Session 29: Caribou...It's what's for dinner
Troll Business and a Voyage to the Waste
  • Niklaus the Red greeted the adventurers and showed them a trail left by the trolls that raided his pasture and stole his enchanted caribou
  • The adventurers once more noticed a pocket of land tainted by Shadow, this time a large tree that has turned ashen and dark.
  • The tracks led to a cave and instead of entering, Kitten attempted to draw the trolls out by making yeti calls.
  • Six trolls did emerge to see what all the fuss was about. Upon seeing the party, they hungrily attacked. The heroes dispatched them.
  • Kitten explored further into the cave while his companions looted the troll bodies. He found a shadow-warped troll enjoying a bloody shank of caribou. The troll grinned and made a comment in giant language (which Kitten can understand) that there was one in Shadow who would richly reward the troll for killing Kitten and his companions, but for disturbing his meal, he would do it for free. When pushed for more information, the troll remarked that soon the whole world would be covered in Shadow and then the Hunter would walk the land and reign supreme.
  • The troll was done talking and attacked the shifter paladin. Kitten’s companions came to his aide, but were hindered by the troll’s ability to summon shade versions of itself. Once the party had the upper hand, the troll spitefully retreated to where he kept the caribou and heartlessly killed another. The heroes were able to finish the troll before he killed any more of the animals.
  • The troll’s lair was rich in magical items, which the companions eagerly pilfered.
  • Niklaus was happy to see the majority of his caribou survived and Rolf gave the party a reward, though secretly deducting from the agreed upon amount because not all of the caribou were rescued.
  • The party decided to seek out the next remnant of Bolvagon in the Shavaran Waste. Having been born and raised there, Arygno prepared his companions for the trip.
  • Once in the waste, the party was ambushed by “shellys”, a term the Shava use for large scarabs. The beetles were eager to feed upon the heroes, but fell upon their blades.
  • Narullian, the imp, told the heroes that the remnant’s signal had come from deeper within the waste, further to the north and west. The companions continued on but found they were being watched by someone on a far away ridge. Arygno knew that no one traveled the waste alone. Where there was one , there were undoubtedly more. Things were about to get hairy.
Session 28B - Santa and the Succubus
Part Deux

The dwarven captive was groaning…perhaps growling. Kitten looked up from the troglodyte he had just dispatched to see the squat dwarf flex, pull, and rip the chains from the wall. He did not expect that. And he certainly didn’t expect her to sprout wings and take on the form of a beautiful woman. Quite odd indeed. And then she approached him, whispering about her desire just to be free, play all day, and make friends. Kitten thought that most admirable.

“But,” she whispered. “Your friends don’t want me to play. They want to hurt me. If you don’t help me they’ll kill me!”

Kitten looked across the battle and saw Eldarion talking to Narullian. The imp was pointing at his new friend and Eldarion approached, swords drawn, with a look he knew all too well. He couldn’t let him hurt her. He raised his own weapon and took up a defensive position.

“Get out of the way Kitten,” the half-elf said. “She’s the remnant.”

“She just wants to be friends,” Kitten replied. “We don’t kill friends.”

Eldarion groaned. “She’s bewitched you. You’re not thinking clearly, but I’m sure once I cut her head off, you’ll be right as rain.”

Kittens eyes widened. Eldarion was usually such an even-tempered fellow. It had been weeks since he last beheaded someone. He didn’t want to hurt Eldarion, but he wasn’t about to let him hurt his new friend.

Eldarion engaged the succubus, feigning a lunge with his left sword and then following up with a slash from his right. It was one of his favorite maneuvers that few foes ever saw coming. But his friends had seen it many times, and he found his blade striking the shield of Kitten, who quickly got between them, instead.

“What are you doing?” Eldarion demanded.

“This is not how we play nice.” Kitten responded with a maddening sincerity.

“This isn’t a game Kitten. She’s wants us dead.”

Kitten’s head hurt. This was turning out to be one of those “thinky” type of fights. In the shifter’s experience, thinking was best done in a secluded place with no distractions. He looked at Eldarion, and then the succubus, and said, “I’ll be right back.”

With that he went to the corner of the chamber, rubbed his chin and repetitively said, “hmm”.

The succubus stared after him, seemingly very perplexed. Eldarion, however, was used to this behavior and turned his attention back to dispatching Bolvagon’s remnant.

Kitten found that as he got further away from the succubus, he was able to think more clearly. She said they were friends, but now as he looked at her, with wings and horns, he realized she was in fact a terrible monster. Terrible monsters never want to be friends, and that’s what makes them so monstrous. He knew how to handle monsters. He unsheathed his sword and charged in to help his true friends.

With a renewed effort from Kitten, the succubus and her troglodyte followers were slain. Narullian confirmed that the remnant was indeed dead and told the group that as she died, he caught a glimpse of the network that connected him to the remaining remnants. He was sure one of them could be found in the Shavaran Waste.

Eldarion was anxious to continue the quest, but the dwarves of Kullengaard presented the heroes with another job…and a lucrative one at that. All they had to do was rescue flying caribou from the clutches of hungry trolls. That couldn’t take too long could it?

Session 28A - Santa and the Succubus
Troglodytes, trolls, and ... flying caribou?? Must be a Christmas Adventure

The slimes lay in puddles at the heroes’ feet.

“Are they dead?” Galendan asked.

Quantis poked a blue puddle with his sword. “I’m not sure there’s an easy way to tell.”

“Doesn’t matter,” said Eldarion, his mind focused on the mission. “They’re not trying to kill us anymore so let’s move on.”

A few weeks ago the half-elf learned his parents, whom he thought long dead, were alive, but cursed by the Book of Years. To free them, he and his companions needed to locate and destroy the four remnants of Bolvagon, an ancient beholder imprisoned in the Abyss.

One of the remnants was supposed to be somewhere in this abandoned Dwarven mine shaft but so far all they found were a few hungry slimes.

“Narullian,” Eldarion called to the small imp. “Are we on the right track? Do you still sense the remnant?”

The small pink imp furrowed its brow and closed its eyes. “Yes indeed. We are quite close.”

“No time to rest then,” grumbled Arygno following his companions along the shaft.

Valez called back to the group from where he scouted ahead. “We may have a problem,” the assassin said. “There’s a chasm in our way and I don’t trust the bridge one bit.”

“Are there any other ways across?” asked Eldarion.

“No. Too far even to teleport,” he replied.

“Well then, we’ll try the bridge.”

“Hold on a moment,” said Kitten upon reaching the chasm. “This is a long way down. I don’t think crossing this bridge is a good idea.”

“I didn’t come this far to turn around now,” Eldarion replied tersely.

Kitten and the companions exchanged glances. This quest was consuming the half-elf, but none had the heart to stop him. They followed him into too many impossible scenarios to quit on him now.

Galendan stepped in front of Eldarion. “Let me go first,” the Eladrin rogue said. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a safe way to cross.”

Eldarion nodded. “Good idea, but take this rope. I’ll tie it around my waist. In case you fall, I should be able to keep you from plummeting into the darkness.”

Galendan looked over the edge and gulped. “Excellent idea,” he said.

“Well you guys have fun with that,” said Kitten. “I’m not as spry as some of you and don’t fancy a death plunge. So I’ll be climbing down and finding another way. I hope I don’t see you at the bottom.”

Galendan stepped upon the bridge, taking careful steps that showed off his incredible balance. He was about to get cocky when a slat on the bridge gave way beneath him. He attempted to grab hold of something, but could find no handhold and fell below the bridge. Eldarion grabbed the rope and tried to anchor himself, but the rogue’s dive was too much and the half-elf found himself being dragged to the same hole in the bridge. That’s when Kitten caught the rope, adding his considerable strength. Together, he and Eldarion were able to pull Galendan back upon the bridge. Kitten smiled and then dropped his own rope down into the blackness and slowly descended.

Arygno examined the slats in the bridge and was able to ascertain which parts of the bridge were likely to hold their weight. Armed with this knowledge, the group, minus Kitten, continued across the bridge, as careful as they could manage.

Slowly and with a few near fatal slips, the group had made it halfway across the bridge, when disaster struck. Quantis, trying to follow Galendan’s steps slipped and as he started to fall he managed to grab hold of the rope that kept the bridge suspended over the chasm. The sudden jerk on the old rope was too much, and the fibers tore rocking the bridge and sending it, and the heroes, plummeting into the depths of the chasm.

Kitten had just made it to the bottom, keeping his mind occupied with memories of playing with his fox friends in the Fey Wild. It sure was fun pelting Galendan with blueberries. His joyful reminiscing was interrupted by falling rocks and then a scream. Kitten looked up to see Quantis falling directly toward him, and right behind him the whole bridge and his companions. He instinctively raised his shield over his head and was rewarded by a heavy impact and a groan, heralding the uncomfortable arrival of Quantis. Then came the shattering of the bridge and more screams. A great dust cloud was kicked up, and once subsided Kitten was surprised to see that all had lived. Some were hurt, but they certainly couldn’t complain after a fall like that. They should have just climbed down the rope he thought, frowning at how the dust smudged his armor.

The chasm floor was covered in debris. While Eldarion planned to find another way up, Voren and Quantis took a look around. They discovered fresh tracks, belonging to some type of humanoid, and a hidden door in the rock wall. The door was covered in tiles with strange symbols. With a little help from their Dwarven escort, Gunner, they identified the symbols as an older Dwarven language. Each tile represented a type of stone. Eldarion figured the tiles were meant to be placed in a way that reflected the layers each was found in the earth. Once the tiles were slid into their appropriate positions, the heavy rock door swung open.

“What is that terrible stench?” Voren asked covering his nose and mouth with his arm.

Gunner sniffed the air and his hand went to his axe. “Troglodytes,” he said. “And nearby. Prepare yourselves.”

The adventurers readied their weapons. The room they were entering was very large and cut out of the rock. Gunner quickly explained that when dwarves fixated mining operations in a certain area it was common practice to mine out a temporary center of operations. Here miners would sleep when tired, eat when hungry, and generally spend all of their non-mining hours. This room hadn’t been used in years…not by dwarves anyway.

Once inside the room, the adventurers were ambushed by nearly a dozen troglodytes. Their stench was so overpowering that those who got too close found it difficult to engage in combat. The foul reptilian beasts proved quite capable in combat, but in the end they were vanquished.

Galendan found a door leading deeper into the rock. Narullian confirmed that the shard of Bolvagon was very close, and possibly watching them right now.

“Well I’m warmed up,” said Kitten heading to the door. “Let’s have another round.”

Before anyone could stop him, he pushed the door open…

Session 27
Side effects may include...

The party ignores King Akli’s summoning, choosing to continue on to Kullengaard to hunt down one of the fragments of Bolvagon that Narullian has sensed in that direction. The road takes them north, to Silver Hill, where Valez and Galendan both encounter some old friends, though what news they obtain is not shared with the rest of the party. Eldarion and Galendan find an alchemist named Wanjack who promises to cure their Lockjaw, though his incantation leaves them both with more than they bargained for. They all rendezvous at the Twisted Thistle, an inn and tavern, and rest for the night.

Early the following morning, the party joins a wagon train headed towards Brettona to continue their journey. The trek is at first peaceful, but the serenity is soon interrupted by a pack of Gnolls with a human captive attacking from over a nearby rise. The adventurers successfully dispatch the gnolls, with the help of their captive Quintas Oaktree, who turns out to be a capable Swordmage once no longer manacled and surrounded.

When they arrive at Brettona, the party asks around to determine whether entry into Kullengaard, will be difficult, and learns that while the dwarves can be distrusting of outsiders, the city itself is not off limits.

Kullengaard itself is close to Brettona; once at its gates, Eldarion is able to convince the gatekeepers to allow the party’s entry, with the condition that they report to the mining overseer, Rolf Goldforge.

Upon hearing of the party’s quest, Rolf informs them of a mining shaft, Shaft 5, that had been sealed after a mysterious incident left many dwarves dead. He grants the party permission to enter the shaft, and sends one of his guards with them to open the passage.

The passage leads to a small chamber littered with loose rocks and cobwebs; the walls show marks of quarrying, though very old.

There is movement in the far side of the chamber; two oozing masses seep towards them across the floor, their intentions clearly malicious. The party prepares for combat.

Session 26
A quiet and restful evening in Featherwood.

The adventurers step through the portal and out into Featherwood, only to find the village burning, with terrifying howls filling the air. Elves and Eladrin, many well armed, run through the streets in chaos, as a mysterious figure wearing an iron mask tears through them with vigor, hurling them bodily into walls and buildings with inhuman strength. “I shall tear apart your tapestry thread by thread!” he shouts, as he lifts a trembling elven warrior into the air with one gauntleted hand.

This is the Feystalker, and the party recognizes him as the man who had sent them to Kimath’s estate to steal the Fomorian Fury. If the howls are any indication, his yetis have the entire village surrounded.

“Need any help?” Arygno asks, unimpressed and unconcerned by the pandemonium. The Feystalker turns towards the adventurers and raises a quizzical eyebrow (his mask being magically enchanted to allow this).

“Arygno?” he says, surprised to find him here. He sees the corpse that Eldarion is dragging. “What is this?”

“Vilus Garmen. We brought his body here so it wouldn’t be found,” Eldarion answers. “We’re here to kill Kimath.”

The Feystalker brightens at this (it’s an incredibly expressive iron mask). Pausing briefly in his slaughter, he steps over to Warman and Eldarions parents and peers at them closely. “Could this be…Nilmetion Telchontar?” Eldarion’s father looks back at the Faystalker without understanding or interest. Warman moves closer, protectively. “But…what has happened to him?” he demands of Eldarion.

After hearing the party’s story, the Feystalker tells them more of his own past. He was once himself a prisoner of the Tapestry of Stolen Tears, but had been rescued by Eldarion’s father. He has sworn vengeance against the Tapestry for his imprisonment; a vengeance that the Fomorian Fury has finally given him the ability to carry out. Featherwood is in fact a training center for the Tapestry; its destruction, and the capture (or death) of one of the Tapestry’s most vital trainers, would be a mortal blow to them.

Eldarion offers the party’s help to the Feystalker, on the condition that somewhere safe be found for his helpless parents. The Feystalker directs Warman to take them to the western side of Featherwood, which has already been emptied of resistance, where the yetis will keep them safe. The party heads to the southern side of the village to hunt for more of the Tapestry’s resistance.

They do not have to search long. At the first house that the party approaches, Galendan(?) startles an elven soldier, who immediately sounds the horn he was carrying. He is quickly dispatched, but his alarm attracts additional guards, including a strange, reptilian were-creature of immense strength. The werecrocodile proves a tough opponent, but with concerted effort, the party is able to beat him into submission. In desperation, the creature reveals that he is the instructor that the Feystalker is hunting, and promises treasure as a ransom for his life.

The party does not accept his offer.

With the field cleared, the party continues searching the nearby houses. Eldarion and Voren find papers bearing Vilus’ signature, which they recognize from other documents at the late portal-master’s estate, detailing a training regimen intended to focus on subterfuge, sabotage and infiltration. (In another house, Valez finds a jug of Dwarven liquor—rich, aromatic and potent—that he is gracious enough to give to Voren.)

The party returns to the Feystalker, who is pleased to learn that the werecrocodile was killed. They then go to check on Eldarion’s parents and Warman to the west, where they set up camp in one of the unburnt houses.

The party heads to Winterspeak the following morning, led most of the way by the Feystalker. At Kimath’s estate, they find several patrols and a well-guarded gate, which they devise to circumvent as they did at Vilus’ compound, by scaling the walls. Eldarion times the patrols, then signals the adventurers to run for the wall.

Voren’s general clumsiness notwithstanding, they are able to surmount the wall unnoticed, and enter the estate through an upstairs window, where they find themselves in a library that some of the party members recognize as the place that the Book of Years had been found. Voren finds the collection quite impressive, and takes the time to grab a pair of notable-looking tomes.

In a small room attached to the library, they blank tapestry that Voren recognizes as having been woven with magical thread. Several of the party members scrutinize the tapestry, which seems to provide visions of the (a?) future, though none of them share what they have seen with the others. Eldarion scoffs at whatever vision it had granted him, and Galendan cuts the tapestry itself down, rolls it up, and stores it in his bag of holding. Voren senses the tapestry’s power somehow distorting as he does this.

They are taken by surprise by the approach of a dignified and elderly servant: “Hear me, guests: The lord of Winterspeak shall see you now.” The party follows the servant, cautiously keeping blades close at hand.

Kimath himself greets them from a chair in a downstairs sitting room. While he does not seem pleased to see them, he is certainly not surprised. Eldarion demands to know what was done to his parents, at which Kimath reveals that he is not in control of the book; the book is a living being, that has enslaved the It-Arist family for generations. Kimath tells them that four pieces of Bolvegon, the creature that created the book, can be found in Haven, and if they are destroyed, the book will regain its original (human) form.

One of the pieces is already near at hand: Nerullian, Petrin’s imp, who he had received from the beholder itself. Upon questioning, Nerullian tells them that one of his brethren had similarly been sent to the dwarves.

Kimath gives the party another shell like the one they procured at the Moonwell, that he says will take them to Kavindair. He also gives them the Crown of Leaves, which he tells them enhances the wearer’s connection with nature and their ability to perceive the world around them.

On their way out of the estate, Galendan helps himself to the library.

The party returns to Haven to fetch Warman and Eldarion’s parents, then activates the portal to Kavindair. They appear in the middle of the city surrounded by passersby, who seem unperturbed by the interruption. Warman says that he has some friends nearby, and leads them to a tenement where he is greeted as a long-lost friend.

They head out to visit the Vulpes, and find the foxes in a tizzy. Amphibious creatures from the nearby river had emerged and attacked them, taking Alopex captive. The adventurers head to the river to rescue their vulpine friend from the menacing fins of their slippery and scaled adversaries.

The fight is sloppy, wet and exhausting, but the heroes emerge victorious, and release the ecstatic Alopex from his cage. After ensuring his safe return, they journey on through the stone circle to Fernwall, from where they will adventure out towards the Dwarven lands to the west.

But before they can leave, Eldarion sees King Akli’s summoning stone begin to glow…

To be continued…

Session 25 - Vilus Must Pay
"Valez is Not Holding Hands"

Just after sunset.

Galendan activates the shell teleportation device, and the adventurers travel through the portal. When they arrive on the other side they find a walled compound. A quick scouting trip around the perimeter, reveals one gated entrance, and the gate is locked. Through the gate the heroes can make out several building set against the walls’ interior and a separate structure occupying the center of the compound.

Several guards are posted at the center building, and others patrol the grounds.

Galendan notices the northwest corner of the compound receives little attention from the guards and advises they use a climbers kit to scale the wall there. He leads the way and is the first to scale the wall and lower himself into the compound’s grounds. There is a building at this corner, and Galendan enters it, discovering it to be a servants quarters. After a few minutes the others join him.

The servants seem not to care at all about the intrusion, until Jin-Feyn Talvanae recognizes one of the servants to be her long-lost sister Magna-Lun. The sisters embrace, overcome with joy. A glimmer of hope is seen in the eyes of the other servants, and one bedraggled fellow asks if the party is here to kill Vilus Garmen. The adventurers state that is indeed their mission.

The servants are eager to help, but most are ill-suited for combat. One of the servants tells the heroes that when he was abducted, the soldiers confiscate a magical sword of his. They don’t know how powerful it is. In appreciation for his deliverance, he tells the heroes that they can have the blade, and that it’s looped into a heavy saddlebag in the stable across the compound. The heroes decide to use the shell and teleport the servants away to Kavindair. Jin-Feyn, says she will lead them back. After the shell is activated, it changes color to a deep red. Voren believes the shell is running out of uses and at best has two charges left.

With the servants gone, the adventurers focus on getting into the center building and confronting Vilus. They decide to have Galendan and Valez go to the stable, grab the magic blade, and set up a distraction to attract the patrolling guards. To clear the way to the stable, the group first has to clear out the barracks next to the servants quarters. Fortunately, only a small crew of guards are in the room, and the heroes manage to defeat them without drawing much notice.

With the path clear, Galendan and Valez heads to the stable. Things become complicated when they sees a large drake sleeping in the stable, between him and the magic blade. Galendan sneaks in, grabs the blade, and manages to make it back toward the barracks without awaking the drake. Unfortunately, he forgot to set up the distraction. He notices a hay bale near the drake, and decides to light it on fire. As he bangs his flint and tinder together, the drake awakens and attacks. The good news is the attack is loud enough to serve as a distraction, the bad news is the drake is very large and Galendan was going to need help. Valez rushes in to join in the fight against the drake.

Sure enough, the patrolling guards head toward the commotion in the stable, leaving the other heroes an avenue to approach the center building unseen. Eldarion uses a grappling hook to gain access to an upper floor window. The others follow him up. Eldarion enters through the window and finds himself in a spacious storage area. An older elf, who was giving instructions to two servants regarding box placement, is startled at their arrival and quickly says, “Please don’t kill me. I am a servant too, charged with taking care of these two since they can’t do anything on their own.”

Eldarion looks to the other two and is surprised to find they are his mother and father. He tries to communicate with them, but they appear to have little cognitive function and neither communicate nor show any sign that they recognize his presence. Eldarion is greatly saddened and then becomes angry demanding to know what happened to them.

The servant, Warman Srindel, explains that the Book of Years is to blame. The use of the book on their minds was too much and left them as the husks Eldarion now saw. Warman says Vilus fears the book so much, he tore out his own eyes so that he would never fall under its curse. The portal master has also hinted before that if the book was destroyed, the minds of its victims could return. Warman says the portal master is still here, just a few doors down.

Eldarion doesn’t need to hear any more. He draws his swords, and heads toward Vilus, intent on doling out justice and vengeance. Kitten, Arygno and Voren follow him. From behind, they hear Warman shout, “Beware his dog. It is far more dangerous than it appears!”

Eldarion bursts through the door to Vilus’ master chamber and sees the portal master sitting in a chair facing him, a hideous dog-sized aberration at his side. A deep brown bandage covers the Eladrin’s eyes but he seems to know exactly where the heroes are.

“Well,” he says, “I suppose we can dispense with the pleasantries, since you are here to kill me. Just know, whether I live or die Akari will soon be in the hands of the Minotaurs.”

Eldarion charges in. Vilus commands his dog to intercept them while he flees to the back of the room and begins a mysterious ritual. Eldarion dodges the dog and makes for the portal master, but a blue force field blocks him. Vilus laughs and continues his incantation. Runes scrawled upon the wooden floor begin to glow a faint blue. Eldarion strikes the force field and finds he can damage it. Kitten notices, and joins Eldarion in striking the wall.

Voren attempts to keep the dog busy, but the beast is able to cover much ground and is very powerful, managing to strike each of them within minutes. Arygno, too weakened from the fight at the Moonwell to take on the dog, looks around the room for anything that might help. His eyes rest on a shelf with various flasks and books. Two flasks contain a bright blue liquid, and in desperation he downs one of them. A burst of energy and vitality flow through his being and he feels completely restored. He rejoins the fight.

Meanwhile down at the stable, Valez and Galendan manage to kill the drake but are now dealing with several Eladrin archers. The archers’ accuracy is amazing and Galendan is forced to seek cover near the barracks. Once in close quarters, the thief regains the advantage and the guards are vanquished. The duo notice the rope descending from the upper window and decide to join their companions.

They enter Vilus’ chambers in time to notice that the group is in trouble. The dog is a powerhouse and it seems it would outlast all of them. But then Eldarion breaks through the force field just as the runes on the floor started to ignite in a brilliant blue flame. He engages the portal master, and in the end Vilus is dealt a fatal blow. As he dies, the dogs appears to dissipate, and soon vanishes entirely.

The group discover that Vilus’ ritual was meant to be an escape plan. His runes opened three portals, one to Kavindair, one to Winterspeak, and one to Featherwood. Eldarion longs to confront Kimath It-Arist in Winterspeak, but acknowledges they need to rest first. Voren finds a map of the Frozen Lands of the Fey Wild and notices Featherwood is a small village not too far from Winterspeak. The heroes decide to go to Featherwood first to rest up, and then hike to Winterspeak to take on Kimath.

Eldarion decides to have Warman and his parents accompany them for the time being and expresses appreciation to Warman for his care. He then grabs Vilus’ corpse and takes it with him as he enters the portal to Featherwood.

Session 24 - Your Axe is Mine...

The heroes continued their pursuit of Vilus Garmen, the portal master for the Winter Court. Lady Darriph was clear that Vilus needed to be eliminated before he opened a portal to Akari for the waiting Minotaur legions.

The adventurers picked up on a lead that they hoped would point them to the portal master. It was rumored that he would be secretly meeting with a minotaur contingent at the mysterious Moonwell. The heroes had to wait until sunset before they could spy on the meeting, but as usual, the waiting game would prove more exciting than they expected.

Initially the group spent time camping with the Vulpes Clan. But a few would grow restless waiting.

Galendan had taken a small amount of water from the Moonwell, and he was curious about what powers it may have. He sought out the wizard of Kavindair, Rythian Orami. Rythian told the rogue about the legend of the Moonwell and its ties to the wild elves who sought power from the stars. The water, he told Galendan, was chaotic and formed from elements not of this world. Because of its unpredictability, Rythian couldn’t guess what would happen if someone drank it. You could turn invisible or just as likely grow a third arm or turn into a pine cone. The one thing that seemed certain is that the effect would be temporary.

Stabbington and Valez decided to spend some time in Kavindair and snoop around a bit. There were a few more minotaurs than usual and the pair got the sense that the bull-men were waiting for something. The minotaurs that were suspected to be at the Moonwell Meeting were in a nearby tavern. Stabbington and Valez hatched a plan to burn down the hotel with the minotaurs (and anyone else) inside.

Valez purchased a barrel of oil, rolled it into the bar and shouted “Garvus!” (not fully remembering the name of the villain they were pursuing). As the minotaurs and others looked up confusedly, Stabbington had his bear block the front door while he monitored the back. It was mid-day, and their activities did not go unnoticed. Eventually, a fire did indeed break out but the authorities were already on the premises due to their suspicious activity. Valez managed to escape, but Stabbington was beaten, burned, arrested, and taken to the Trobador, the city’s prison complex.

Valez didn’t run too far away. He was determined to rescue his companion. He needed a disguise and found one in a nearby guard. The guard didn’t put up much of a fight, and soon the assassin was moving among the citizens in the armor of the Kavindair watch.

Meanwhile, Kitten was growing restless as well. He had fun playing with his fox friends, but he was feeling mischevious. He plotted with the foxes to harass Galendan a bit. The rogue was lost in his own thoughts and reacted much too late when Foxy Roxy ran between his legs with a length of rope. Soon he was on the ground, bound by rope with Kitten and the foxes pelting him with blueberries. Thankfully the Eladrin would soon escape his ropes.

The playfulness came to an abrupt halt when Semien announced that he smelled smoke from the city. Something was going on.

“It probably has nothing to do with Valez and Stabbington,” remarked Arygno.

Eldarion looked unconvinced. “Let’s check it out.”

In town, Eldarion and Galendan need only hear the chatter on the street to discover that Valez and Stabbington had gotten into trouble. They discuss their next moves, weighing whether it may be best just to leave the two in the mess they made. In the end, they decide the right thing to do is attempt a rescue of Stabbington and let Valez worry about himself.

Meanwhile, inside the prison, Stabbington awakens with lungs full of smoke. He regrets his impulsive actions, and while mindlessly kicking the wall, finds a loose stone. He removes it and discovers the stone to be fake, as it is in fact a container holding a mysterious spyglass with the engraved initials, I.E. The spyglass allows him to see a far distance and hear whatever sounds occur within that vision. He uses it to look through the stone hole in the wall he created to listen to the conversations on the street, including those of his companions.

Meanwhile, Valez comes up with his own rescue plan for Stabbington. He incapacitates a guard, and takes his uniform. He then sneaks about, making his way to the Trobador.

The other adventurers head to a hole in the wall pub known as the Whispering Willow. There they find Jin-Feyn Talvanae who doesn’t seem pleased with the current series of events. Voren buys a round of drinks which seems to ease the tension. Jin-Feyn, offers to help rescue Stabbington, saying she knows a guard who owes her a favor. The group decides to move forward with the plan, not knowing that Valez was about to settle matters himself.

The revenant, dressed as a guard, summoned his shadow assassin and then took off towards the guards at the front entrance of the Trobador. While running, he yelled that he was being attacked and pointed over his shoulder at the shadow assassin which was trailing him. The guards immediately left their post to engage the assassin, granting Valez the opportunity to slip into the prison.

Valez finds the prison mostly empty. He frees Stabbington from his cell, and on their way out is interrupted by another prisoner. A big man with long black hair and a gravelly voice says, “Hey, how about letting me out too.” Valez ponders this for a moment, shrugs his shoulders and frees the man, who lets out a hearty laugh and joins the other two.

Once outside they find the shadow assassin gone and the two guards scratching their heads. The big prisoner approaches them from behind, grabs their heads and knocks them together incapacitating both. He laughs again. The people on the street witness this, but no one approaches. Instead they murmur in feared tones, that Urrutia has escaped. Urrutia gives a nod of thanks to Valez and casually walks off down the street.

Valez and Stabbington depart for the Moonwell.

Eldarion here’s a commotion outside the Whispering Willow and after listening in discovers that Valez succeeded in rescuing Stabbington. He tells the others, and all head to the Moonwell, where they prepare to ambush the clandestine meeting of minotaurs and the Winter Court.

As the sun sets, the minotaurs, with a bound human arrive, joined shortly there after by five Eladrin. Stabbington uses his new spyglass to listen in on the conversation and discovers the minotaurs are agitated that Vilus Garmen did not himself join the meeting. An exchange is about to be made: the minotaurs are to hand over the bound human who is a loremaster, and the Eladrin are to hand over a Scroll of Shaping.

As Stabbington relays this information, Jin-Feyn tells them that the exchange must be stopped. She says it’s in Akari’s best interest that the minotaurs not possess a Scroll of Shaping.

Eldarion and Kitten ignite the log they had placed at the top of the rise and roll it down the hill toward the meeting. Several Eladrin are knocked to the ground. Galendan sneaks in to free the loremaster. Valez confronts the Eladrin who seemed to be in charge, but is knocked into the mystical Moonwell, and is transformed into a small sack of marbles.

The battle is fierce and quick. The heroes come out victorious, and Valez returns to his proper form. The minotaur captain and Eladrin leader are subdued and interrogated. The group uncovers a teleportation device and surmise it leads to the home of Vilus Garmen. They discuss what to do with the two captives, and decide it best to have them executed, a sentence that is carried out by Eldarion.

They then open the portal, and travel through.

Session 23: Chaos at the Moonwell
Be careful with that worm oat meal

The adventurers, sans Arygno, chased after the Eladrin agent of the Tapestry of Stolen Tears. She was quick and knew her way around the woods, and the heroes could not keep up the pace. Exhausted, they ceased the pursuit. They were about to head back to Kavindair when they heard the sounds of combat. It seemed the Eladrin ran from one fight, just to get herself into another.

The adventurers followed the sounds of battle and came upon a warband of Spriggans. One was about to deal a finishing blow to the Eladrin, but Eldarion sprinted in and blocked the blade with his sword. His companions followed in and were able to defeat the surprisingly strong yet diminutive Spriggans.

Valez healed the mysterious agent who was bleeding out. When she recovered, the group peppered her with questions, which she answered without too much arm twisting. Her name was Jin-Feyn Talvanae and she confessed to being an agent of the Tapestry. She told the group that she joined the wicked Fey reluctantly, because they held her younger sister captive and she didn’t want her to be harmed.

Jin-Feyn tells the adventurers that she believes the man that the minotaurs are set to meet at the Moonwell knows the whereabouts of her sister, and that is the reason she was at the tavern. It was agreed that at sunset the next day, the heroes and Jin-Feyn would meet at a rise overlooking the Moonwell and do what needed to be done.

During the conversation with Jin-Feyn, Kitten equipped his javelin and decided to go spear-fishing in the nearby river. The fish looked strange to him, with large eyes that portrayed an unexpected level of intelligence. The fish appeared to regard the shifter smugly, and Kitten replied by spearing one, killing it. Realizing that this was perhaps no ordinary fish, he asked Arygno to heal it. Arygno thought it over, but refused stating he couldn’t heal every wounded animal in the forest. His powers could not be wasted.

Kitten was later told by Jin-Feyn, that the fish he killed belonged to a race of intelligent fish known as Ichthyians. She advised him it may be best if he stayed away from the river. Kitten apologized to the other fish in the river, who regarded him with focused large eyes.

That night, the group set up camp with the Vulpes Clan. Kitten had great fun playing with the foxes until he and Petrin were assaulted by the Book of Years. The invasion of their minds clued them in that the force behind the book was interested in Voren, Kitten’s blue stone, and most importantly the creature from the abyss known as Bolvagon and the imp familiar Narullian which it gave to Petrin.

Not needing much sleep, Valez and Galendan visited the Moonwell to study the terrain, possible areas for cover, and potential opportunities for springing traps. Kitten joined them. They quickly discovered that the well gave off an aura that sickened them and weakened their will. They cut down a tree and moved it to the top of one of the rises. With some flammable accelerant Valez purchased in Kavindair, the trio hoped to create a nasty surprise for the clandestine meeting at the bottom of the rise the next day.

Kitten was curious about the Moonwell and, from a distance, threw random objects inside to see what would happen. To his surprise, simple items like stones or coins were transformed into random objects and creatures including a chicken and a cake. After a few minutes, these random items would revert to the original object tossed into the well.

While Kitten was experimenting, Valez told Galendan that he was going to bury himself near the Moonwell so that he could launch a surprise attack the next day. When Galendan returned to the others he mentioned Valez’s plan to Eldarion, who was furious. A cut down tree and a freshly dug hole next to the well could very well alert the enemy to their presence. He immediately left for the Moonwell to see if he could fix the mess.

After Eldarion left, Voren spoke with Semien and was able to accurately map out an area of the Fey Wild encompassing much of the forest and Kavindair. Galendan sung a song about Semien, in the hopes that the music, which meant so much to the foxes, would help re-establish the Tuatha as leader of the Vulpes Clan. Semien thanked Galendan, telling him that he still wasn’t leader, but he was back in the picture. Foxy Roxy took some notice of this, but it didn’t seem the other foxes were overly concerned.

(meanwhile, back at the Moonwell)

After pulling Valez from the hole, Eldarion explained the many weaknesses in the revenant’s plan. His attention however was diverted as he witnessed Kitten’s experiments with the well. It seemed best to leave the well alone, but before he could say this Kitten took a randomly spawned worm and tossed into the well, which then spawned an angry medusa in their midst. The three companions engaged in combat trying to shield their eyes from the creatures petrifying gaze.

Valez attempted to leap the well to gain position on the creature, but failed miserably, landing in the mysterious waters and disappearing. A few moments later a fearsome manticore appeared, and somehow it was part Valez. The manticore locked in melee combat with the medusa, pinning it to the ground. But soon it turned once more into a worm. A few moments later, and the manticore was once more Valez.

Kitten’s curiosity was at a fever pitch, and he tossed a dagger in the well, spawing a bowl of oat meal. He then regathered the worm, place it in the oat meal, and put both items in the well before the oat meal could revert to a coin. Much to their terror, this spawned a massive purple dragon into a forested space that could not contain it. Trees exploded, sending splinters everywhere. The heroes ran and were able to remain hidden long enough for the dragon to revert to a worm on a dagger.

Eldarion, who merely wanted to somehow hide the hole Valez created surveyed the landscape and shook his head. A third of the trees bordering the well were destroyed. Shards of wood and fallend timber lay strewn about. Not much could be done now. He and the others returned to camp.

Session 22: Panthers and Tigers and Foxes, Oh My!

People can flesh these out if they want, but I just want to be sure I don’t forget anything.

  • Adventurers travel towards Fernwall
  • They are greeted by Finny Gladwell
  • They meet with Zalthannus, she welcomes them and takes the dragon eggs
  • Zalthannus asks the adventures to investigate the disappearance of most game animals from the surrounding forest. Baby dragons need a lot of food.
  • The adventurers have a feast with the halflings and set out in the morning to find the problem.
  • Bolger Tallweed points the heroes in the right direction; Kitten heals Bolger’s leg, which was broken when fleeing from the creatures that have chased the game away
  • The next morning, the adventurers head out into the forest; travelling in the direction Bolger pointed out, they find some dead wolves with snapped necks and fang marks
  • They follow tracks that lead away from the wolves, and reach a clearing with some tall rocks far away
  • There are many narrow paths between the tall rocks. Valez Du’Urth goes into the gorges to scout. Galendan and Voren Belliger climb up to look.

Voren paused briefly to catch his breath. Momentarily, the ground seemed to tremble beneath him; an earthquake? Galendan had not seemed to notice anything. Must have been my imagination, he tried to convince himself, but there was something…off…about this rock formation. An afterimage, as though lightning had struck, but lingering in the mind rather than the eye. The ever-present murmuring in the back of his mind somehow sounded more lucid, though no more decipherable. Almost like voices, rather than just noise. A stiff drink would quiet them, but that would have to wait.

He stood up and looked around. On one side, the uneven surface of the butte continued, broken here and there by crevices and paths in the rock underneath; on the other, nothing but the wide plain of tall grass they had made their way through. Below them was the rest of the party, sans Valez, who had disappeared down one of the rocky corridors. Just ahead of Voren was a large gap in the rock, several meters across…

The ground trembled underneath him again, this time sharply, almost knocking him over. For a brief moment, he caught a glimpse of…himself? looking back at him across the gap, but then the mirage vanished. Galendan was looking at him disgustedly, the kind of look given to drunks when they’re too inebriated to even notice, but Voren wasn’t. Or at least, he was fairly sure he wasn’t.

He turned away. At the base of the butte, he saw Kitten pacing at the edge of the grass, visibly discomfited. Inexplicably the shifter picked up a large rock and hurled it into the grass; then Arygno shouted that he could see something moving. The rock had stirred something out of the veldt; from atop the rocks, he could see the grass being disturbed in four distinct trails, now converging on the adventurers.

The creatures—panthers? tigers? emerged from the grass and immediately assaulted the party members below. Voren hurled a dart of eldritch fire at one of the cats, but even as he summoned it into being another tremor hit and twisted the energy he held and warped into something else; a vile cloud of insects that swarmed around one of the creatures, entangling it and tearing at its skin.

  • The fight continues on the ground.

Two of the panthers broke off from the rest of the group and charged up the rock towards Galendan and Voren, leaping from ledge to ledge to make their way to the top with remarkable speed. As they converged on Galendan, Voren took a few steps back to get some distance on the creatures, and the world around him lurched; the strange, shadowy mirror of himself was back, and now everything around him appeared doubled. He could see the panthers rapidly approaching but could also see, through the mirror’s eyes, the panthers close in on that other him, across the gap, next to Galendan…

Another lurch and now the mirror was him, and the body he’d left on the other side of the gap went thin and insubstantial, then vanished. Disoriented, he cast more bolts of eldritch fire at the creatures, but they went wide; the ground—no, the entire world—still tremored around him, and the voices had raised to a scream that almost drowned out the snarls of the beasts.

  • Bel discovers the beasts have been touched by the shadowfell when a portal opened up nearby.
  • They take one dead panther back to Zalthannus to show her. She is alarmed by the news of shadowfell portals.
  • The group opens a portal to the Feywild some distance from Fernwall on a riverbank.
  • They meet several Tuatha who brief them on the situation in the Feywild. The minotaurs are working with a eladrin sorcerer, named Vilus Garmen to open a portal into Haven.
  • The Tuatha are shape-shifting elves. These elves have taken the form of foxes and are known as the Vulpes Clan.
  • The Winter Court is helping the minotaurs. The foxes don’t know what The Tapestry of Stolen Tears is up to, but they’re generally up to no good.
  • Kitten finds his friend, Foxy Roxy. Because of Kitten’s singing Foxy Roxy is now the leader of the Vulpes Clan. The former leader, Semien, doesn’t seem too happy about this development.
  • The adventurers head into town to find info. The foxes stay behind. The adventurers main goal is to find out where and when the minotaurs and the eladrin sorcerer are meeting.
  • Galendan and Kitten head to a store, where Galendan hopes to sell and buy some magic equipment. Kitten poses as Galendan’s bodyguard. Galendan tries to get a discount on magic items, but fails. The shop-keeper seems rather mysterious; Galendan tries to be mysterious too.
  • Everyone else heads to a bar that the minotaur captain is known to frequent. A satyr is singing a song about the Feystalker, whom the heroes had a run-in with previously. Eldarion Telchontar announces that they are adventurers on a quest to find a cure for Arygno’s sick grandmother. He buys a round for everyone in the bar. Bel uses the opening to sit down and chat with the minotaur captain.
  • Bel and the captain have a drinking contest. They tie, but Bel wins on the double-down bet. Eldarion gets drunk, and announces to the whole bar that he wants to talk to The Winter Court. He stills says it’s for Arygno’s grandma though. Several elves walk out when Eldarion mentions The Winter Court. Eldarion walks over to the captain under the pretense of recruiting him for their adventure.
  • Bel eventually manages to convince the captain to tell them where the meeting is, under pretense of wanting to talk to the sorcerer. The meeting is at sunset the next day near the moon well.
  • Valez follows a suspicious looking eladrin female out of the bar. Eldarion sees this, and tries to find out more about her from the barkeep by “pretending” to have a crush on her. He does find out she works for The Tapestry of Stolen Tears.
  • Everyone follows the eladrin, until Bel is caught in a trap. Eldarion cuts him out, and the party is attacked by eladrin and elves. They are all killed except for the original, female eladrin, and an arcane archer. They flee in opposite directions, and everyone chases the girl.
Session 21B: Non Omnis Moriar

The city was different. It was subtle, but Valez could feel the tension. The shadows close upon this world of darkness. Some seers would portend that the end of this world comes as the new sought its place. The stain of the filth reflected as a pristine lake in a place such as Amollo and yet the creep of civilization’s decay would one day be laid waste before his cold, dead hands. Valez sighs. "You availed unto me no choice in the matter.”

Loyalty grasped betwixt the fingers of free will is more precious than any platinum taken from the bosom of the earth and Valez would see the city freed. The bourgeoisie have, out of a feeling of necessity crafted a false loyalty. He too was the subjugation of the world’s cruel fate. Spit on and tossed aside with such a bitter tasting remorse, such that it held him in the world’s bosom and claws for him still. Now, in the twilight of his world, he merely has tricks. Well, when Valez has come to pass, perhaps they will admire more than hate him behind the dark feathers, which guide him. The woven false truth as a veil upon the face of this city is execrable; that they, the spiders, spin it so poorly is an insult.
From their mouth should seep only the distillate of truth and Valez would make it so.

The next step was no longer instinctual, but purposeful. It was the careful and quick-guided steps of one trained in being shadow and keeping it. Valez slipped into an inn and made his way over to the bar. He kept his leather armor up against his face and his hair covering his eyes so as not to alarm anyone. He visage was eerie without his eyes giving away that he was not from this plane. He looked at the faces quickly and efficiently eliminating those who wouldn’t know anything. He found a rowdy group sitting against the corner. Their table had several empty glasses already and Valez slinked into the shadows next to them. His elven ears catching bits and pieces of information from their conversation.

“Terrible thing that was.”

“Never knew what hit him, he should ‘ave stayed home stead of bothering with this.”

Valez listened till he was satisfied enough, though he was displeased. From the tidbits he hears he knew that something had killed the chances of a peaceful revolution and blood would soon find its way into the cracks of this city. Valez felt him before he saw him. A familiar shadow displaced against the backdrop of the crowd. Valez eyed the man then exited the premise as silently as darkness slipped across Amollo.

Galendan eyes Valez

“Where are you going?”

“Hoping to save this city. If at all possible.”

Galendan nods and follows Valez. They both knew where their feet were taking them though their minds were moving about the crowd, learning and experiencing the atmosphere of the city. As they reached the entrance into Rakat’s lair and peered into the darkness below they couldn’t help but think of the unlikely team that they were at this moment. Galendan took ahold of the chain that in order to help him down as he went down. Moments later Valez appeared next to him, seemingly coming from his shadow. The two men went down the passageways and directly into the room where they had first met Rakat. Valez was taken aback by the wererat before him. Rakat was sitting in a chair his head cradling his hands. He didn’t notice the two men at first, but a cough from Galendan awoke Rakat from his grief. He peered at the two men from between his fingers then let them slide from his face.

“What are you doing here? It is too late.”

Looking at Rakat, his eyes no longer held the same jeweled bright stars which once twinkled with such fervor. Valez could only see the shades of grey within them that often accompanied the palette of any city within the shadows.

“What has occurred?” Galendan whispered his voice barely above an audible level.

“He is dead. Sprawled out in front of the tower like a shattered dream.” Rakat eyed the two and briefly his eyes sparked liked ember.

“You could have done something. You could have saved them.” Rakat spit the words out and added with sarcasm as thick mud “Heroes of Amollo.”

“He is dead. Sprawled out in front of the tower like a shattered dream.” Rakat eyed the two and briefly his eyes sparked liked ember.

“You could have done something. You could have saved them.” Rakat spit the words out and added with sarcasm as thick as mud “Heroes of Amollo.”

Valez’s hand turns into a fist and his eyes flare red.

“Then death be their reward and let us be the grantors of such. They will not know despair and darkness such as this and will long for the day of sweet release. Give me a name. Any name and it shall be erased.”

Galendan eyed Valez and shook his head visibly.

Rakat got up from his chair and walked over to the two men.

“It is too late. What will come, WILL come. The crops have died and the time for reaping has long past and now snow blankets the cold ground. Nothing else.”

Valez felt anger within himself. He could feel the voice inside that dark reflection of his soul whisper to him. Murder, darkness, murder, darkness, MURDER, DARKNESS… Valez could feel his soul calling to the shadow calling for the death of Rakat, but he held it back. He tried to hang on to the image of the Amber Forest and of the beautiful things.

“It is not too late there must be something we can do” Galendan whispered rhetorically to himself.
The wererat seemed to think and then make a decision.

“My mentor, my friend…the philosopher. Borys he is dead. In the same tower I told you about!”
The two heroes had no response. The room was silent. The room felt heavy and the silence endured as if all creatures fell to death. It lingered and then left the room as Rakat cleared his throat.

“You must prove that it was the Crimson Knights. You must! Find his body. Find the proof.”

Valez did not respond. He was too wrapped up in the present darkness that loomed in his soul. It wanted to come out. It wanted to murder, but it was not the time. Not now.

Galendan gave an affirmative reply and then the two walked out of the room. As they left they could hear the soft sobs of a man whose life was far to hard. The two left quickly and silently.

Valez could feel emotion bubble up from the deep, the shadows clawed at it and a familiar voice called out to him. He stopped walking and Galendan turned back.


He was elsewhere though, desperately trying to remember. A body, this situation was similar somehow. Something beautiful and broken resting against the forest floor. Screams in the distance or close by. He couldn’t tell. Blossoming red against his chest.

Galendan watched Valez, particularly the shadows that seemed to claw at him from around him.


Valez took a breath and looked at Galendan.

“We should have let the tower go unchallenged! That smallest of pillars seemed great and challenging, but we should not have faultered. Now men lay broken and men lay buried and we laid down our swords. We were foolish! As fools go we are the ones that run when we should fight, hide when we should seek… What have we done? Dragon eggs to fulfill a prophecy and protect a lineage long dead and gone. What are we if we do not pay attention to the needs of the present! People are dying here. People are suffering here. Shadows rage against me, but what are the excuses for the rest of us? What will our excuses be when we are judged?”

Valez brushed past Galendan and started to gain speed.

Galendan turned and followed before they exited the sewers he yelled in Valez’s direction.

“Then let’s make it right!”

Along the way Galendan wondered about the curious behavior of Valez. This was no the behavior he had grown somewhat used to. He thought it odd that the man who looked like the living dead would help in this situation. Galendan only had to recollect his past experiences and how much he had changed to start to understand.

“Why undertake this Valez?”

The red fire of Valez’s eyes turned to Galendan, but only briefly. His usual emotionless face did not respond to his question, but Valez spoke.

“This is what I once was and it is important to hold on to that despite myself.”

Galendan could feel the wind pick up as they left the city, the trees eyed them greedily and the two proceeded cautiously.

The tower was silent. Valez thought to himself that it was silent as death, but the occasion was too raw…too melancholy to be worthy of any sorts of prose or limerick. Indeed the shadows and the slowly setting sun revered the events, which brought this place to a sudden stillness. No birds chirped and the wind was crawling about the grass in a manner befitting a snake. Valez walked towards the building slowly every step tracing the lines of a memory. A memory stained with blood and the pus of the decay and decadence of souls, which desired too much when so little was to be gained.
Valez crouched down and he could easily feel the mangled dirt sprawled along the beaten path between his toes. His hands delicately touched the ground. A place of impact where a dream was crushed by gravity, the err of mankind. The ground felt soft. The wind blew and the bits of dirt still clutching to Valez’s hand scurried across it and then leaped.

“O’ what has death wrought? Sinking under my feet. It was too soon for him, not soon enough for me. The earth lay still, and my fingers tremble. The atrocity of the men who believe in ideals to embraced with the world.”

Valez got up and looked to the tower and to the slowly drifting clouds above. The sun was like a blossoming mushroom up top the trees and it filtered through. Desperately trying to touch the moment and bring it aloft.

“To feel sweet release, sweeten my lips afore they tremble. Make this moment’s advent something to be held ever so dear. Ne’er shall I see the blackened trees and that haunting memory by which was buried in my tomb.”

The revenant passed through the doors of the tower and numbly searched through the building. There was nothing within only clues that further lead to the innocence spilt upon the grounds. He could only think of his own innocence and that of Sophianya’s. Both of which dripped to the floor and oozed into the dark crevices of this world. Never to be seen again as they were engulfed by sharped jagged tears. They pierced flesh.

The sun was clinging to the sky and Galendan and Valez had traced the memory to a secreted spot in the forest. Three men stood before a mound that could only have been the dream that was being searched for and would hopefully again be rekindled.

Galendan waited and Valez approached them. They didn’t hear him till Valez sliced a blade of grass with his sickle. The men turned and eyed this creature of darkness set to disturb the moment, they steeled themselves against any such creature and would not listen to the threats of the once man.
Blood was shed when it didn’t have to be and secrets were uncovered. Before the day ended Valez and Galendan would set things right for the town. As blades whirled and blood spilt the truth would be set free upon the wings of the two men.

They fought not for an ideal. Not for the concepts of black and white, light and dark. They fought for their souls. This was personal for them both. It was the water that washed away the darkness of men eons ago and continued to do so. Setting things right. Allowing the sun to shine once again and forever bury the moment of despair.

As Galendan tackled the man who ran from this…

As Valez buried himself in the familiar tomb of the earth…

As the people watched in awe as a broken dream was mended…

As Rakat witnessed the light of darkned hearts…

The day would, truly, not be forgotten. The day the heroes of Amollo saved an assassin and a thief…

They mourn their follies past,
And keep their hearts with care
Their lips and lives
Without deceit
Shall prove their faith sincere.
While I concealed my guilt
I felt the fest’ring wound
Till I confessed my sins to thee
And ready pardon found

Centuries later Valez would look back on this moment and know it to be the turning point. The day he began to respect the elf, the thief who would become something more before there adventure ended. The trials that came after would leave the party scarred and weary and yet that day would hold fast. As a testament that they had the power to set things right no matter how dark the hour.


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