Session 30: Rise of Arygno

Waste needs a hero

  • Arygno was right. The party was being watched and before long they were intercepted by the Lepo-Shava a nomadic tribe of the Waste. Their chieftain Kane Bodorr peppered the party with questions about their journey. When he didn’t get all the information he wanted, he invited the group to camp with them. That evening he offered them drinks, potent drinks, and all of the party except for the alcohol-loving Voren, soon found themselves spilling secrets.
  • Fortunately Kane had no desire to harm the group. In fact he offered his help. He seemed to believe that something important was about to happen and that Arygno, the party’s healer, would play a pivotal role. Kane wanted to be there to witness.
  • That night, the Lepo-Shava’s camp was attacked by a group of bloodthirsty thri-kreen. The mantis warriors were drunk with bloodlust, but thanks to the help of the adventurers, the attackers were subdued. Kane commented that something very strange was happening with the thri-kreen. Though the Shava and mantis warriors were never friends, the level of aggression from the thri-kreen seemed very out of place.
  • In the morning, Kane accompanied the party to Rakhmah, the home of the wise Serei-Shava. Narullian was sure a remnant of Bolvagon was near the village. Arygno was growing more nervous with each step. There was a reason he left this place…and he was pretty sure the Serei-Shava would not welcome him.
  • When the group arrived at Rahkmah, they wasted not time in making the local goat-herder very anxious. Kitten was reminded of the time when he threw a goat at Galendan and he wanted to relive the memory, much to the worry of Galendan, the goat-herder and the goat. Cooler heads prevailed and the goat remained unthrown.
  • There was an empty carriage in town hinting that visitors from afar had come to seek the Serei-Shava’s counsel. Kane pointed out that the group would have to wait in line if they wanted to speak with the wise ones. So to the line they went. There they met the Governor of Garby, Ulfus Faragor and his guards.
  • While making small talk, Ulfus noticed Quantis was dressed as a member of the Akari army and he asked why he was here. Quantis told his story and it seemed Ulfus was about to have him condemned as a deserter, but the man’s honesty and good character convinced him to only issue a warning.
  • Kitten was growing restless and issued an open challenge to Ulfus’ guards to wrestle him. Ulfus refused to let his men engage in such an activity, but Kitten pressed the issue. Eventually the younger guard asked Ulfus to let him wrestle Kitten and put the shifter in his place. Ulfus sighed and agreed and was pleased when the youngster, Vex Stormrend defeated the giant shifter. Kitten was shocked to lose, but felt like he made a new friend.
  • The group also learned from Ulfus that a minotaur ship was captured off the coast of Mocklyn. The minotaurs were killed, but what was intriguing was the discovery of human slaves on board. One slave was found to have ties to Akari noblemen taken when the minotaurs attacked Haven centuries ago. This human has a claim to the Akari throne, though he has publicly said he has no desire to wear the crown. He’s just happy to be home and wants his fellow slaves to be freed.
  • When it was Ulfus’ turn to speak with the Serei-Shava, Galendan sneaked in so that he could overhear the conversation. He learned that King Akli Langriff was dying and no one was sure why. The Serei-Shava were convinced it was poison and told Ulfus what to look for.
  • When it was the adventurers’ turn to see the Serei-Shava, Arygno started to get second thoughts. He said it may be better if he wasn’t seen. Kane encouraged him to stay as it seemed the council already noticed him. Arygno was clearly flustered, but agreed to stay.
  • The Serei-Shava greeted the adventurers and seemed polite to Arygno, welcoming him back to the waste, but it was clear to all that there was some tension in the room. The adventurers explained they were looking for a remnant of Bolvagon and what such a thing might look like. A few of the Council did not take them seriously, and with a dismissive tone said they knew of no such entity in Rahkmah. The other Council members seemed uncomfortable but remained silent. Kane Bodorr, impatient with the silliness, said “What about the laughing dragon?”
  • The Shava said there was nothing strange about those old bones, but Kane countered saying there were many who have heard its whispers. He then turned to the adventurers and said Arygno’s father is one of those who heard the voices. That was enough for the heroes. They knew their next step would be to seek out Arygno’s father and then the “laughing dragon”.
  • Arygno reunites with father
  • Heroes do battle with the great ruinous skeletal dragon after dragon explains that Menzo is consort to the Raven Queen. The heroes also learn that the waste was created by the dragon’s death.
  • After dragon is defeated, Narullian explains that it wasn’t the remnant. With the Shava cheering the defeat of the dragon, a band of Thri-Kreen led by a monstrous general attack. Narullian says the general is the remnant.
  • The heroes enter battle though already tired from the dragon encounter. Some are injured but, the heroes are victorious and another remnant is down.
  • The Shava cheer the heroes and two of the counsel approach and explain the other two have been banished for they now knew they were serving the dragon. They ask Arygno to join them and rule the Shava together and possibly united the tribes. Arygno is unsure, but Kane, chieftain of the Lepo-Shava, says he would support him. With that Arygno agrees to stay and the companions are forced to say good bye to one of their own.



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