Harpy Queen held the staff and that she was in these catacombs. However, he warned Petrin not to look for her for she was too powerful and would destroy him and his companions. Instead, he advised Petrin to follow the path that Harkano’s daughter and the green dragon took when they fled the city 900 years ago. The dragon may still live and know the whereabouts of Sunwyn.
Session 10B - Caerbannog
The ancient city has seen better days
  • While the heroes are away, Eldarion and Paysan Pintaude await their return in a cave that Paysan has used many times in the past. Eldarion appears to be in a coma. Paysan, not knowing Eldarion can still hear him, exposes how the two know each other. Paysan was framed for a crime he did not commit and Eldarion was the bounty hunter that brought him in. Paysan was imprisoned for six years. Paysan then debates with himself about whether he should exact his vengeance and kill the half-elf now, but decides against it declaring himself the better man.
  • To Paysan’s surprise his cave hideout is visited by two strangers: a human warlock named Voren Belliger and a changeling artificer named Kyp. Though suspicious, he invites the two to share a meal, which proves to be a good idea as the cave is soon under attack by giant centipedes.
  • Shortly after defeating the centipedes, Petrin, Galendan, Kitten and Arygno return with the antidote. They quickly pour the liquid down Eldarion’s throat and to their relief, he slowly recovers. The group decides to continue their journey to Caerbannog and invite Voren and Kyp to join (which they accept).
  • Paysan leads the adventurers to Caerbannog and he’s surprised to find an orcish army encamped in the ruins. He tells the group that they were not here the last time he visited this place. The party recognizes the Three Spears war banner but are completely surprised when the bulk of the army marches out with Menzo and his two ogres in the lead.
  • They decide to sneak into the city and send Galendan to scout for a safe way in. The rogue discovers an old breach in the wall and the party prepares to move in under the cover of night. Paysan tells them he will wait here for three days and then return to Silver Hill. He wishes them luck.
  • Once inside the walls the group begins to realize just how vast Caerbannog must have been. Most of the city is now in ruins and the group wonders if a giant blackstone portal hovering above the city may have had something to do with it. The portal appears dormant.
  • The group hears orcish voices coming from one of the few structures still in tact and decide to investigate. Galendan peers through a window and see a group of orcs having a meal. In the corner of the room is a bound and gagged yeti. The orcs occasionally throw their garbage at it.
  • Though Eldarion advises against assaulting the orcs, the rest of the group votes to move in and free the yeti. A fierce battle commences and Petrin is cut down whilst trying to maneuver past an orcish rampager. Galendan frees the yeti, which immediately charges an orcish archer trampling it into the ground. Soon the battle is over and Arygno manages to stabalize Petrin.
  • Kitten soon realizes that the table the orcs were eating off of was no table at all but a toppled statue. It was time to try out his new gift…
Session 10A: Into the Fey
Here there be foxes
  • The man in the mask took the adventurers to his camp at the base of a nearby mountain. On the way, the heroes told him about how Eldarion became very sick after receiving a wound from an unusual yeti. The man in the mask told them that his yetis’ claws are treated with a poison called Feybane that slowly kills anyone of Fey origin, including half-elves like Eldarion.
  • He tells the heroes that he could create an antidote, but he’s missing one ingredient: Fomorian Fury. This rare and potent elixir is all that remains of a long dead Fomorian king. According to the masked man, it is so strong that it will neutralize whatever poison is circulating in Eldarion’s blood. Unfortunately, he only knows of one vial and it is in the Fey Wild in a chest belonging to a knight in the Winter Court named Kimath It-Arist.
  • The adventurers rest for the evening and at sunrise follow the masked man through a series of caves to an underground pool. The team swims to the bottom and resurfaces to find themselves in what seems to be another world, which is in fact, the Fey Wild.
  • The masked man leads them through a snowy forest where impossibly tall evergreens plunge the land in shadow. After thirty minutes of hiking Kitten notices a red fox silently padding along side him. To his astonishment it speaks, asking, “Where are you off to Mr. Shinyman?”
  • None of the other adventurers in the party can either see or hear the fox, and the masked man begins to wonder at Kitten’s sanity. His discomfort is heightened when he hears the shifter paladin explain the details of their mission to what appears to be an ordinary tree stump.
  • The fox tells Kitten, that their mission is indeed a dangerous one and therefore offers his assistance, with one condition. The shifter must share a poem about foxes. He warns Kitten, that should he find the poem offensive, he will be compelled to inform Kimath of their intentions. After a few moments, Kitten improvises a poem entitled, “Oh Foxy Fox.” The fox listens to the entire poem silently and at the end, with a tear rolling down one cheek, says, “You honor me Mr. Shinyman. I shall go before you and be there when you need me.”
  • The party comes across Winterspeak, the estate of Kimath It-Arist. The masked man points to a window on the second floor and says the chest with the Fomorian Fury should be in that room. There are several guard patrols, but Galendan notices there’s a certain timing to their rounds that provides a window for the group to dash across the yard and then scale the wall to the upper floor.
  • The group makes a run for it. They reach the wall and Galendan throws up a rope. Unfortunately only a few of them are able to reach the upper floor as Arygno and Kitten have difficulty with the rope. Soon the guard patrols are upon them, with elven adversaries attacking from the upper wall and the ground below. The adventurers manage to dispatch of the guards, but they may have lost the element of surprise.
  • The upper wall does not have access to the room with the chest so the adventurers enter through the window of a nearby room, which turns out to be a library. Petrin senses magic emanating from a thick black-bound book entitled the Book of Years. He flips it open and notices the pages bear the images of people of various races. He comes to a blank page and is surprised to find his own likeness soon cover the page. He feels weaker and closes the book, placing it in his pack for later.
  • The adventurers enter a room across the hall from the library and discover a gallery with nothing more than a blank canvas. Upon looking at the canvas, each of the viewers see a glimpse of their future, and the future for each seems grim. Kitten chose not to see his future.
  • Visions: Petrin saw himself standing before a giant green dragon. Someone was behind him and about to stab him in the back. Arygno saw himself wearing warpaint and standing amongst a field of dead bodies. He was being charged by a troll wearing a crooked crown. Galendan saw himself in a dark room. He was grinning and shaking hands with Menzo.
  • The final room on the floor was well-guarded, but there didn’t seem to be another way in, so the group prepared for a charge. However, before they made their move, the fox appeared and darted down an opposite corridor. The guards sounded the alarm and chased after it leaving the room unguarded.
  • The group enters the room and finds the chest, flanked by two large statues of hideous hounds. Upon opening the chest, the statues come alive and attack the adventurers. During the combat, Petrin flashes a shadow hound with the Book of Years. It’s image joins the book and it’s momentarily dazed. The hounds are defeated.
  • Inside the chest the adventurers find a suit of bloodthread armor, the vial of Fomorian Fury, and a Faerie trapped inside a cage. Kitten chooses to rescue the faerie and as a reward is granted with a gift that allows him to speak with statues. The group exits Winterspeak and make their way back to the portal.
  • Upon return, Galendan hands the Fomorian Fury to the masked man and asks how long it will take to make the antidote. The man smiles, reaches inside a pocket and hands the eladrin another vial and tells him he better hurry for feybane works quickly. The man then drinks the Fomorian Fury and thanks the adventurers for their help, for he could not have gotten the fury alone. He tells them he now possesses the strength of a Fomorian and in a frightening display causes a small tremor by hitting the cave wall. The adventurers take their leave and set off to find and heal Eldarion.
Session 9: Killer Orcs of Doom
  • The yetis were defeated. As the adventurers inspected the corpses, Eldarion collapsed into the snow. He was clawed by a yeti on the right arm, but it didn’t seem to be a life-threatening wound. Arygno examined the half-elf and determined he was poisoned and may only have three days to live. An analysis of the yetis’ claws confirmed the diagnosis. Each claw was coated with a pinkish liquid. Petrin detects magic in the poison. Why would yetis in the middle of nowhere have poison-coated claws? And why was only Eldarion infected when Petrin, Kitten and Paysan had also all been scratched?
  • Paysan Pintaude told the adventurers a story he overheard from a dwarf at Torchlights. The dwarf claimed he met a Dragonborn in the mountains who had just miraculously survived a yeti ambush. Just before he was cut down, the Dragonborn says a man with a hood and metal mask whistled a command to the yetis to stop the hunt. The yetis quickly ceased their attack and lumbered back into the darkness. Paysan says he believes this story because the dwarf telling it was not yet intoxicated. Perhaps these odd yetis and this story are linked. If someone created a poison, they may also have an antidote.
  • The adventurers decide to hunt down the mysterious man in the dwarf’s story. Petrin, the sorceror dragonborn, can detect a powerful arcane disturbance from the east. It bears a similar signature to the magic poison. Eldarion is in no shape to travel and Paysan volunteers to stay with him until the adventurers return. He tells them he has a hideaway in a cave nearby. It has water and supplies. The adventurers entrust Eldarion to Paysan and head off.
  • After thirty minutes of tracking the magical disturbance, the adventurers come upon a wide, barren snowy expanse. They can see an orc encampment and a campfire about 200 yards away. The orcs, who are well armed and bear a banner depicting three spears, do not yet notice them. The adventures need to pass through the area but they are outnumbered.
  • Petrin decides to intimidate the Orc party by mimicing the sound of an angry yeti. His companions are skeptical, but Petrin’s roar is amazingly similar and upon hearing it, seven of the twelve orcs take off running to the east. The other five remain and brandish their weapons. The adventurers decide the odds are more in their favor now and charge the encampment.
  • Little did they know, the orcs were well-trained members of an Orcish military campaign that had seen many battles. They were too much for them and it didn’t appear the adventurers would survive. The battle became more complicated when, in response to Petrin’s earlier roar, a group of yetis charged upon the scene. The yetis did not take sides and decided to kill everything. During the battle, the Orc regiment managed to mortally wound both Galendan and Kitten.
  • Before the Orcs and yetis had a chance to finish off Petrin and Arygno a man in a hood and metal mask appeared on the scene, accompanied by two more yetis. He commanded the yetis already in the battle to direct their attention upon the orcs. Together, with Petrin and Arygno, the orcs were vanquished. Arygno managed to stabilize both Galendan and Kitten and with rest, it appeared they would survive.
Session 8: Welcome to Silver Hill
  • The adventurers and Romm‘s Reavers manage to slay the drakes without losing anyone, though several fighters would have perished without Arygno’s healing. Eldarion decides to take one of the corpses into town with him and hopes a tanner there may be able to fashion some armor from its hide.
  • Romm invites the adventurers to accompany him to see his master, Ruddy Brodak. The beer merchant will want to thank them personally he tells them. They agree to the meeting.
  • Brodak gives the adventures a monetary reward and gives them some background information on the town of Silver Hill. When the adventurers ask about a forgotten dragonborn city, Brodak tells them that there is a man in town who has made claims of seeing such a place, but that he’s a bit mad. Brodak tells them to look for Paysan Pintaude who is often seen at the tavern and gaming room, Torchlights.
  • Lucard departs from the adventurers as he tells them he’s recently been hired by Romm as the newest member of the Reavers.
  • The adventurers look for Paysan Pintaude at Torchlights and find him engaged in a game of Dwarven Hold’em. They approach him after the game and ask him several questions about dragonborn artifacts and the lost city of Caerbannog.
  • Paysan confirms that he indeed has seen such a place and then asks some questions of his own. He asks Kitten what a shifter is doing in Akari. Kitten tells the man that he’s looking for the six-fingered killer of his brother. Paysan, an exile from the Western Kingdom, tells Kitten of a six-fingered werewold lord named Belaruse Garu who has a strong hatred for shifters. He warns Kitten to be careful in his quest.
  • Paysan says he will only serve as their guide if they agree to play cards with him. He remarks that the only way to really learn about a person is to play cards with them. After playing several rounds of Dwarven Hold’em, Pintaude is satisfied and tells the adventurers to load up on supplies. Where they’re going it’s going to be cold and rigorous terrain.
  • While gathering supplies in town, Petrin visits the house of Logan Duten, a man down on his luck. He offers him money in return for delivering a message to his hometown. Petrin has heard rumours about trouble befalling his dragonborn home and he’s desperate for news.
  • Kitten believes the group’s odds of survival would be greater if they could find some other hearty souls to join them on their quest. He approaches the two largest gentlemen in Torchlights and challenges them to a fight. He figures, if he wins they will respect him and want to follow him. Kitten beats them within an inch of their lives and instead of respect, the two men swear that one day they will have their revenge. Kitten later learns the names of the enemies he made are the Maguffin Brothers (Tug Maguffin and Vern Maguffin)
  • The adventurers and Pintaude head into the mountains. After a day’s travel they are ambushed by a group of yetis. They are nearly killed, but find a way to win the battle.
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    Session 7: Menzo's Den
    • Arygno, Eldarion and Galendan reunite with the rest of the party. They decide to once more visit the magically locked door they found when they first entered the underground chambers. A few of them take turns trying to bash the door down, but their efforts fail. Kitten, who was holding a key he found on the kobold wyrmpriest Qweet, tries it on the lock. After some clicks and whirs of invisible gears, the door opens.
    • The adventurers find themselves in a large natural cave with many stalactites and stalagmites. The chamber’s opposite end meets an underground lake, which is very still. A few feet from the lake is a desk and chair. Galendan, Kitten, Arygno and Eldarion move to the desk to investigate while Lucard and Petrin stay near the door.
    • The desk holds many papers and a small blue book which appears to have been run through with a rusty dagger, fixing it to the desktop. Upon inspection the book is titled “How to Play the Flute”. On the inside cover, written in charcoal is the enscription “Property of Petrin Iceblade”. Petrin smirks and the adventurers remember the last time they saw this book…being carried off in the hands of an ogre.
    • Galendan starts looking through the papers and realizes that he’s reading the full translation of the journal of Harkano. When Menzo went under the guise of Stephen Crow, he translated the journal for the heroes, but he clearly left out several key events.
    • Galendan reads the notes to his companions which include the following key new facts: (1) the ancient treasure of Sunwyn is a large clutch of dragon eggs; (2) the dragons that hatch from these eggs will develop a loyalty with those who raise them; (3) Harkano took one egg with him when he fled from Sunwyn to Caerbannog; and (4) Menzo believes this dragon may still live and know the location of Sunwyn.
    • Galendan’s reading is interrupted when two giant visejaw crocodiles charge out of the underground lake and attack Eldarion, who was washing slime off his gear. The croc battle stirs a nest of young phase spiders that attack the group from the rear. Lucard is nearly killed by both the spiders and an errant flame strike from Petrin. Galendan manages to salvage the documents on the desk before Petrin lights it on fire.
    • Having fully explored the depths of Menzo’s underground tower, the adventurers decide to visit Simus and let him know about Menzo’s plan to claim the dragon eggs. They are stopped however by an enchanted crow who calls himself Cryer.
    • Cryer tells the adventurer that he brings a message from Lady Darriph, an arch-druid who the adventurers have been referring to as Primal Evil. Cryer tells them that the undead march upon Menzo’s tower and they need to move quickly. Fyrus wants the evil wizard. The crow tells the group that Menzo departed his tower three days ago and was heading northeast toward Silver Hill
    • The heroes stop in Arcannus to speak with Simus and learn from him that King Akli Langriff has promised a reward to anyone who can discover the identity of two mysterious ships spotted far off the coast of the fishing town of Garby. Langriff fears the ships may herald the return of an ancient and deadly foe, the minotaurs.
    • The heroes are faced with a choice: investigate the ship sightings or try to find Caerbannog and thwart Menzo’s plans. They decide that an evil wizard with an army of dragons is a more dangerous enemy than minotaurs and plan to travel to Silver Hill where they hope to launch an expedition to discover Caerbannog.
    • Shomon informs the group that a caravan is leaving the town for Silver Hill in the morning. The caravan of three carraiges belongs to a wealthy beer baron named Ruddy Brodak and it is guarded by a mercenary group known as Romm‘s Reavers. There’s just enough carriage space left for the group and they negotiate a price for passage to Silver Hill.
    • Halfway through the trip, Kitten spots movement on the road ahead. Romm quickly halts the carraige as nearly a dozen drakes emerge from the woods and surround the caravan.
    Session 6: Speaker of the Trollslayers
    • While basking in their victory over Qweet an unseen kobold peers into the chamber and throws an explosive into the room
    • The explosion collapses the floor sending Eldarion, Arygno and Galendan falling into a hidden chamber below. The rubble prevents them from climbing back up and they are separated from the rest of their party
    • After lighting a glow-rod they find the chamber is older than the rest of Menzo’s underground tower. Crude paintings of men hunting are found on the walls. A corridor leads out of the room.
    • The three adventurers follow the corridor to another chamber where three above-ground coffins give off an eerie glow. Each coffin contains what appears to be a dead human, but a magic shield, much like a shell, prevents any close inspection.
    • Galendan, who’s experience with death makes him more sensitive to those who’ve tasted death, can hear one of the bodies trying to communicate with him.
    • His name is Ito and he was warchief of the Trollslayers. He tells Galendan that he and his comrades are actually still alive and that they’ve been trapped in the coffins for nearly 400 years. An old enemy clan, the Longtooth, were desparate to defeat their rivals and enlisted the aide of a bonecaster named Denyna. She raised an army of undead and wiped out all but seven of the Trollslayers. She offered them two choices: death or life in servitude. Ito and his fellow barbarians opted for life in servitude with the hope that one day they would escape and exact revenge. However, Denyna’s idea of servitude would make that hope impossible. She trapped them in enchanted coffins where they persistently straddled the line between life and death. The coffins allowed her to sap their strength and lifeforce so that she became immortal.
    • One day a wizard named Menzo challenged her to a mage’s duel. Though he was less powerful, he emerged victorious through trickery. Instead of giving the Trollslayers rest, he continued the ghastly ritual. Ito tells the group that Menzo is likely 350 years old. Ito tells the group that to break the ritual they need to destroy the Ebon Stone which was close by but guarded by undead versions of their ancient enemy, the Longtooth Clan.
    • Should the adventurers break the enchantment, Ito says his magical armor and amulet known as The Trollslayers Heart are theirs. The amulet has healing powers but comes with a price. Whoever wears the amulet will be branded The Speaker of the Trollslayers. The amulet is only removable upon death. The wearer will be the only living Trollslayer, and Ito says the Speaker’s purpose has not yet been fulfilled.
    • The heroes overcome battles with vicious slimes, skeletons, zombies, wights and a very nasty specter. The specter was guarding the Ebon Stone which Eldarion shatters, finally granting the Trollslayers the rest they had long awaited.
      *Galendan claimed Ito’s armor, and Arygno chose to become Speaker of the Trollslayers.
    Session 5B - Hunting Crow
    Enter: Menzo
    • The adventurers return to the valley where Galendan died and finish off the kobolds.
    • They uncover a hidden entrance to the underground tower of Menzo (formerly known as Stephen Crow).
    • The adventurers discover rooms of Dragonborn artifacts and shelves of books on Dragonborn history.
    • A battle breaks out in the kitchen between the adventurers and Menzo’s servants, which includes two Iron Guardians. The adventurers keep one servant alive who tells the adventurers about Menzo’s dungeons below and his alliance with a nation of kobolds. He also tells the adventurers that Menzo was visited by a man named Yellowspine who seems to hold an influential position with the Sinking Sun.
      *The adventurers find a hatch that leads further underground. The first room they come across is a large meeting room with very comfortable chairs and a large polished cedar table. Upon the table is a map of Haven with seemingly random spots marked with an x. A trail of blood leaves out of the room.
    • They follow the blood trail to a dungeon room. There are three cells and a table surrounded by instruments of torture. The first cell holds the corpse of an unknown dragonborn. The second room holds Lucard. The third holds a cleric named Arygno .
    • Lucard tells the group he knew Menzo had hired the Sinking Sun to steal Harkano’s journal. He followed the bandit Ny to Menzo’s underground tower in the hopes of finding some valuables to steal. He was captured by an Iron Guardian.
    • Arygno long held suspicions that Simon Crow was not as he appeared. He tracked him to his base and was captured.
    • On the table is the dead (and tortured) body of Ny. A door at the back of the room swings open and a group of kobolds set upon the adventurers. The kobolds are defeated and Lucard and Arygno agree to team up with the adventurers to finish exploring Menzo’s lair.
    • The adventurers come upon a statue room. Each statue is of a dragonborn and each has an inscription. The inscriptions are as follows: Nera the Healer of Caerbannog, Holding the Staff of Rejuvenation; King Harkano of Sunwyn, Preparing for War; Annatithi, Daughter of the King, Hunted Refugee; Orastus, Seer of Thurmesh Glynn, holding the Starheart; Mogaze, Champion of Arimba, Defeater of the Colossus; and Fyrus, Destroyer of Sunwyn, Immortal Death Knight, The Hunter.
    • At the end of the statue room is a crude banner nailed to a wall with iron spikes. The banner features the depiction of a large curled white tooth. After some investigation the group discovers a secret door behind the banner. Before passing through, Eldarion takes the banner and fashions it into a cape.
    • Beyond the secret door is a short hallway that leads to another chamber. Once inside the adventurers are attacked by many kobolds, including Qweet the Wyrmpriest. The adventurers vanquish the kobolds and find Qweet possessed a magic key which appeared to be the exact shape needed to enter a door previously found to be magically locked. Eldarion takes Qweet’s bone mask.
    Session 5A - Eladrin Down!
    Galendan has a rough day
    • Adventurers rendezvoused at the Salty Duck
    • Damakos and Shon left a message that they had left the town trailing suspected Sinking Sun bandits. They believe these bandits will lead them to Uly Breen
    • The remaining bandit survivor from the encounter at the estate of Farmer John provided the adventurers with proof that Stephen Crow had hired the Sinking Sun to steal the journal of Harkano and kidnap the adventurers
    • The adventurers decided to return to Arcannus and confront Crow. He was not at home, but a search of his home turned up a hidden map which led out into the wilderness.
    • The adventurers followed the map and were ambushed by kobolds in a rocky valley. Galendan was killed. The adventurers returned his body to Simus in Arcannus. Simus was able to revive the Eladrin, but he is forever changed. His skin is grey and he can hear whispers from those who have tasted death.
    Session 4-B Hot Pursuit

    “So, how do you intend to take down Javan,” Lucard asked.

    The adventurers looked at each other blankly and Kitten shrugged and said,“We don’t quite have that figured out yet.”

    “Wait a minute,” said Eldarion. “If you were going to deliver us to Javan, why were you holding us captive here? Why not take us to Javan directly?”

    “Because we don’t know where he is,” replied Lucard. “Sinking Sun leaders are very suspicious and try to keep their whereabouts secret, even from there own men. No honor among thieves I suppose. But though we don’t know where he is, he knows where we would be. So we were waiting for his folks to show up…and I suppose they’ll be here any minute.”

    “Excellent,” Petrin chimed. “That last battle was a bit short and I could use the exercise.”

    Eldarion was not as excited about another fight, but perhaps there was a way they could turn the upcoming encounter to their advantage.

    “I have a plan,” he said. “The bandits who are coming know where Javan is. We just need one of them alive to share that information. Let’s set a trap. Help get me and Petrin loosely tied up again and make them think we’re still in custody. They don’t know Kitten is here, so he can hide behind the door. When they see us tied up they’ll let their guard down, and then we jump them.”

    “I like it,” said Petrin. “But how do we know one of them will open up to us about Javan’s location?”

    “We’ll convince him it’s in his best interest,” Kitten said with a smile.

    “You are quite skilled in the art of persuasion,” returned Petrin.

    Lucard was just about finished tying up Petrin and Eldarion when Kitten, peering through a crack in the front door, noticed a group of well-armed thugs heading their direction.

    “That’s got to be them,” he rumbled. “Why do you bandits always strut like show horses?”

    Lucard smiled, “Banditry is mostly showmanship. Carry a sword and act like you own the town, and people believe it.”

    “Not everyone bows before such intimidation,” said Eldarion from his chair. “Now get to your places and be ready. Once they realize something’s wrong things will happen quickly. We can’t let any of them escape or we’ll lose Javan.”

    Kitten tried to keep his bulky frame in the shadow behind the door and held his breath. With a creak the door opened and two bandits took a step into the tavern.

    “What happened here?” asked the taller one of Lucard. “I thought these two were delivered to you bound, yet only you remain alive of your group?”

    “We’re not used to dragonborn captives,” replied Lucard. “No one told us he could breathe fire. Fortunately, I was able to subdue them. I suggest you transport them quickly before they wake, that is if you still want them alive.”

    The shorter bandit approached the captives and then stopped. “Sir, these ropes have been loosed. I think —”

    He was cut off as Eldarion’s hand quickly surged up striking the man in the side of his head with the hilt of his sword. The bandit staggered backwards, hit his head against the wall and crumpled. The remaining bandit turned to flee but ran right into Kitten’s fist.

    “That was easy,” Kitten said. “And we’ve got two of them to interrogate.”

    “Not as easy as you think my shifter friend,” replied Petrin pointing out toward the street. “It appears there was a third man with this crew and he’s getting away.”

    “After him!” shouted Eldarion as he sprinted past the door onto the street.

    STORY MODE WILL RETURN LATER…so for the sake of time…

    Eldarion, Kitten and Petrin chased the bandit to Javan’s hideout at Farmer John’s home. Lucard fell during the chase and was left behind. The heroes slayed Javan and his party leaving only one survior. They sent him to Uly Breen with Javan’s head as a message.


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