Valez Du'Urth

Calm and rational, Valez, a wood elf, is a hard to predict man of unknown origin and purpose.


Valez Du’Urth has a slender frame and his skin is ashen. His eyes are solid black with a single point of dark crimson. As night falls, his eyes glow with a ghostly light. Valez’s hair is black and long with white tips. His fingernails are black and resemble claws.

Valez can often be seen wearing his customary black leather armor. It has multiple leather straps on it that make it a tight fit and several cuts from near misses in combat. It extends up to obscure his mouth, in order to hide his breathing during a cold night. His belt has elvish symbols on it and seems to have been designed for the wealthy instead of the battle ready. In any case he wears three daggers hidden in the back of his belt. On his back he carries his customary Chatkcha. It is silver with purple tips and the tips resemble the end of a raven’s sharp talons. Circled around his body is his most intimidating weapon, the Kusari-gama. A weapon uncommon in most lands. Its masters is even more rare. It entangles Valez’s body stretching across from hand to hand. The sickle side curves and resembles the face and beak of a raven. Its eye hold an obsidian jewel. The other side is a black skull whose face is contorted in pain. His black cloak hides most all but the chain of this weapon. It billows against his body as he walks and appears to drink in the light whenever there is any to be had. He wears a black necklace with a raven feather.


Under the name Acaelus Thorne, Valez, came into direct contact with Kitten and the rest of his party while helping stop an incident within Amollo.

Valez Du'Urth

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