Alvin Merry

A travelling merchant


Alvin Merry is a travelling merchant. He lives in Mocklyn but spends most of his time on the road selling his wares and looking to make some coin wherever he can.

Recently he was robbed by members of the Sinking Sun. They took his money and a book which appears to be of great value. He stumbled into The Salty Duck in Four Stones to drown his sorrows when he was met by five adventurers.

He offered them a reward for the return of the book. The adventurers agreed, retrieved the book and kept the reward. They however refused to return the book. Instead, they offered to escort Alvin to the next city where he planned to sell the book. The adventurers stated that the sale of the book would be split equally between the six of them.

Alvin bears a certain grudge against the dragonborn adventurer. He sees him as the man who went against the original deal, stole the book, and greatly hindered the money he could have made. He also was forced by the dragonborn to actively participate in a fierce battle with goblins.

Alvin Merry

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