Session 29: Caribou...It's what's for dinner

Troll Business and a Voyage to the Waste

  • Niklaus the Red greeted the adventurers and showed them a trail left by the trolls that raided his pasture and stole his enchanted caribou
  • The adventurers once more noticed a pocket of land tainted by Shadow, this time a large tree that has turned ashen and dark.
  • The tracks led to a cave and instead of entering, Kitten attempted to draw the trolls out by making yeti calls.
  • Six trolls did emerge to see what all the fuss was about. Upon seeing the party, they hungrily attacked. The heroes dispatched them.
  • Kitten explored further into the cave while his companions looted the troll bodies. He found a shadow-warped troll enjoying a bloody shank of caribou. The troll grinned and made a comment in giant language (which Kitten can understand) that there was one in Shadow who would richly reward the troll for killing Kitten and his companions, but for disturbing his meal, he would do it for free. When pushed for more information, the troll remarked that soon the whole world would be covered in Shadow and then the Hunter would walk the land and reign supreme.
  • The troll was done talking and attacked the shifter paladin. Kitten’s companions came to his aide, but were hindered by the troll’s ability to summon shade versions of itself. Once the party had the upper hand, the troll spitefully retreated to where he kept the caribou and heartlessly killed another. The heroes were able to finish the troll before he killed any more of the animals.
  • The troll’s lair was rich in magical items, which the companions eagerly pilfered.
  • Niklaus was happy to see the majority of his caribou survived and Rolf gave the party a reward, though secretly deducting from the agreed upon amount because not all of the caribou were rescued.
  • The party decided to seek out the next remnant of Bolvagon in the Shavaran Waste. Having been born and raised there, Arygno prepared his companions for the trip.
  • Once in the waste, the party was ambushed by “shellys”, a term the Shava use for large scarabs. The beetles were eager to feed upon the heroes, but fell upon their blades.
  • Narullian, the imp, told the heroes that the remnant’s signal had come from deeper within the waste, further to the north and west. The companions continued on but found they were being watched by someone on a far away ridge. Arygno knew that no one traveled the waste alone. Where there was one , there were undoubtedly more. Things were about to get hairy.



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