Session 33: Sinking Sun, Spiders, and Snacks

Wherein Blue Stones May Have Been Worshipped (but Voren's not telling)

Damakos’ body wriggles briefly, then stills. An arm strains against the ropes; they snap almost immediately, no match for the strength of the resurrected Tiefling. One eye opens, then another. He looks over the gathered adventurers, who wait to see whether their once ally remains so.

“My friends. I’m sorry you have to see me this way.”

Voren questions Damakos, asking “Who did this to you?”

“Fyrus. His armies have taken over portions of the River of Souls, leading to the Raven Queen’s domain, and stole me from her service. Fyrus offered me…this” he says, gesturing to his restored body, “and an opportunity to get my revenge upon the Sinking Sun.” He pauses. “I accepted his offer. But when I’m through with the Sinking Sun…”

“We need to get this antivenom back to the king,” Voren says. The party heads back towards Mocklyn, leaving Damakos alone in the graveyard that is now more home to him than the city.

A unit of city guard meets them outside the city gates; their captain says, “We’ve been looking all over for you. Give us the antivenom, we have to get it to the king right away.”
The adventurers are suspicious; not only could they deliver it to the king as quickly as these guards, but the weapons that these men carry are not the usual equipment for the Mocklyn Watch. Eldarion tells the guard, “We’ll take it ourselves.”

The “chief guard” grins as though he expected this, then lets out a piercing whistle. At his signal, a pair of massive stone gargoyles flies down, and the counterfeit guardsmen prepare for battle.

Roll Initiative

With the gargoyles and false guards vanquished, the party continues its journey to Mocklyn and the king—though Kitten takes a brief detour to deliver an evening snack to Damakos. They are met by more guards, though these do not attempt to relieve them of the antivenom, instead escorting them to the king’s chambers. They are met by Vansig, who is ecstatic to learn that they have acquired it. With some difficulty, the party administers the cure to the unconscious king.

Vansig says that the king’s condition appears to be stabilizing, and gives the adventurers rooms in the castle to rest for the night.

Extended Rest

In the castle library, Voren finds a description of a creature similar to the one spoken of by villagers in the Edge—huge, horned and wrapped in chains. It appears to be a predator, highly intelligent, taking its victims not just to feed but also to dominate their minds and use them as weapons.

The party heads back to the manhole where they had previously been ambushed by allies of the Sinking Sun, and descends into the sewers to track down the monster. Nerullian indicates that they are drawing close to the remaining fragment of Bulvegon, though the imp is unable to tell in which direction it lies. Before the party can confer to decide which way to go, Kitten—led by his gut and a lick of the strange blue stone on the pommel of his sword—charges down one of the corridors towards something he senses is somehow…important. The fragment, perhaps? The rest of the party follows.

The corridor ends in a dark chamber, draped in thick cobwebs blocking the path. Kitten heeds them not and charges through, carving his way through the webs, the vibrations signaling a clutter of spiders who spin their way down to meet the adventurers…

Roll Initiative

The spiders are mercilessly crushed in the course of the battle. Buried in the cobwebs, Kitten finds a wooden trunk that appears to be the source of whatever was calling to him. Inside, the adventurers find gold, a silver flask etched with an elaborate rose, and a leather scroll case. The flask smells musty and old, but is empty, whatever it contained having long since evaporated.

Voren inspects the flask; it indicates that this was a treasure stash of the old pirate, Mikoni the Rose, who had made wild and seemingly insane claims about tribes of lizardmen who worshipped a giant blue stone. Kitten opens the scroll case; inside he finds an old map, depicting a chain of four islands, one with an image of a skull on the southern coast. From his studies of cartography, Voren knows that the skull indicates a place of both great importance and danger. The geography of the islands doesn’t match anything he knows of near Haven; but pictures of tropical trees bordering the map indicate the islands must be at a similar latitude to Amollo.

Voren says as much to Kitten and the rest of the party, leaving out the part about the giant blue stone and its purported worshippers.

Galendan, who Kitten had been carting from place to place as Damakos’ blood performed its regenerative work, finally awakes. Eldarion asks him how he is feeling; “A little bit confused.” He displays no immediate need to feed on the blood of the living, for which the rest of the party is grateful.

The adventurers head down the other corridor, and find a chamber lit by torches, turning to the right too sharply for them to see inside until the enter, whereupon they find a giant horned monster, wrapped in chains, surrounded by humans. The humans’ gaze is vacant; they and the monster are in the midst of feeding on…well, it’s not a mystery what happened to the missing residents of the Edge.

The monster turns to face the party. Seeing Nerullian, it says, “Bulvegon will be most displeased with your betrayal, imp…”

Roll Initiative



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