Session 32: Battle at the Edge

Wherein Voren turns Galendan into a vampire (sorta).

At Jars & Dust. Post-Sinking Sun battle. Looking for an antidote to spider venom.
Eldarion: We need to draw out Yellowspine.
Kitten asks Shon about “The Edge”. Slum district under the shadow of the city walls.
Voren asks Shon about minotaurs, concerned that they know about Inaulia. Minotaur ship was spotted off the coast of Mocklyn. Rescued a human slave, who has a claim to the throne of Akari.

Kitten buys out a bakery, starts handing out bread in the Edge. Eldarion pumps up the crowd. Kitten gives rides to children.

There have been grisly killings and disappearances. No bodies. “It’s ‘cuz the thing eats them. Ain’t nothin’ to find.”

Galendan: horned beast wrapped in chains == some kind of demon, sometimes has the ability to corrupt minds. May have followers.

Arrive at an intersection where several people have disappeared. Galendan finds blood near the center of the intersection, leading towards a manhole. Eldarion starts to lift the cover; an arrow whistles by…

Defeat the assassins, capture their leader.

Interrogate the leader; he’s very compliant, no intimidation needed. Was mentored by Yellowspine (supposedly). Eldarion: “Where’s the antidote?” Damakos was killed by Yellowspine because he bought the antidote, refused to hand it over or reveal where he hid it.

Late at night, at Damakos’ residence. Sean is there, collecting whatever was left behind. Damakos had armor/boots with hidden compartments. Damakos is buried outside the city.
Head to cemetery, leading assassins’ leader with other guards. Dig up Damakos’ casket. Jaw is broken; large stone placed in mouth, legs staked to ground. Ritual to prevent person to prevent vampires from rising again. Voren senses a ritual was cast.

A ritual to turn someone into a vampire would have to be performed by something very powerful.

Find the vial of antidote in the sole of a boot.

A corpse emerges from a nearby burial plot. “How touching…come to pay last respects?”

“I bring a message from Lord Fyrus…generous proposal: tell us where the wormlings are.”

Defeat zombies+skeletons.

Voren looked down at Damakos’ decomposing body. He had never met the tiefling, though some in the party seemed to hold him in great regard; Shon, in particular, appeared horrified at what had become of his friend. Voren ignored the stench—it was hardly as bad as some of the crypts he had explored in the past—and focused on the details: the tiefling’s jaw was badly broken, perhaps at the hands of Yellowspine and the Sinking Sun, or perhaps when the large stone was wedged into his mouth; and two heavy wooden stakes pinned him to the ground, through the base of the casket.

He had heard of such rituals, often remarked upon in the texts of darker ages; rituals to bind an entity of great evil, to imprison it and prevent it from feeding upon the living.
Murmurs rose in the back of Voren’s mind, speaking of death, and of undeath; memories of spells and rituals to bind, to control, even to bring forth such a creature. Memories that Voren knew were not his, though he did not doubt their accuracy.

It was a useless babble, and he paid it no heed. He preferred the voices when they were as unintelligible as this; they were easier to ignore.

Another memory, unbidden, of the power held in the blood of a Vampire, and of its uses. Voren did not question the source of the memory, but looked from Damakos in his casket, to the recently expired Galendan, whose body lay only a few steps away in a pool of blood. Voren was sickened by what he was thinking, but another part of his mind drove him forward, making his next steps inevitable.

“I think I can help Galendan.” Dumping out a flask of the dwarven ale he had procured in Kullengaard—there were only a few drops left—Voren stepped down into the hole, balancing on the edges of the casket. With sure movements, he pulled the stone out of Damakos’ mouth, and drew the stakes from his legs, tossing them to the side of the grave, and waited as the tiefling’s badly decayed cadaver began to knit itself back together.

Voren: The blood of a freshly made vampire has an amazing effect on the recently dead. Prepares to complete the ritual that was being performed on Damakos. Pull away stone and stakes.

Damacos begins to regenerate. Take a blood sample. Put stone+stakes back in. Tells others to seal up casket, goes to Galendan and gives vial of vampire blood. Galendan’s body starts to regenerate. He now has a vampiric hunger.

Restrain Damacos, wait for him to awake.



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