Session: 37.5

It's a Kobold's Life

Note: This was a one-off session where the players played kobolds in the lair of Inimigo.

The arrival of Inimigo has turned the lives of those in the Ghandril Forest upside down. The werewolves are no longer the apex predators. The goblins who recently arrived from the north with plans of conquest now sit and plot new schemes in their caves. The kobolds are perhaps the only race happy with the monstrous newcomer because now they have someone worthy to worship.

Inimigo began construction of his new lair by violently burrowing into the earth with claws, teeth, and horns. But the work was tiring. So when the kobold leader, Skaro, approached awestruck and eager to appease, Inimigo tasked him and the other kobolds with building a lair worthy of him. Skaro could not have been happier. Kobolds weren’t good at much, but they were very good at digging and mining. How quickly things had changed. No longer would the kobolds be the ones who had to hide and cower. The dragon they had prayed for had finally come.

This particular adventure kicked off with Skaro delivering one of his regular morning talks to the clan. There were many jobs to be done: decorating the throne room, gathering food, guarding those mysterious eggs that Inimigo had brought with him, and so much more. So every morning Skaro would assign kobolds to groups to make sure everything got done.

Decorating the throne room meant that the kobolds on that duty would be in close proximity to Inimigo. While many would think that a terrifying notion, Skaro thought of it as a reward. And there was a particular group of crafty kobolds that had impressed him and so he assigned them to that illustrious task.

But this seemingly every day task would turn into so much more, setting wheels in motion that would shake all of Okknos. The seven kobolds that stepped into the throne room that morning were:

  • Beknbel, the clan’s historian
  • Garix, a sorcerer and fanatical devotee to Inimigo
  • Ettik, a confident (if not arrogant) sorcerer with an unhealthy love of fire
  • Kral, the runt of the clan, with a mean streak so wide that few could bring themselves to make eye contact with him
  • Egs Taklak, a simple minded kobold who knew two things pretty well: killing and eating
  • Mossersnicklind, big for a kobold and jovial, but a terrific trapper
  • Bask, quiet and skeptical, he was a lone voice that did not share excitement about the new dragon whom they served

They had to wait before entering the throne room, because the purple dragon was entertaining guests. A group of werewolves, the Valdyr, had visited Inimigo to discuss their relationship when a kobold recklessly intruded upon the meeting to announce that one of the dragon eggs had moved. Inimigo was not pleased to be interrupted or to have the secret of his eggs exposed to the Valdyr and he acted swiftly in his displeasure, devouring the kobold in one crunchy bite.

The kobold advisor, Hiss, who was escorting the kobold team used this careless death as a learning opportunity. “Remember not to speak out of turn,” he whispered. The kobold Bask was trembling, “He’ll kill us all,” he murmured.

Inimigo was indeed in a foul mood and took it out on the kobold crew straight away.

“You there,” he called pointing at Kral. “What is your task?”

Kral was a brave kobold but no one liked drawing the purple tyrant’s attention.

“I’m sculpting a statue in your honor my Lord,” he managed to say.

Inimigo snorted and asked, “And which of my features will you look to capture in this sculpture?”

Kral knew he was being tested and as angry as Inimigo was there was likely no right answer.

“Your cunning my Lord?” he ventured.

“I’m the mightiest beast on this continent!” Inimigo bellowed. “The largest and most menacing of all. I level entire forests and my dominion will know no end, and you focus on … my cunning!”

Kral wisely decided to remain silent.

“Hiss!” Inimigo called. “Get these kobolds out of my throne room. There are some latrine pits that need cleaning, and that’s a far better job for this lot.”

“Right away your lordship, this way lads,” Hiss said ushering the group out of the throne room.

“Nicely done Kral,” Egs muttered.

“Lay off him,” said Garix. “There was no right answer. We’re lucky to be alive.”

Kral glowered at Egs but remained silent.

Hiss broke the silence. “There’s a stoppage at the pits in section two. You all go down there and clean it out. And it’s best you don’t come back until the job is done.”

  • The crew encountered carrion crawlers in the pit. They were nearly killed when Bask tried to flee and tripped blocking their attempts to get out of the crawlers’ reach. Mossersnicklind was killed but the others were able to defeat the crawlers. So enraged was Kral that he labelled Bask unworthy of Inimigo and proceeded to snap the cowardly kobold’s neck. The others watched in stunned silence, but no one really liked Bask anyway.
  • With the pits cleared the survivors returned to their warren to rest. They learned Inimigo had left the lair and many suspected the beast was on the warpath against the nearby goblin horde. With his departure, security was heightened and the kobolds had to rest in turns. During Ettik’s watch she detected some hobgoblins sneaking through the lair toward the egg vault. She awoke the others and they quietly followed the intruders.
  • So eager for a fight were Egs and Kral that they rushed through a narrow rocky passage kicking some loose rocks which caught the attention of the hobgoblins. There were four of them and three turned to confront the kobolds while the fourth took off for the vault. The kobolds knew they had to win this battle quickly to protect the eggs and so they brutally met the hobgoblins in combat.
  • They defeated the hobgoblins but the fourth one that ran off had already engaged the vault guards killing one and just about the finish off the other. The party chased him down and finished him, but too late to rescue the other guard.
  • The heroes inspected the room to make sure all was safe when they heard a noise from above. The rock ceiling was cracking and crumbling. As a hole opened up a group of roachlings descended upon them, one shouting “No more dragons!” The roachlings engaged the kobolds in combat but there were too many and one evaded the kobolds and successfully destroyed one of the three eggs. Enraged by the creatures success the kobolds increased the ferocity of their attack and destroyed the roachlings.
  • Garix inspected the broken egg to see if anything could be salvaged. But the egg’s contents were spilled across the floor. The under-developed dragon dead. And yet Garix heard a voice. It was the spirit of the dead dragon and it needed to bond quickly or else leave this plane of existence. It appealed to Garix and the kobold accepted. Garix was soon empowered by the gold dragon’s bonding and physical transformations would follow. The dragon’s name was Luster.



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