Session 31: Mocklyn and the Dying King

Can our heroes save a poisoned King Akli?

  • The adventurers leave the waste and good friend Arygno behind. They along with Governor Ulfus Faragor are heading to Mocklyn for various purposes. Ulfus wishes to inform the King about what the Serei-Shava told him in regards to the King’s declining health. Eldarion and his companions hunt the third remnant of Bolvagon. Eldarion is more than aware that his visit to Mocklyn may bring him into contact with the King, who summoned him weeks ago. A summons he ignored.
  • En route to the capital city, the party is ambushed by bandits of the Sinking Sun. Ulfus had told the heroes that those who were in the King’s inner circle were disappearing or being found killed. He feared for his own life and now it seemed that fear was well-placed. The bandits told the heroes that if they handed over the governor, they would be left unharmed. These adventurers had never responded kindly to threats or ultimatums and they weren’t about to start now.



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