Session 34 - The Final Remnant and Fun with Portals

Hard to put down a bad book

The fourth remnant of Bolvagon was a twisted demon covered in chains. He had been both enslaving and feeding upon the poor bedraggled people of Mocklyn, but the heroes destroyed the foul creature. Now only the imp, Narullian remained as a conduit for the powerful beholder trapped in the Abyss.

The imp had been an instrumental ally in the heroes’ quest and the companions did not relish the idea of destroying him. Petrin proposed an alternate plan, saying the imp needn’t be killed, but simply removed from the world. He wanted to take Narullian back to the Abyss and strike the beholder in his own realm. The heroes offered their assistance in the Abyss, but Petrin said that once Narullian left this world the Book of Years would regain it’s mortal body. And the heroes needed to be ready to strike the moment that happened.

The group decided to sail to Amollo and enlist the help of the portal masters Viktoro Grey and Osmos Portakis. But first they would stop by Winford Leake’s alchemy shop to pick up some supplies.

Kitten was quick to show off his new magic chalk which allowed him to draw anything and have it become real. Winford was amazed and his desire to acquire this artifact was obvious to all. Kitten continued to tease Winford with the chalk until the shopkeeper realizing he could not own the chalk, instead sought to have Kitten use the chalk on his behalf. He held up an item and asked the paladin to draw it, and thus create a duplicate. Kitten recognized the item as dragonflame, an explosive that landed Winford in hot water before when he sold it illegally to the Sinking Sun.

Kitten called him out on it and Winford played it off saying it wasn’t what he thought and distracted the shifter. Meanwhile Galendan purchased two healing potions from Winford, which turned out to be nothing more than strawberry juice. At least the thief was able to leave the shop with something of value: a baby kraken in a jar, which Winford almost seemed eager to part with.

Their business in Mocklyn completed, the companions purchased passage for a vessel bound for Amollo

Upon arrival in Amollo, Eldarion told the Captain to let the authorities in Mocklyn know that the alchemist was once more dealing in dragonflame. The heroes revisited their old guild house which continued to be watched by the beggar, Spoon. Eldarion gave the man some money for his continued services.

While in town the group was set upon by a cult dedicated to their mighty Squid Lord, which was apparently the small creature in the jar that Galendan carried. The heroes quickly dispatched of the outmatched cultists, but now understood why Winford Leake was so eager to rid himself of the creature.

The heroes stopped by the house of historian Din Pilly and asked the man what he knew about the kraken. Pilly knew vaguely that the creature supposedly could only be harmed by legendary artifact that were lost long ago. The heroes hired Pilly to look into the legends and let them know what he learned.

The companions visited the arena where they made history nearly a year ago by winning the Freedom Gauntlet. On this day there were many out-of-towners showing off their endeavors to build a flying machine. There were elves working magic on a small airship, gnomes constructing a very noisy flapping machine, and an old man with a row boat and many many balloons. While the heroes waited for the portalmasters to arrive, they interacted with the inventors. The elves were quite haughty and the gnomes were too busy tinkering with their machine, and so Kitten and Voren decided to speak with the old man.

He wasn’t having much luck getting his boat off the ground, and Voren feeling either sorry for the man or just looking for a good time used his flight spell on the old man causing him to rise above the arena. The old man was virtually euphoric flying and soaring over the arena. Even the gnomes took a few minutes to watch the spectacle, though the elves merely frowned disapprovingly.

After some time, the portalmasters arrived and began the ritual to send Petrin and Narullian to the abyss. The portal opened and Petrin and Narullian stepped through. The heroes waved goodbye to their old friend. Suddenly, the nearby elves began casting magic of their own! The remaining adventurers and the portalmasters were dragged through a different portal, into the Feywild! They found themselves looking on a familiar sight, the manor of Winterspeak. There was no time for nostalgia, however, as the portal-casting elves proclaimed their devotion to the Book of Years and attacked!

Battle was joined, and in the midst of combat, the book floated out of Galendan’s bag and began to hover in midair. One of the book’s servants levitated the book away from Galendan and into the manor. The heroes cut a path through the book’s defenders, and entered Winterspeak in hot pursuit. They soon heard a voice behind a door. The voice exulted in its new human form. Eldarion angrily kicked down the door and stormed into the room with Kitten close behind. “So nice to see you, Kitten,” said the book-turned-man. “I look forward to controlling that loose brain of yours. And Eldarion, perhaps I should pop what is left of your parents’ minds right now. What do you think?” “You can die quickly or slowly; it’s your choice,” growled the half-elf. At long last, this next battle would decide if a great evil would be defeated or set loose.

The human version of the Book was powerful indeed, and with the Eladrin Winter Knight Kimath It-Arist under his control this was the heroes’ toughest fight yet. Magic whirled, blades clashed, and arrows whizzed. The companions were dealt many wounds but in the end they killed the book and the spell over Kimath was broken. The Eladrin was grateful and ceased fighting. The group took a collective breath, hardly believing the nightmare was over.

Eldarion was eager to see his parents, now that they were truly free of the book. And he did so, finding them recovering from their years of torment under the Book’s power. He left them under the care of Warman who had performed so well in this function.

It was time to say good bye to the Fey Wild and the heroes used a stone circle to teleport just outside Fernwall, the home of their dragons who had finally hatched!

Zalthannus greeted them warmly. The heroes gave the great green dragon the baby kraken, figuring the little abomination would be safe here from the wacky cult they encountered in Amollo.

Zalthannus encouraged the heroes to bond with their dragons by taking them on their first hunt. It was a thrilling outing as the heroes tapped into the dragons’ enhanced senses. Through their dragons they could see further and pick up on scents that no man ever could. When the group stumbled on a group of trolls, usually ferocious foes, they were able to mow down the monsters with relative ease.

But alas, the dragons still had much to learn and Zalthannus told them they would need to stay with her longer. She told the heroes that other dragons have hatched, presumably the eggs taken by the wizard Menzo. One of these was in the nearby Ghandril Forest also known as the Howling Wood due to its lycanthrope denizens.

The heroes were eager to confront Menzo but they also received a summons from King Akli to return to Mocklyn. After much discussion, the group decided to return to Mocklyn to see what the King wanted.



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